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The secular policy of protectionism is said to be anti-charismatic dominion

Updated on September 29, 2011

Taking a stand

Whenever a stand is taken against something obtrusive, something that interferes with your normality of life, then the decision for ultimate victory must be your expectation. In other words, when one who takes a stand for a denied privilege or right, whether in military combat or any type of moral or religious issue, they must have the expectation of victory and not defeat.

The individual who expects to be defeated in battle should not proceed in conflict, except it is a concealed plan of attack that will pull the enemy out of his defense that will turn the battle in your favor and eventually lead to your victory. In such cases, the casualty suffered, serves as a minimal cost to an eventual surplus.

A stand should only be taken with the expectation of victory.

To do otherwise is not even a sacrifice but it carnage and mental cruelty of which we have seen in both military and secular leadership.

The statement that, “all God want is for his children to stand”, at first glance, is a simple statement but proves to be extremely profound as one gives the statement its proper place in meditation.

Man has been made to be dominion minded and in order to stay within that mindset he has developed a practice in his life called, protectionism from which the curse of monopoly power is motivated. The policy of protectionism is extremely anti-global.

Monopoly power which is an offshoot of protectionism has been the initiator of battles, wars and contentions because it impedes the economic distribution of wealth. Because of this practice or policy called protectionism, the disadvantage ones who have a desire for increased gain, whether for a life source or for greed, will take a stand against those who practice monopoly power and visa verse.

From “Rover” to “Clover”, from little baby Tim to old man Thomas and finally, globally; these inhabitants of our planet have all taken a stand or been involved at one time or other because they believed their rights were being ignored.

But God is saying to His people, when you have done all you can, stand!

God wants you to stand in faith, to be stationed in expectation of his movement by the Spirit.

He wants us to “stand fast in one spirit with one mind” (Phil.1:27).

Again Paul says in Col.4:12, “stand perfect and complete in all the will of God”.

Your God has deputized you to stand in the word that has been given you even as a good soldier. It is God who has armed you for battle with the full armor to which the enemy has no defense and will be vanquished.

There is an amazing thing about armor and that is, it as the ability to stand. God’s armor doesn’t need to be continually propped up, but it needs a body to get within the armor and stand. While you are standing it would not hurt if you lift up your hand in adoration to God.

I believe that God purposely created the devil as a stand-in, that he has been set up for the man of God to defeat him in any conflict and to force him into submission. Often our spiritual credentials are activated after a satanic attack and by using God’s arsenal we are brought into a new revelation of victory.

I believe that because God knew that He had created us to take dominion that he had to supply an adversary, one to whom we could take dominion and not force our own kind into subjugation.

God is teaching man that He is mans protector and since He cares about man so much in that He shared His Son, we should share that which He has given us for our well-being.

So God as appointed us as officers to bring rearrangement to His earth, to stand erect in the place of our appointment and to establish His laws. God has put us here to bring settlement to his estate, to drive away the thieves and make with the help of the Holy Spirit that the earth become like it is in heaven.


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