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God Shrugged.

Updated on October 12, 2009

God Shrugged!


God shrugged
and two cities
over in India
were buried under
a landslide
thousands suffocated
there followed
Televised coverage
live pictures
and most of
the viewing audience
just shrugged as well
on the highest level
is worshipped
by the masses
the pope shrugs
and steadfastly
that birth control
is wrong
a deadly sin
the masses
heed his wisdom
they too shrug
in third world countries
newborns drop
like apple blossoms
shedding petals
in the wind
they starve
their bellies
bloated with
just empty words
impractical philosophy
to all infants
born impoverished
Kings nod,
presidents shrug
and nineteen year olds
are blasted
into grisly
bits of flesh
their bodies punctured
by lead missiles
each shrug, or nod
represents millions
that are sacrificed
removed throughout
each century
that passes
in the name of
some cause
by the masses
who just shrug
and go on living
indifferent to
the awful toll
you may
shrug too
as you sit reading
these words written
for as humans
we're conditioned
to ignore what
causes pain,
and move on to
some brighter subject
Scroll down now
and find erotic
or just a
lovely little
poem about the beach
but if you nod
and find disturbing
what is left here
on this screen
maybe you'll shrug
a little less
the next time
death swings wide
his scythe
and in that
tiny lack of action
there is hope
for all mankind.


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