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Governance by policy and socio-cultural alterations: Christianity, Transhumanism, & Depopulation Agenda

Updated on August 18, 2012
Christianity vs homosexuality: what are we really seeing happening and why?
Christianity vs homosexuality: what are we really seeing happening and why? | Source

There are people out there who do not see our society in peril from within. They believe firmly that what we see is simply politics in which politicians wrangle for position in the political hierarchy and that society is not being deliberately altered for any truly specific agenda but rather as a roiling tangle of competing interests that stem from the general populations preferences. They could not be more wrong.

I've had some discussions which involved, on the part of others, downplays regarding the socio-cultural attacks on the Christian population through policy advancements in subjects which come into direct conflict with commonly held principles about marriage and the family vs homosexuality. In those discussions and in other similar dialogs I've seen elsewhere, the body of principles which are fundamental to Christians have been treated without value and voiced as being unimportant because the speakers involved see Christians as inconsequential, old-fashioned, or too extreme as compared to their own views. I've observed how difficult it is to express to such individuals that this collective globalist attack on Christianity is indeed highly important to the big picture and that there should be alarm about the efforts to fundamentally change the principles upon which we are built as a nation.

In a recent Washington Post article responding in part, to President Obama coming out in May supporting same-sex marriage and a subsequent discussion with a number of pastors, it said, "For the first time in history, the DNC’s platform committee voted on Aug. 12 to endorse same-sex “marriage.” The language calls for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which, for federal purposes, defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman. The language is set to go for approval at the Democratic National Convention in September."

It talked about how Christians were being manipulated by the Democratic Party to alter their fundamental beliefs in order to retain their party affiliation. It also described others refusing to do so: "They have endured the exclusion and ridicule of anyone who does not toe the party line when it comes to abortion, for example. The recent violation of religious freedom under the Department of Health and Human Services’ contraception mandate is another example. Now they will be painted as bigots because of their religious beliefs by the people they are expected to support."

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Homosexual agenda as a matter of convenience for who?
Homosexual agenda as a matter of convenience for who? | Source

The Back Story

Let's be clear about what the homosexual agenda is: transhumanism wrapped up in depopulation policies. Why? Because homosexuals produce little to no offspring. This is tied into the exotic technologies world through technology exchange programs that they've been itching to bring out into the open. Catherine Austin Fitts in 1998 was approached about transitioning the Contact Paradigm into the open and she declined at the time to participate for non-related reasons. Recently a top transhumanism CEO is quoted as saying A.I. Singularity will go very badly for humans. "Promises of ‘immortality’ and a disease-free life have led many individuals to long for the hope of artificial intelligence and what is known as Singularity. It is essentially a merging of man and machine, the development of a ‘new species’ — a ‘borg’ of sorts. The subject recently made headlines when a major Russian scientist promised Singularity to the wealthy elite and ruling class by 2045 through the 2045 program, with artificial bodies available as early as 2015." reporting courtesy of Anthony Gucciardi.

Constant discussion over the last decade about "who pays for this" meaning the Contact Paradigm and the technologies involved in remote nooks & crannies, is meant to desensitize the general population to the imperatives some (not all) non-terrestrial groups consider important from their views. The most profound of these is our stewardship of the planet in relation to managing our population which is seen as busting at the seams. Whereas theGreater Community would like to see us manage ourselves at a lower level of numbers, those imperatives tie in to an older society of planetary elites who have depopulation agenda on their plates for more mundane reasons: power, control, and distribution of limited resources. It puts powers such as the military-industrial complex corporations in bed with the Eugenics culture of the Elites not necessarily by choice but by mutual goal points.

Societies with substantial populations of homosexuals and affluent individuals have historically slower population growth. Encouraging alterations in culture is generally speaking easier and less destabilizing than pushing policies which are more restrictive in nature such as one child systems which require enforcement and foment various forms of rebellion.

This also illustrates how shadow governance thru networks of administrative personnel operates via policy as opposed to surface governance which is a face-based organization that is used to interface directly with the general population but is steered through manipulation and controlled flow of information and guiding policies from within operational parameters. I pointed out in a prior article that the National Security State operates all of the 'octopus' under terms of policy and interpretation not laws.

This is the story behind the surface media stories that the general population is not seeing. It is why something like Christians being forced to choose between their fundamental beliefs and supporting the DNC is so important to EVERYONE, not just them. It is why we should be more observant of policy imperatives and directives behind the closed doors and public figures. And it is why we should be more observant of what our special interests and corporations are up to. That's because this is how a nations governance is conscripted for private purposes.

The Corporations Part in Depopulation Agenda: Agenda 21


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  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 5 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    The democrat party certainly has become pro abortion, pro gay, pro big government. I was once a Democrat but left it for these reasons. I am disturbed by the number of Catholic politicians, such as John Kerry, Joe Biden, and all who totally ignore the moral ethics of the Church and support abortion. I am even more disturbed by those who have no problem with it.It means these people have no moral foundation.