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Government-In-Exile: Will it be an option for Obama?

Updated on September 29, 2012

If Mitt Romney cheats to win the November, 2012 election, Obama may have to go to another country, and declare a government-in exile.

Have you ever hear the phrase 'government-in-exile'? A 'government-in-exile' is a provisional government that is created outside the borders of the country that they claim to govern. One of the most well-know examples of a government-in-exile was the Chinese Nationalist Government that Chinese nationalists created on the island of Taiwan, after the Communists took over China. The Chinese Nationalists in Taiwan claimed that they were the real government of the Chinese people, and the Communist government was totally illegitimate.

There will be a Presidential election in the U.S.A. in November, 2012, that is only a few months away. I think it's possible that Mitt Romney will cheat, in order to win the election. After Romney wins Obama should leave the U.S.A. and he should go to a foreign country. I suggest Saudi Arabia. After Romney wins, Obama should go to Saudi Arabia immediately, and when he arrives in Saudi Arabia, he should announce that he is the legitimate President of the U.S.A. and he should declare that Romney's government is illegitimate. Obama should announce that the U.S.A.'s government-in-exile has it's headquarters in Saudi Arabia, and he should invite American politicians who are loyal to him to come to Saudi Arabia, so they can rule America from Saudi Arabia.

Obama can create a website in Saudi Arabia, and this website will tell people that the Romney government is illegitimate, and the website should encourage people to refuse to co-operate with Romney and his agents. Mister Obama, if you are reading this, I want you to listen very carefully. Mitt Romney may cheat to win the election in November. When Romney wins, I want you to go to Saudi Arabia, and when you arrive there I want you to declare that you are the head of the American Government-In-Exile. You should try to transfer as many government functions as possible to Saudi Arabia, using the internet. Americans should be able to log on to the internet to obtain information about the real American government, which is controlled by you, from your headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

From your position in the government-in-exile, you should instruct Americans to engage in acts of civil disobedience against Mitt Romney and his agents. You should encourage workers to go on strike all over America, so they can protest against Romney. Another thing you should do is ask the Saudi Arabian government to stop exporting oil to the U.S.A. The Saudi Arabian government should stop all exports of crude oil and petroleum products to the U.S.A. until Romney and the Republicans step down. If you are unable to do this, you should appoint Joseph Biden or another competent person as your agent, so he can take your place.

One more thing, Mr. Obama, while you are in Saudi Arabia I want to you to tell the Saudi Arabian government about a plan written by Anthony Ratkov. This plan is a plan for global C.A.F.E. (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards. A global version of C.A.F.E. should be imposed by Saudi Arabian oil exporters and O.P.E.C. (Organization of Oil Exporting Countries) and this global version of CAFE should require that all cars manufactured in any country get an average of fifty miles per gallon, in terms of fuel economy. If any country fails to meet this goal, they should have their oil supply cut off.

For example, suppose Germany continues to manufacture cars that get less than 50 M.P.G. In that case, O.P.E.C. should cut off all oil exports to Germany. Suppose Japan continues to make cars that get at least 50 M.P.G., then OPEC should cut off oil exports to Japan. People should recognize that Romney's government is illegitimate and the real American government is the government-in-exile headed by Barack Obama.

Anthony Ratkov, September 15,2012


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