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God, Trump, Russia, Anti-Christ: Pick Your Side

Updated on January 31, 2019
Is Trump appointed by God?
Is Trump appointed by God?

Two years into the Trump presidency and the chaos continues from a man who really has no business being in the oval office. Elected by default, because the alternate choice was perhaps worse in Hillary Clinton, many took a chance with Trump and now regret it. I know I did.

There are two views of Trump.

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Like Sarah Sanders said, God appointed Trump to lead America back to greatness and away from sin. After all, America has been under God's good graces since its inception. Blessed with two oceans to protect it, home for millions of fleeing immigrants for a better life, and freedom to all, America has always been and remains the goal of millions to flee to. Trump's base follow him with a devout blindness because they truly believe that God has made Trump (a man with so many sins) THE man to lead America back to God. Many of these preachers post on the Internet about how his chant about the "wall" can be traced back to Cyrus in the Bible because it also mentions a "wall" he built. Other Christian leaders feel that Trump will lead America through the coming End Times, which many feel are very near with events in the Middle East and America's withdrawal from that area which leaves truly bad actors (Russia, China, Iran, Syria) there. Still, others, simply love his brash "in your face" non-political manners, his distrust of his intelligence agencies, his views on various subjects, his general distrust of the establishment in Washington. They accept anything Trump does as good, in the interest of America, and as absolute truth. They love how he has shut down America for 30+ days in a face off with Democrats and shift blame to the Democrats for it, when Trump is on the record of saying that he would be proud to "own" it.

This group is about 40% of his support.

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The remaining 60% of America does not accept the above. This group is more pragmatic and logical. They tend to view Trump as a mixed bag, with more of a negative bent. They think those who believe that Trump has been appointed by God to save America from sin is hypocritical coming from a man who is under investigation for a variety of possibilities, the more striking his Russian connection, his past sexual indiscretions, claiming to know more just about everything than anyone else in government (and those experts he appointed), and recent forced shutdown of the American government to pursue a political promise of a wall made in 2016. The 800,000 government workers were nothing less than hostages in an attempt to make the Democrats fold and responsible for it.

Oddly enough, many in this group see Trump as a potential Anti-Christ personality described as a narcissist, egocentric, brash, yet popular man. Although, most End Times leaders agree that Trump is a precursor of what the real Anti-Christ will be like when they rise to power in Europe. Many see Trump as an idiot and naive president stumbling to appease his base followers at any cost. Whether that is pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan, believing that North Korea will give up their nuclear weapons, appeasing Russia by reducing or eliminating sanctions imposed on them, or, creating a trade war with China for a "better deal". They view Trump as a man who was possibly sent by God to lead America into a disgraceful End Time period, where America is no longer an effective world power against Russia or China. The Russian-Chinese alliance is a clear warning and challenge, whether it is a face-off in the South China Sea or Taiwan (both claimed by China) or Russia's deal with Israel to get America out of Syria (in exchange for removing Iran from Syria) and Trump's personal relationship with Putin (to build a Trump Tower in Moscow), it is all making America NOT great again. Some believe God has allowed Trump to be elected because America has turned her back on God and filled with fleshy pursuits and sin. Look no further than POTUS.

There is no way to reconcile the two groups or their views but their is a great divide. Things will only get more confused and worse as 2020 approaches. The flash points domestically and internationally are coming and if Trump continues to act like he is a "God-like" human, superior to all, America is in deep trouble even more.


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