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Government Protesting versus Sept 11, 2001

Updated on July 25, 2017
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The authors life involved ministry and living southwest and interior Alaska. Writing allowed spiritual, poetic and political expression:

Serious Questions to Ask Ourselves

Making our voices heard within politics today is quite tricky, however there is a constitutional right to object, to disagree, or to protest peaceably. How do you see this issue? What methods do you use to express your opinions? Many of us have traveled through the years and seen a lot of changes take place politically and culturally in the U.S.A. Sometimes the concerns are so great and overwhelming that we must speak out! Many today just get frustrated and run out on the streets crying, this isn't fair! this isn't fair! Is this a good way to express unhappiness and frustration with the system? Have we already let too many anti- American entities into public office, to the point they will fight anything and everything that is American and constitutional? Has the demise of freedom spread its roots around us, so that we are no longer heard?

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9-11 Terrorist vs. Government Protests

I haven't forgotten Sept 11,2001. A small group of terrorists from the far side came with evil intentions, and came through all the customs and immigration checkpoints, and came past the border guards and came past homeland security, and came past the FBI, past the CIA, past the local sheriffs, the state troopers and past the airport security and past the FAA regulations and came through our good graces, and past our safety zones and came past our beliefs that we were "safe". Ask any member of the families and individuals who were killed and effected by the mass massacre of 911 World Trade Center. Unbelievable devastation like out of the movies, but it was real. It was REAL! And the reality of it could possibly happen again if we let down our guard. ONLY if we close our already blind eyes to the existence of Evil on our planet. WE NEED CERTAIN KINDS OF SECURITY and we NEED STRONG AMERICAN BORN LEADERS who realize the COSTS of NOT PROTECTING OUR BORDERS. We have already allowed DOPE and DRUG PEDDLERS from abroad. WE have already invited those who would love to destroy our democracy. We have done it by voting for the wrong people. JUST remember that even if we took this land from the Indians, from the French and from the English, and from the Spaniards, they were defeated as occupying nations and we became the UNITED States of America. It doesn't mean we have to give ourselves back to them. WE became a sovereign nation under God with a Well thought out Constitution that was ratified by the early leaders of the U.S.A. WE have an obligation to protect and preserve our identity and our freedoms. YES, I agree every one of us should be working through our representatives and senators in order to preserve our liberties. To carry our message into the White House. Every protestor however should ask himself, "have I reached out to my lawmakers"? to my own state leaders? If you are on the door of the White house protesting, you should be able to assert that you have followed proper political order and written letters and attended state rallies where your voice could be heard. because alas, when you become a protestor, there is a fine line sometimes from where you become a legal opponent of the same laws meant to protect us. YES, the scrabble of public protest against the doors of our presidency, and any divisive efforts of past presidents to denigrate the standing president of our country actually becomes a self-defeating conundrum with no clarity. It is frustration.

Oscarlites/copyrights Feb.12. 2011

-the human need: Faith,Trust, Love, Hope, Promise
-the human need: Faith,Trust, Love, Hope, Promise | Source


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