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Governor Romney Visit To The Snake Pit (NAACP)...

Updated on July 13, 2012

Governor Romney’s Visit To The Snake Pit (NAACP)….

I always feel ambivalent when I see Republican politicians paying election-year-homage to the NAACP because it is a situation akin to damn if you do and damn if you don’t. But among those politicians who have made the trek to the snake pit that is the leer of the NAACP, Governor Romney must have the biggest balls to have done so, and moreover, to tell the President Obama-cult-faithful that he is going to overturn the secular messiah’s singular piece of legislation, the Health Care Law. The biased media win in any scenario: if the Republican politician refuses to go, then comes the more than hints of racism implied about that politician and the Republican Party; and when Republicans politicians decide to go, it comes off as patronizing pandering. But what Governor Romney did a couple of days ago when he visited the NAACP is right up there with President Bill Clinton’s Sister-Soldier-Moment.

Long time ago, I realized what a racist organization the NAACP has become… in addition, to an outfit that puts race above all. This is a group that embraces abortion, which murder more Black babies than any child hood diseases out there; this a group that sanctions same sex marriage when Black folks at large find it disgusting to equate their hue to that of practicing sodomy, and this is a group where many of its participants loves to invoke Jesus’ teachings - by obviously perverting them - while being called “reverend” this or ‘reverend’ that. The NAACP has becomes a subtle hate fest for mostly a bunch of lighted skinned brothers to emote, while going homes to their mostly white wives or alleged white concubines - you know like our history where the White slave owners call us and our women animals, but ‘crept’ into the shanty to force themselves on their female slaves. Black Conservatives can be called all manner of names, even women, and there is tacit, ‘wink wink,’ approval for the like of Bill Maher to castigate these Blacks deemed as Conservatives.

Back to Governor Romney, he stood his ground during his visit to the NAACP and gave his reasons, right or wrong, why Obama-Care must be revoked and he took the deluge of boos like a man. I hope by now that there are those out there who know that the NAACP does not represent the Black collective. Oh, those in the NAACP is a vocal bunch and the media is in league and walking in ideological lockstep with their Political Correct agenda, but I bet said media was beside themselves salivating and looking to see how Governor Romney would handle himself in the lion’s den. There was no pandering and the Governor did not mince words for his desire to send the secular messiah back to Chi-town. We all know that the narrative is already being composed if President Obama loses and we will hear what racists Americans are… with many of us forgetting that Blacks make up a small percentage of the voting public and that many whites must have cast their votes for President Obama – until November.


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    • dianetrotter profile image

      G. Diane Nelson Trotter 

      6 years ago from Fontana

      I thought the heckling was shameful. He did have courage to address the group. You spoke the truth!


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