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God Told Obama to run for president. Get Ready For Christ Return

Updated on September 22, 2010

I am simply amazed!!!

 God told Barack Obama to run for president.

Last night I watched Bishop Eddie Long, and his sermon was It's Time. In this message, he talked about knowing your time and season and when to move accordingly. It was good to see the prophetic message using Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's. "I Have a Dream" message the part where, he said, our children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, (paraphrased). My prophetic comparison: When Barack was sworn into office, every race, color, gender, religion, and creed assembled as long as the eye could see. At that moment, everyone were simply Americans. None of those mattered. We were making history. There were no judgement. 40 years ago, Dr. King made this speech. It took 40 years from his death for America to have overcame most racial prejudism. But we are not out of the woods yet.

Dr. King also dreamed of an African American president. Although he never lived to see it, surely it has come to pass. Bishop Eddie Long had a conversation with Barack in New Orleans, before Obama even ran for the presidency. Barack told Bishop, he was running for president. Bishop, chuckeld because he knew it was impossible for Barack to win. Long said to Obama, "what made you want to run for president, don't you know you can't win." Barack knew his time and season. He simply said, " God told him to run, and if he wins, he knew it was God who spoken it. If he lost, then he knew he was tripping (paraphrased)."

I say all this to say, If God really told him to run for president, do you all know what that really mean for us true saints of God?

There are many of you that would believe that Obama is this great president, and no one should speak badly about him. Most of you will defend him to your own death. Others, are just glad that we finally received an African American president. There are groups of people, who can't stand him. Obama is both loved and hated by people here and abroad.

Which brings me to an interesting point. Obama was the only president, that other parts of the world, (some who really could care less for America), all celebrated his win on election night. I remember, my husband's brother calling us the night of, from prison in Trinidad, to congratulate us for finally having our first African American president. People all over the world stood in attention saluting Barack Obama. They had all kinds of services and parties congregating during election night in support of Obama. I watched on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and other news channels, and it was simply amazing to see how much love Barack received on his election night.

I wrote a prophetic research paper comparing Barack with King Saul. They both started out with good intentions but feared the people more that had reverence for God. Any one who is not of God (Christ), is of the devil. These were people, who carries or carried, the spirit of the Antichrist. I don't have time to go deeper into this, here are the scriptures relating to King Saul's reign. On the other hand, I will expound on this.

This is a prophetic warning to the church.

First I'd like to say, the church is in more trouble now than ever before. How can I say this?....Because half of us are sleeping. We are not paying attention to the signs all around us. We think that we are intuned with the Holy Spirit when we really are not. The fact that we think we really have it under control really frightens me. As mentioned in other blogs one other sites, we are living on the brink of the Kingdom of God dispensation and none of us are trully ready for it. Some of us are like the 10 Virgins. I urge all of you to read Matthew 25:1-13 from the amlpified bible. It would be a sad thing to come banging on the Lord's door when he calls and we have no oil in our lamps.

I was watching something very interesting during the 1 o'clock hour one morning. The interesting part was a short while ago, and even now, I was seeking the Lord for two answers. One was about the direction the United States of America. The other was why am I having these intense prophetic mood swings. Please note: I am too young to be going through menopause. My answers came while watching Perrry Stones Manafest.

Go with me to 1 Samuel Chapter 9.

I will breeze through this, so please get your bibles and study for yourself as well. Beginning at the 2 verse

2. Saul was handsome and tall (represents a good looking king)

3. The donkeys represents the Church

Chapter 15:17-24

Saul was rebuked for making poor decisions. Saul was instructed to destroy the Amalekites BUT he saved the King Agag of Amalek. Saul didn't obey the Lord's command. The people took the spoiles. Saul believed that by taking the Amalekites herd and using them as sacrifices was a good thing. Saul fell into witchraft causing him to be further separated from God.
This is the interesting part 24
Saul confesses that he has sinned against the Lord and didn't take instructions from Samuel (the prophet of the Lord). Why did he sin against God? Because he feared the people more than he trusted God. REMEMBER THIS!!!

Chapter 18:10-11

An evil spirit from God was casted upon Saul. He began loosing his mind in his own house. Even the sight of David playing his instrument ticked Saul off. Saul knew that David was the anointed King of Israel.
As they we say REAL RECOGNIZE REAL. Saul recognized the real anointing in David.
Get this people...
David represented Christ
Saul represented the Anticrist
Continue with me now
Chapter 19:23-24

This was an interesting chapter because this was the second time Saul tried to kill David himself due to the evil spirit that the Lord afflicted on him. It is funny that God will take the very thing that you worship to make you understand that it wasn't good thing. If you read the entire chapter, there are other points that could be made, but I'll be writing all day and night.

The important point that I want to stress is the last verse....

The people actually believed that Saul was a prophet.

I had to go through some of these scriptures because this made me realize the mistake that the United States of America made by voting Barack into office. I am not at all saying that Barack is the Anticrist. However just like Saul, Barack started out with good intentions. I am sure that he sincerely wants the good for America, but the people are causing him to make major mistakes.This is the type of king that the people put their faith in to help in these harsh economical times.

How do I know this?....I am so glad you asked...

There is the New World Order has taking place right as we speak. The United States and other countries are gearing up for a new world system that will cause the greatest depression in the history of the world. Many people burned God's ears asking for a president to undo the damage by former president Bush. Needless to say, God gave America the president they asked for. This is what the scripture says about this king
1 Samuel 8:11-17
11. Build up his army ( Barack wants to withdraw the soldiers from war in the next year or so. Also, if the governement pays for your child to attend college, they would have to work in public services in the government to repay the loan).

12. Increase his weapons (Although this year's summit was to drop neuclear weapons, its only temporary that all nations agreed to disarm their weapons. Russia will have alot to do with the next World War). Knowing this, America has to increase our weapons.

13. Women will be taken to make perfumes, cook, and bake (More women are opting to utilize their natural talents to earn income).

14. Will take your hard earned money and property and give it to his people (Bank Bailouts as a result of the real estate downturn. United States will eventually become two classes, rich and poor).

15. Increase taxes to provide earnings for his officers and servants (take your hard earned taxes and give raises to people in office).

16. Will take the best of what you have for his own pleasures (self explanitory).

17. Will enslave many (become a dictatorship or communism. No more democracy).

Please do read the entire chapter.

Now doesn't this sound too much like what happend to the Israelites when they came to Egypt?

This is what happend to the Isrealites....

Jospeh was next to the Pharoah in command when his father and brothers came to Egypt. Because there was famine and Egypt saved up their portion during the seven years of plenty for the next seven years of famine. All the while Jospeh was alive and in command, Jacob and his sons were well taken care of. They didn't want or lack for anything. As time progressed, the pharoahs changed. If my memory serves me correctly, there were two pharoahs after Jospeh's time. The second one wasn't in favor of the Israelites and put them in slavery. That pharoah did exactly what the king did in 1 Samuel 8:11-17.

What I am saying people is...This new world system is very much like the pharoah and Jesus is coming to save us.

The reason I have been going through phrophetic mood swings is because the return of the Lord is at hand. I can feel it everyday. I feel like the church is in its 9th month. I actually feel the contractions coming back to back. I pay attention to the signs. Jesus said these things will occure. Just as I feel the coming of the Lord, I also feel people being gathered and separated. We the gentiles are experiencing the fullness of time. There are more gentiles preaching the word of God than ever before in history (Romans 11:25).

Back to Barack...

In the book of Job, satan had to get permission from God to tempt Job. With this being said, the enemy had to be released to attack Job. Picture the church being Job. Satan has to recieve a permit to come against any of us. Satan can do nothing on this earth without God sending him. Now if God told Barack to become president, that is a definite sign of his coming. God looses satan in the last days to do what he must in order to purge the world. I can not go all into the prophecy on this note. Stay tuned for part two....


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    • Lady LaShonda profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady LaShonda 

      7 years ago from Atlantic City, New Jersey

      Hello Bigeddie06385

      This was just my commentary on what I thought about this crazy notion that God told Barack to run for president. I personally do not believe that was so. But in the event that it was, then it means what was written in this hub.

      Texasbeta, Bishop Eddie Long preached about this on his pulpit in the presence of his congregation. I only reported what I saw with my eyes and heard with my ears.

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      7 years ago

      How is he doing so far?

      God has left the room, along with Elvis.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Actually the Christ has already returned this year.

      You just need to recognize him for yourself. This may not be that easy, since he will appear as an ordinary man until most people acknowledge him. The way to recognize him is thru his words or the message that he brings - the message of peace, brotherhood and justice.

      See for more info.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Do you realize that there is absolutely no record on the ENTIRE INTERNET of Obama speaking with Long in New Orleans except this very hub? Now tell me, with that vast reporting of Obama's campaign, every single stop exactly would you rationalize this? Furthermore, Obama has never once made the claim that he talked to God, or that God told him to run for office. That idea was mocked. Remember, George Bush said those very words though, many many times. Do you think he had good intentions? How do you think he eventually did? By the logic, wouldn't your GW be the antichrist too? Seriously though, I think your book is a comic for the simple minded.

    • RebelFollower profile image


      8 years ago

      I have always had this whole notion in the back of my mind since the night he was elected....if the evil holds onto power come Nov 2 2010 those who have an ear better listen.

    • geegee77 profile image


      8 years ago from The Lone Star State!!

      Great Hub:)

    • profile image

      Vivian Murray 

      8 years ago

      Most informative and the feeling of The Bride of Christ and His return with the state of the Church I feel the same way, (URGENT). GATHERINGS AND SEPARATIONS. I enjoyed the note to *remember. Did not vote at all and heard, "When they say Peace, War cometh". Never saw Obama as my redeemer he is a man and now everybody hates him...I look forward to Part2 Lady LaShonda

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific hub read unique thoughts thanks


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