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Gov. Mike Pence's Debate Win.

Updated on October 6, 2016

He seemed proficient in Political Science.

Gov. Mike Pence has shown himself to be an expert debater, and people would be wise to learn from his example as demonstrated on Tuesday at the U.S. Vice-presidential debate.

He did that so brilliantly and made everyone watching the event to forget about politics as usual, while exposing his opponent to be a normal ideolog, espousing a political agenda to impress the public, in order that people might take sides with him in a political campaign.

Mike Pence wouldn't go that route, for the mere fact that it was too common in dialogs between two persons vying for a position of interest, such as the U.S. Vice-presidency. They would go at each other furiously, after shaking hands and smiling to the audience, and then start "to wash their dirty linen in public", so to speak.

That was done in speeches at organized political rallies, in which the individual could attack anything one knew about the other person; or some sinister occurrence that has happened in one's opponent's life to ridicule or embarrass him (opponent), just to garner support for one's own cause. Or be bold to bring about scandals in the other person's lifestyle, involving behaviors and other sordid family matters; things that only yellow journalism professionals would pursue about Husbands, Wives, Mistresses, concubines and the rest.

Those had their part in politics, but not at conventional debate settings, which could turn the occasion into a disgraceful attack on each other's reputation and character.

What Mike Pence did the other night was wonderful, when Tim Kaine, his opponent tried to tell stories, bringing in what Pence's running mate in the presidential race has said about this or that. As well as the "Miss Universe" episode concerning Donald Trump, with whom he shared the prestigious Republican Party ticket for the 2016 U.S. presidential contest against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate (for the contest), whose running mate happened to be Tim Kaine..

He, Pence, pushed all that aside, making them unnecessary, and then he went for the facts and facts only about the problems facing the country, and argued his way to find solutions for them.

There were so many things that he could go for to entertain his viewers and listeners. However, he thought that a country in trouble could spare personal disputes and to go ahead and choose what were needed to counteract those troubles.

There is a saying in American politics that goes as "choosing the high road, when it comes to putting one's life out for public scrutiny"; but if one decides to make the wrong choice, then one is culpable of putting oneself in hot water.

Mike Pence knew that. He chose the high road, and that led him into winning last Tuesday's Vice-presidential debate.

BRAVO, Gov. Mike Pence.


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