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Got my Shield-It Super Helmet Just in Time

Updated on July 31, 2012


It's a good thing that I got my 5 square feet of Shield-It-Super today. I'd just finished writing a particularly telling article on the tricks that gangstalkers play. They censored it because it was WAY to informative about how they operate, but I got told it was due to graphic content. Oh, well...........I guess when you tell the truth, you have to make it hard to see or no one will print it. At least they printed my very indirect description of their tactics.

What's so good about this? Well, I went and did everything I wasn't supposed to think and do for the sake of science and my fellow victims. So far, so good! Although the activities I "committed" don't "break the law", they sure as heck break new, un-written rules and are punishable by mental torture! Your ears ring, you get extremely disturbing thoughts and you feel "like hell"..............and this is for stuff that was totally normal activity for people 20 some years ago. I like to joke that the 30's had the "Great Depression" and that the 21st- Century has "The Great Repression". People can't even THINK wrong or they receive psychotronic punishment.

I had Shield-It protection before, but then I got stupid and believed that this painkilling herb known as Kratom could shield me from all the effects of electronic harassment. Boy was I wrong. Withdrawal from this drug has sucked AND they attacked me when my tolerance had reached an all-time high. Can I prove anything? Of course not. It all could have been Kratom withdrawal as far as anyone else is concerned..........but we know better. The human mind can be tampered with in just about any way these "stalkers" see fit, and the only true recourse is electronic shielding.

Like I said, i broke about every rule I could think of. The only thing I will never do again is accept delusional pleasures/fantasies related to being "evil". Man, FORGET ABOUT THAT. Besides, what's so great about being "evil" anyway? One gangstalking ploy is to get you off on an "evil trip" then give you a "trip from Hell" that breaks your mind so that they can take control of your consciousness/physical actions. Evidence suggests that they have succeeded in conning a great many people out of their "souls". So it is SORT OF like the Devil being real.

Five weeks ago, they got me trapped in a zombie state where my body was moving, my eyes were able to see this and my consciousness/free-will felt as though it was dying. This is the 7th time they've tried to kick me out of my own body. I broke out of the state by putting on some loud music and taking a dose of prescription stimulants to AMPLIFY MY OWN BRAINWAVES so that they couldn't take control of my neural firing-patterns. I got control back as I rocked out hard to my awesome, self-empowering music........shaking the spell I was under. Then (this had been going on for 3 days) I passed out into a dreamless sleep from which I awoke feeling fairly normal. They tried to stop me from breaking the hold by saying "Only the Zombie-Master can break this spell" (Hah!)

So, after days up here in Ontario; getting the same level of harassment; listening to music for days (and nights) on end...........I finally got my material which I made a nice helmet out of. The tinnitus is barely noticeable and I've done nearly everything to "invoke their wrath". Sleep might be a real pain.........I haven't got there yet.........but I can get by without the music right now.


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