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Dinosaurs Rule

Updated on December 2, 2016

Calm Before the Storm in the Political Mad House.

All Rights Reserved by ladybluewriter
All Rights Reserved by ladybluewriter

Government Gone Wild

I sit and listen everyday to news commentators and politicians discuss issues like: who is doing what and what was not done. The lack of jobs and issues like social entitlements, rising taxes and not to mention bailing out investors and etc. My mind decided to take a trip to a surreal world, and to lighten up my humor on the take on government and elections. I was thinking as I pondered on a hub that might bring about the idea of what our society seems to be like now as compared to years before.

Now let us start by taking the prehistoric dinosaurs and making them our new political party. After all the word Dinosaur means "terrible lizard". They are from the Kingdom of Animalia, Phylum of Chordata and the Class of Reptilia. .Of course the most forceful party is represented by none other than the Tyrannosaurus Rex and it's opposition party being the Brontosaurus. it would mean the significance of meat eaters vs. the plant-eaters. If we looked at that in a modern sense, then we would see a race with a higher protein content in their diet, and a race of higher fiber eaters. Now let us take it on another level, and we would see a greedy ruthless Tyrannosaurus Rex government that demanded to devour all that came in their contact. Do they appear greedy and selfish to you? Compare that to the rich oil leaders and to the wealthy who fire people at their jobs so their families can starve. They end up causing people to be out of work, feeling like they cannot take care of their families or themselves anymore. Homes are lost, families sometimes forced to move in with others to stay off the street. Yet here is the dinosaur with plenty of meat on the table. Does that seem unfair to you

In comparison, we will look at the Brontosaurus and see how their plant eating helps civilization to do any better. First they tend to content themselves with eating enough plants to satisfy their needs, to poop it all out, and go about doing it all over again and again. They look big and like they can carry their weight around, but they lack concern for others of different species. They definitely have enough of a weighty body to run over anything in their way. Even the T-Rex cannot win against their force of weight per pound. Is there anything or anyone that can handle their stampeding like nature, when they get excited and revert to running and mowing over anything in their way.

Finally we look at another party, and we will call this one the Raptor. The most cunning and devious of all. This one will stalk you and destroy you like you are nothing in the way. They can out run you or anyone else. If they take a mind to it, then they can own the government. It would all be a government of Raptors for Raptors. As we see government, then it is government for the people and by the people, but this is imaginary and thought to reflect a thought of how our system could or possible seems now to the average person. I ask myself where does the little person or as they say the bottom of the totem pole fit in?

Seems maddening to look at society being so primitive, but we know it once was. I look at us now thinking how much has changed. We are not that big, but we still do the same things. You can say we take pride in the fact that their bi products help us run our cars and to power our trucks that transport commodities around. Everything in our society is based on getting from one place to another. Do you think they had that in mind at the time before complete destruction? It seemed like they still have the same social structure going on now, as they did then. The rich devour the poor or the poor are allowed the scraps of the wealthy. Those that own the oil raise or lower prices on all things in society based upon their own decision making. I am not saying wealth is totally a bad thing. We all seek to have a taste of it, but somehow the wealthy cannot walk in a poor man's shoes. It is not called stooping that low, but you can say it is called looking at social entitlements for them having to pay more taxes. They feel it is unjust for those of us who paid a life time of Social Security taxes in on a retirement to think of wanting Medicare or just a small pension to survive on, when we can no longer work in society.

Why do I dream of a day, when our society is proud once more with hope, and fresh thinking, and no dog eat dog type behavior. A place where all citizens are treated with respect and all of their hopes and dreams could come true. I see hardships out there, and people wanting better, but somehow life just has not seemed to care. How can we elect a president in our country with a road that is paved with falseness and pledging to do different and to make things better, when they cannot walk in our shoes, or sit at our table and be satisfied with the scraps we must eat. Do they worry about taking care of their families health? Did they care, when they took Social Security retirement funds and appropriated it to their own projects without a majority vote by the citizens who pay for it. Then how dare they say we are not entitled to have it. They are also not owning up to stealing our funds we paid into as well as our employers to cause Social Security to be looking at failure in the future. How barbaric and prehistoric can you get. There is a lot to think about, but I thought I might just take a barbaric look at the crudeness of what our society has become over the past few years. All I can say is wake up before our plight ends like the Dinosaurs. Our freedom is based on government by the people and for the people. Would not hurt to put some real punch into those words here in this 2012 election year. People get real. Do not live with false promises. Demand more out of whomever gets this election. I always say, if a person in supervisor positions cannot get down and do the job which was expected of their employees, then they do not understand the things they ask of them. It is the same with government. I remember back on some of my supervisors, and no job was too little or too hard for them to step in and help. That is what I call respect of authority. I also remember those who shouted out authority and cared less about me. These are the days that try the best within us. Maybe it is time we did some changing to a better way of doing things.


It is time for the government to look at their behavior and tell the people whose agenda are they representing by doing this. My faith in our representatives hit the bottom in my respect for you as an adult representative in the best interest of our country and the people it represents. This is 2016 and a new election took place. I never in my life seen so much separation of a nation. My family put their lives on the line to defend and protect this nation. This country has to put down all differences and look toward a unity of the greater good, and this government of the people for whom it was originally intended needs to look at all the people and bring back hope for our future, before we have no hope or future left to be proud of. This is not just about social issues. It is time we see the bigger picture here, and it is time to provide hope for all.

My hope for the future is that we put down this separation and defiant behavior and work toward a more positive outcome for all that you stand for.


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    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from United States

      I am totally shocked at the way our government cannot agree on anything. It is definitely shocking, when you hear them trying to secede from the United States of America. Talk of forming their own country within a country, and how childish does this sound. Where is the morality left in this country. Why are we investigating whether or not deaths abroad that may or may not have been prevented? I know our two hundred plus years of existence as a country would be looked upon with shock. I know it puts everyone in a lot of insecurity. It seems truly barbaric in nature.


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