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Going to Africa, Hope I Don't Get AIDS...just kidding

Updated on December 22, 2013
the tweet
the tweet
Ms. Sacco who got sacked
Ms. Sacco who got sacked

The Internet's Mob Mentality

So...., I think what Justine Sacco tweeted proves is an over sensitivity in the media, in people, and how far the left wants to make nearly everything cleansed from the truth.

Justine Sacco, now a formerly employed PR executive for IAC, a media company that owns many popular websites, like, Daily Beast, was fired for what she tweeted in the title of this hub. Yes, you heard me right. She tweeted this:

"Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just Kidding. I'm white!"

While she was flying from NYC to South Africa, a 12 hr. flight, her innocent tweet rapidly spread around the globe and the trial by social media had sentenced her. People sent tweets stating that they hoped that her plane crashes. So, how do we know her account was not hacked and someone else had created the tweet in her name?

Justine was forced to apologize for being insensitive to those who have AIDS. IAC, the company she worked for, made its owns cleansing action, "There is no excuse for such hateful statements.

Upon landing, Sacco was greeted by a firestorm of media attention and later her Twitter account was inundated by people from around the globe. She deleted her account.

Okay. Let's parse this tweet, devoid of emotion:

1. Going to Africa = so far, so what? nothing.

2. Hope, I don't get AIDS = a statement of personal fear and fact. Africa IS the region where AIDS is still the highest, Sacco knows this being from South Africa. Africa is bad because so many there do not understand how AIDS spreads, cannot afford treatment etc. Yeah, going there and the possibility of getting AIDS would be a concern. I can understand how it could be looked upon as an insensitive remark reflecting the truth.

3. Just kidding = This confirms her intent. It WAS a joke. Why? Well, she knows that unless she does engage in some sort of activity that could expose her to AIDS, it would be impossible to get it in Africa or wherever. It also diminishes the tweet to nothing, well, so, she thought. Maybe those who retweeted it over and over actually knew it was a joke and not demeaning, yet, did so just to attack someone in a higher position in life. It happens.

4. I'm white = This presents a more racial side, why? I guess she was subtly saying because she was a white South African (the former race who put Mandela in jail etc.) she was better and therefore, not subject to AIDS? Didn't she know that all races can get it? She must have. Maybe it was a legacy thing she still believed in, that whites are superior to blacks, a typical view in South Africa until 1991.

So, I tend to think her followers were mostly in South Africa and it was them that took the tweet personal and offensive and then retweeted it around the globe. Nobody ever asked her for a clarification.

She was guilty and the Internet tweeters had convicted her. This is just another stupid reason of losing a job. Something is done that you think is a joke or won't be noticed. Then , it is. Then, you're fired.


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