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Government force through a cut to disabled benefits.

Updated on March 9, 2016
Visitors standing outside the House of Lords.
Visitors standing outside the House of Lords. | Source
Jobcentre:  Where people claim benefits such as JSA and ESA.
Jobcentre: Where people claim benefits such as JSA and ESA. | Source
Disabled people.
Disabled people. | Source
Iain Duncan Smith who likes taking away the money of those who depend on it and yet lives in splendour.
Iain Duncan Smith who likes taking away the money of those who depend on it and yet lives in splendour. | Source
Cartoon of George Osborne working on the budget which will feature more proposed cuts to public spending no doubt.
Cartoon of George Osborne working on the budget which will feature more proposed cuts to public spending no doubt. | Source

Out of touch Duncan Smith.

When you consider DWP head Iain Duncan Smith lives in a sprawling £2 million home and he is a tenant of the landed gentry family the Fremantles and the property is located in a lovely part of Buckinghamshire a world away from the Chingford constituency he is MP for. It really does make you think does a man who lives in this splendour even be head of the Department for Work and Pensions when he has no idea of what it is like to be a working class person and he probably does not even really care although in his head he probably thinks he does.

The property where he lives in with his wife has tennis courts, a swimming pool and all manner of delights. The property was a Tudor property and the rooms the property has today have been added by the inhabitants who lived there down the centuries and today.

Ian Duncan Smith announced some time ago he would be cutting ESA the premier disablement benefit in the UK so it would make disabled people more likely to look for work. The government yesterday forced this bill through Parliament and this time unlike the time the Lords stopped the cut in Tax Credits (House of Lords) which forced the government and particularly George Osborne to do a u - turn. There was nothing the House of Lords could do about this cut to ESA as the government claimed a measure called 'financial privilege'. This means the Lords could not block this measure which seems to have sailed through Parliament unhindered. How many Labour, SNP, UKIP, Lib - Dems and others voted against or for it there is as far as I am aware no information unless in this instance opposition parties in the House of Commons could not vote on the issue which to my mind if so would be very undemocratic.

The Independent newspaper has printed all the names of the Conservative MPs who voted for this measure to go through probably in a bid to shame them or get them targeted by protest groups opposed to austerity.

Disability rights groups have said this move will make more disabled people whether mentally or physically disabled less well off and more prone to poverty.

This government is ruled by and large by people from money backgrounds who seem more content on feathering on their own nests rather than looking after the people that give them their power in the first place - the voters. Especially those voters from the poorer end of the spectrum who depend on benefits such as this to live from today paying their rent, mortage, shopping bills and household bills.

Duncan Smith may have a point it may make some people look for work instead of being benefit dependant but that said it will not be true for all. For example in this society now where household bills are going through the roof in some circumstances, Council Tax is going up and other expenses unless you are doing enough hours or on a magnificent salary life even working can be a headache financially or a struggle because of the above reasons I have just outlined.

One Tory MP (Conservative) who has not gone along with the government is back bencher Heidi Allen who opposed the cuts to Tax Credits and opposed the cuts to Employment and Support Allowance but how many Tory MPs are there like her?

One thing is for sure with this government if you have money and privilege they are are on your side but if your at the other end of the scale its the reverse.

Iain Duncan Smith making all benefits one.
Iain Duncan Smith making all benefits one. | Source

Universal Credit.

Iain Duncan Smith has shook up for better or worse the UK's benefit system with the government's mantras being 'Work pays' and 'Ending a something for nothing culture. In his view those dependent on benefit who have lived a work less life or who are well enough to work should be working.

The benefits for those looking for work in the UK is known as JSA or Job Seekers Allowance and those who are able to qualify for ESA Employment and Support Allowance is the benefit awarded to those who are too ill to work or can only do limited work.

Then there are the benefits like Income Support and those are mainly for students or parents also there is Working Tax Credits mean't to top up working people's incomes if they are doing enough hours either as a single person up to 30 hours or together as a couple. There is also Housing Benefit for those that live in rented accommodation if their on benefits or do not bring enough in when working and Council Tax reductions depending on whether you are on benefits or how many hours you work

People on benefits are stigmatised in this country thanks to the attitude of the government and the media making programmes about them as all the same. Being drop outs and shown as druggies and alcoholics and being lazy. While this is certainly true of many it is not the full picture but the media it seems do not want to know about those on benefits who live in nice communities or are trying to do something with their lives or are genuinely too ill to work.

They are only interested in the stereotypical person on benefits (as described above) living on council estates which for them is entertainment which I find rather in bad taste.

Iain Duncan Smith or IDS for short has started to bring in Universal Credit across the UK which will put all previous benefits like the ones I have just said into one payment. This will be paid monthly instead of fortnightly no doubt in a bid to get those out of work getting used to being paid that way should they secure a job.

Universal Credit will pay the rent directly to those living in private rented abodes instead of directly to the landlord to teach the tenants money self sufficiency and while this may be a good idea for those competent with money what about those who are not?

Rolling all benefits into one at first glance seems a good idea, however, how successful it will be as a replacement benefit and its impact on those it is awarded to will remain to be seen.


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