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Government Response to Syria

Updated on May 2, 2014
Oscarlites profile image

The authors life involved ministry and living southwest and interior Alaska. Writing allowed spiritual, poetic and political expression:

Dear Mr. Representative/ Congressman

It seems as if the message of seeking partnership for counter action to the Syrian attacks on civilians has penetrated Congress and has gotten the attention of our President. He is seeking those allies and holding his ground with Euro Nations, and Russia in particular. China and Russia are threatening economic reprisal to intervention in Syria however, also suggesting a nuclear threat, which, we don't know if they mean from Syria or elsewhere.

Is it not time for the United states to step it up and unilaterally denounce the United Nations and its leaders for lack of action? Blowing smoke and again leaving the USA holding the only key of hope for those civilians, children and families of Syria? One thing I see is that Russia is registered as 15 individual nations speaking in the UN and America has only perhaps 2 votes with itself and Panama. of course we are outvoted even if it were only Russia and the USA. EVEN SO, the United states and the OBAMA administration and CONGRESS should attack the United Nations with a vengeance over their negligence in protecting innocent bystanders of a rogue sanctioned and dangerous nation in so critical a place on the globe as SYRIA. America should not be left to do this alone.

This is all I am writing about. Please send this today to the proper places. Express righteous anger at the United Nations, as their mantra was to be the watchdog of the world against these kinds of evils. They are NOT doing their job..

Money should be cut on every hand that flows through the United Nations.. Embargo all United Nations assistance or anything to do with the United Nations until they step up to their duties. Even lodge a complaint and ask for their leadership to be dismissed and replaced. Economic withdrawal of assistance will speak louder than words.

America sends enough aid to European countries even food and grain annually to Russia. Stop the aid until they rethink their position.. Its time for America to tighten her belts of generosity to all countries who disregard the safety of the innocent.

Stop all immigration grants and bequeathments as well. I know of a fact that many foreigners are given land and money to come here to farm and to exist here.. Search out and deny all funds to all foreign interests. Speak with action of displeasure upon all nations who are associated with anti-response to these chemical deaths. Yes, the president needs to be shouting loud at other countries and at the United nations, but please lets help him get re-directed into a more effective course of action.


PS: This letter was sent to Senators in Alabama, to local newspapers, and also to Senator John McCains office.


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 4 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks for the article about our Government and it's response to the Syrian government attacks on it's own people. It's a scary time and I hope the president and his co-horts will make the right decisions.