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Government playing GOD, with manufactured "rights"

Updated on April 11, 2015
Union thuggery
Union thuggery
Government manufactured rights, are difficult to take away, once they are established.
Government manufactured rights, are difficult to take away, once they are established.

Government mandated equality

Government and the media seem to feel the need to use the term civil rights, in order to push a message of equality. Equality is a worthy cause, but, just like every other campaign by the progressive wing of both parties, this cause masquerades as something that its not, so that it can fly in under the radar. In most cases, equality amounts to special treatment for a group of people, usually viewed by the DC oligarchs as a potential or current voting bloc, In reality, this is the opposite of equality, in which a group of people that are deemed “victims”, are demanding special treatment, while stating their victim status, as a reason for this so called, “equality”. One example is the affirmative action that was used in many of our Universities, up until the Supreme Court ruled against the legality of such practices on April 22, 2014. This is the practice of allowing minority students to be accepted to a University, without meeting the same requirements that are mandatory for admission, among non minority student applicants. This effectively lowers the bar for someone, based on the color of their skin and/or ethnicity. That should be seen as offensive, by onlookers, and by those granted this special treatment. It is an insinuation, that a person is not good enough to meet the standard, because they look different, and are perceived as a victim. That is the definition of discrimination, and it is not even close to anything that could be considered equality. We are at a point, where preference is offensive, and having an opinion is hateful, unless it is in line with the media narrative. This narrative originates in the White House, and is then passed along to the media outlets, and the alphabet soup agencies in order to assure that everyone is reading from the script. If you go off script, there are consequences. We have a state run mainstream media, as we speak. Anyone that cannot see that, is kidding themselves.

GOD's law

The government creates these groups, or as they see it, victims, and the media facilitates the delivery of that message. Delivery also includes, complete destruction of an individual that wanders off of the plantation. Uncle Sam has declared himself god, as he creates “rights” for individuals based on a perceived state of victimhood, that bounds these individuals to the political party handing out the goodies. Our rights as human beings, that are defined in the constitution, are divine in origin, and cannot be taken away by anyone on earth. Just as the revocation of these GOD given rights, Is prohibited under GOD’s law, so is the granting of any other rights based on ones perception of wrongs, and injustices. The government then has an interest in eliminating GOD from the public eye, and the public square. That is the reason for the attack on Christianity that is currently underway, in this country. A totalitarian state, can only exist, when the people have only government to turn to in a crisis. As, long as GOD is in the picture this kind of control is difficult to achieve. Any regime looking to seize power, knows that it has to replace GOD, at least in the peoples’ minds.

Union thuggery

Some of the most dangerous, government manufactured rights, are in the form of what progressives like to call labor rights. Labor unions, are the driving force behind this movement that has grown into a money laundering operation for the democrat party. In many states, excluding those with right to work laws, workers are forced to join the union, and pay union dues, without an alternative. In recent years, union membership has decreased, as a result of right to work laws, and restrictions on collective bargaining. Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, put himself on the political map, when he turned Wisconsin’s 3 billion dollar deficit, into a surplus when he enacted significant reforms on public pensions, and crippled the unions collective bargaining “rights”, both of which were keeping the state budget in the red. Unions use bullying tactics to acquire unsustainable perks for workers, in what could be called extortion, if it were carried out by anyone else. The union thugs always hold the trump card, because when they are not getting what they want, the threat of refusal to work is placed on the table, which the employer cannot allow. That leaves two options, bow to the union worker’s demands, or shut down completely, ala hostess. This situation is especially damaging when it comes to public unions, due to the fact that the money and benefits being forced, are funded by taxpayers. It is important to remember that government produces nothing, and all funding for all operations, comes from the taxpayer.The private sector is the machine responsible for production, not the government. Anything that the government decides to offer or handout to the masses, is funded by you, the taxpayer. They are only generous with our money, because they are funded by all of us, with our tax dollars.. Even with tax revenue at an all time high, we are still 18.2 trillion dollars in debt, and almost 200 trillion of unfunded liabilty, So, the government is in no position to be assigning rights to anyone, because they are not GOD, and there is no more money to fund goodies to the parasites.


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