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Government In Our Lives

Updated on February 14, 2013

As I sit here and think about what is happening in our nation, I have come to some logical conclusions as to why the nation is the way it is. Now I know most of you are trying to keep up with the times of what is really happening in our nation via sources on the internet instead of mass media that is lying to you.

However, I have come to various conclusions as to what is really happening in our nation. The first is that people do not have eyes open as to whom they voted for. They hear what they want to hear and that is that, as long as there are promises to them that their lives will be made better without working in life. This promise and that promise which are mostly lies, then people will vote for that Canadate out of haste and then supports or backs up such a Canadate fully.

For instance, I hear all the time how wonderful the president is doing from various sources, but me, as I do research on the death trains in North Carolina and more ordered, Coffins stacked in fields in Georgia and now throughout the country, and watch this country at a far, I am seeing more and more destruction. I have also written my congressional representatives in this state and all I have gotten was back talk, lies, and cover-ups. These are the men who I did not do research on prior to electing them into office.

Yes this is partially my fault, I should of done a history background on these people prior to voting but I thought if I would vote for these people, our nation would be a better place only to find out I was wrong for just casting a ballot without research.

The second conclusion I have is the fact that people now days have no morals, values, standards in which I was raised. People my age in their 40’s 50’ and 60’s, you don’t hear go on shooting rampages just for the fun of it now do you? Think about it. It is the younger generation who is doing the shooting rampages, why? Well first kids now days due to the Government’s involvement are not disciplined due to Government's laws about spanking your child. A parent is unable to punish a child and spank him/her.

It didn’t hurt me being punished and spanked when I was younger now did it, I grew up to be a law abiding good citizen of the country. Second, kids are not taught respect now days. This I hear on the news and read of how a child killed their parents. I see firsthand how kids now days sass back at their parents and grandparents. Then the parents don’t bother to punish their children but instead purchase all sorts of new gadgets for the child as if sassing back needed rewarding.

To me this is so wrong, when we did good and our chores were completed, we would receive our earned money instead of my grandfather handing me money like kids now days. We then would be taken into town for an ice cream or a treat or just taken into town since I lived and worked on a ranch 150 miles from the nearest town.

This brings me to my third point. Kids now days have no responsibilities, they run rampid in the streets, thus having too much time on their hands while parents work to make ends meet and are unsupervised to do as they please and to hang around whom they please.

I am not saying everyone is bad but there are instigators out there that will talk your child into doing wrongdoing, do you know about all of the things your child is doing, do you know whom they hang around with or what type of people your kids friends parents are? Nope this is due to people being in their own little world, doing their own thing and forgetting how to truly raise their children the correct way. Ahh, let my child alone most say, they aren’t doing anything bad, they are good kids, yet the parents don’t know if the child is hanging around hoodlums and such, but again due to the government involvement this is acceptable for your unable to punish a child.

Now the government is trying to take control of our own lives, they are trying to take away peoples guns that need them for safety thus making up excuses and lies to persuade others that this is the thing to do.

Next, they will take away freedom of speech and try to control us like little zombies and if we have a mind of our own, then we will be killed or hauled off to the detention camps.

The government is all about control, power, and greed. They no longer care what the citizens of the USA have to say and forget that our taxes pay their wages that in all actuality we are their boss and that they should be listening to us when we need to voice our opinions or ask them to do something.

Money has gotten in the way to this part of the Governments plans, it’s now nothing, but greed, and power and this greed and power struggle will ruin America. Lack of having God in one’s life will ruin America the combination of both will ruin America and America will fall.

So now, I’ve stopped contacting my state congressional representatives due to the fact that all the letters I’ve gotten back are nothing but a song and dance, lies and just talk to pacify me as to what they think I want to hear.

Ahhhhhh the good ole Government. Yeah Right. I’ve lost all hope for our Government and our nation, thus praying to our gracious lord for help to turn things around.

Is there to much Government in our lives? We all know the answer to this question.


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