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Google Government Requests

Updated on May 11, 2011

Government Requests Google

I recently watched an interesting Youtube video that talks about the Google website tool 'Google Government Requests', this deals with 53 countries around the world and the government inquiries made to remove certain content from their services.

I have embedded a video below which discusses what information is presented to the public and along with this I embedded another video that talks about why Youtube suddenly banned various accounts.

Google has various procedures for anybody wishing to remove certain pages from their search results, Blogger, Maps or other product pages. These involve firstly contacting the site owner and request the page be taken down or edited, if the webmaster complies you can then use the URL tool to remove the snippets and cache copies still displayed on the search engine.

Photo courtesy of moai

Google for Government

Many people are under the false impression that Google basically runs and owns the internet but this is not the case. If you find a website in Google's search results that exposes your personal information, for example your credit card number and social security number then Google will contact the hosting company of that website and request it be removed from the web completely.

In the screen shot above we can see the various number of removal requests from specific countries in map form, however, you can switch to a table format which also shows a number of particular URLs asked to be removed since more than one page can be requested each time they are contacted.

It is very intriguing that at this precise moment in time Brazil has used Google for goverment to request the removal of 19,806 url's which is by far the most and nearly 5,000 more than South Korea, Germany has the 3rd most requests at 1,400.

China has a question mark symbol next to their information because they believe these to be state secrets, which is a fair enough analogy in my opinion because why share these statistics with the rest of the world? It only only creates conspiracy theories amongst rival nations.

Photo courtesy of bartclaeys

Government Requests

So who is requesting this content be removed? Is it the FBI, Republicans or Democrats? I believe it must include anybody who has a seat in office, however I am not an expert on American politics but in the UK we have a parliament.

In the video below we hear how Youtube implemented 'Anti Terrorist' precautions request by senator Lieberman referring to the 1959 bill that wasn't passed in the senate. It apparently refers to American citizens and not terrorists, warning people not to post videos that insert force or violence and this effects peoples right(1st amendment) to protest or disagree with a corporation or government.

Photo courtesy of altafbabbar

Government Conspiracies

I hope this hub has enlightened you a little more as to the new censorship rules that are creeping in on the internet and I think the videos below help us to protest in a pacifistic manor. I mean, sure, we probably don't want people posting videos displaying instructions for constructing b*%bs,(note: I'm even paranoid about writing that sentence) but isn't it a going a little far by taking away the peoples right to express their disagreement with an authority because it might insight homegrown terrorists?

I will finish by highlighting what is mentioned in the second video about videos being flagged immediately after the guidelines were published. It is particularly intriguing the number of videos flagged in that short space of time and the parallelism between subject matter and the new Youtube law!

Photo courtesy of dlichtdotcom


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