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Good Golly, Miss Ollie! What Gives?

Updated on November 22, 2015

In a grand night for progress, two gutsy women, Victoria Provenza and Ollie Tyler, qualified for the mayoral run-off--and the city was abuzz with anticipation.

We couldn't wait to see what the candidates had in mind. How would they restore the fortunes of this great Red River city? What was their plan for creating jobs, attracting corporate investment, and creating a sustainable economic prosperity for every citizen?

Provenza is ready to engage, but Tyler has bowed out of a Chamber of Commerce debate. She has declined to share her plan--her vision--for the well-being of the people whose vote, apparently, she now takes for granted. If we may put it mildly, that simply will not do.

People are hurting, Ollie. Times are tough, here and throughout the country. Too many are forced to leave their homes in Shreveport just to find work. Our city's future is too important for you not to show up. It is a luxury you simply do not have. Reschedule the debate, Ollie. And engage fully with the city you say you want to lead.


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