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Government Unions and the End of Western Civilization

Updated on October 27, 2013

Abolishing the United States Post Office

Recently, the management of the post office has stated it's long term goal is to get rid of half of it's over 500,000 workers, shutter thousands of post offices and abrogate all pension and health benefit plans.

Bankrupt Employer

Like all organizations staffed by government employee unions, the Post Office is being bankrupted. Whether you look at the nation of Greece, the state of California or the USPS the conclusions you come to are the same. Every time government unions are formed their pensions and benefits always bankrupt the employer.

Saving the West from Itself

You want to save the West? Do the Following:

1) Exile everyone who believes in Global Warming to North Korea. Let them destroy that economy.

2) Exile everyone who believes in Climate Change to North Korea. Again, let them destroy the communists.

3) Ban all public employee labor unions

4) Ban all government labor unions

USPS is independent?

By the way, there are those who say that the United States Post Office is an independent agency which is not directly run by the government.

So why did the government bailout the Post Office to the tune of $8.5 billion dollars last year? Why can't the Post Office raise the price of a stamp without congressional approval? Why can't the Post Office shut down post offices and fire half it's employees without congressional approval? Because the notion of the independence of the Post Office is that foolish, bald face lie. The moment the Post Office becomes truly independent their cheapest stamp will go to one dollar without congressional approval.

What is Government Good For?

Let's be honest, the government does do some things very well. Which Govt activity floats your boat?

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