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Good Ramblings About Present Times

Updated on April 23, 2010

Staying Loose in a Socially Programmed World


Staying Loose in a Socially-Programmed World

If you are anything like me, you’ve experienced thoughts and sensations that convey the impression that the bodies of our friends and Loved ones have been invaded by something. My personal belief is that this is a subliminal old-wives tale that our society tells malcontents and undesirables (such as myself) to induce panic. The sort of electromagnetic field we are all ensconced in makes whatever you BELIEVE seem to become actual reality.

From personal experience, even if there really was an invasion it does you nothing but harm to see things like this. From my personal experience, it has become evident that each one of our thoughts are visible to something/someone else. Keeping this in mind, it’s possible to know what someone is thinking and ENCOURAGE this destructive belief to force the subject to briefly be unable to interpret reality for themselves. During this period is where the actual invasion takes place. It isn’t “aliens”, it’s a group of human beings known as “social programmers”.

Why do this to people? Well, you get 100% obedience from your population because they are running about believing whatever you’ve told them. Once you’ve traumatized the human mind and given it a new perspective, it will keep that perspective……whatever they have implanted you with. There seems to be an involvement with artificial intelligence. A sufficiently complex machine could predict the future if it were given ALL the variables involved with the prospective event. They are by no means perfect, though because they have failed to accurately predict my future many times.

Well, if you are feeling all freaked-out like I have in the past……..STOP IT because that’s how you get “programmed”. There are many better ways to see this ubiquitous electronic phenomenon than a mental “alien invasion”. I simply turn to a Biblical Perspective because if you obey all scriptural Law when you are in trouble - you will without a doubt be O.K. The pure of heart cannot be stopped, neither can those who have temporarily achieved a purity of mind that doesn’t include violence, sex or greed. So you have to be REALLY GOOD sometimes to avoid the “mental axe of society”……….it doesn’t mean you have to ALWAYS be that way

Maybe the Bible is coming true and I’m stirring up trouble. Well, as I see it…….there is something wrong with a system that breaks the minds of small children so that they may be “trained”. A lot of REALLY GOOD PEOPLE have fallen victim to this thing, thusly I do not define this “game” as “fair”…….not without some hints from an experienced “pro” to get you through our potentially deadly environment. Maybe Armaggedon is coming……if so, fewer will die because of what I’ve written.

Knowing that you are being thought-monitored by a bunch of “Good People” who only “go after the baddies” gives you something to mellow-out about. Hey, Aliens aren’t coming to eat your brains…….the community has simply shrunken due to advances in psychic-technology. “Play Good” is better than “Fight a fight you know is unfair and not in your favor. “Attitude is everything” - if you see these people as “Angels”……..then they will treat you like an Angel would.

Who do I write for? The Imperfect people who haven’t laid down to the procrustean beliefs (which castrate your mind). People who have are so damn fake-looking. This is why a company who sells Anti-Harassment Technology actually says this on their receipts: “You’re order has been promptly-processed by a REAL human.” Why isn’t it in the press? People losing their humanity to electronic-harassment a National Plague? Because the media is just another “programming tool”. It’s not there for US, it’s there to steal our ability to think for ourselves.


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