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Government shutdown is a myth

Updated on September 29, 2015

Here we go again with the topic of a government shutdown. A true government shutdown never happens but the spin put on this topic by the media is an attempt to place blame on one political party or another. In truth a large majority of government employees keep working if there is no fiscal agreement reached at the end of the fiscal calendar. The last government shutdown from reports stated that at least 75% of government employees kept working as they were a critical function of the federal government such as our national security. In an effort to inflict pain the national parks were shut down even the national mall which is an open air environment. Veterans who flew in to Washington on honor flights had some initial problems accessing the area but eventually they were granted access.

Coming to a fiscal agreement always seems to come down to the wire at the end of each fiscal year. It is true that determining the money to be spent by each government entity needs to be determined not by what they have spent in the past but their need for the next fiscal year. This kind of analysis for the most part never seems to happen. Government programs which are not working seem to keep getting funded each year when in actuality the funding should be cut or eliminated. There are exceptions to this situation but many of us know our tax dollars are wasted each year as evidenced by reports from various organizations on the lack of basis for the dollars being spent. These kinds of decisions in some respect occur as a result of political policy rather than need. This kind of negotiation needs to stop.

Arbitrarily funding programs from year to year is wrong especially when they have not proven their value to the people and the country. We all know that the current structure of government is bloated but it seems to get bigger and bigger each year through overbearing regulations. This kind of action by the Executive Departments and agencies is part of the problem with establishing a budget each year.

A unique approach to fiscal policy would be to start having meetings between the House and Senate to come to an agreement long before the deadline looms near which seems to occur each and every year. This is not what the American people deserve from those who they have elected. There should not be any talk of a government shutdown even though no such thing exists. Each political party has their own objectives in getting funding for their pet projects or programs. It is time funding be initiated for the good of the country not any political party or the establishment. This upcoming election is seeing a surge against the establishment as many of the candidates at least on the GOP are considered outsiders with respect to the political environment now in place. Exceptions do exist as those now serving us in Congress are fighting for what is right as guided by the Constitution in disagreement with the current establishment. It is hoped a new wave of fiscal conservative individuals will either return to Congress or replaced those who have lost sight of their purpose to serve the country not their political party.


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