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Great News, Fantastic News and Real good news! We Treasure you.

Updated on April 26, 2013

Did you ever meet somebody that just insisted every day be good?

This little gal, never accepted a rainy day except to make mud pies and splash in puddles and eat popcorn.
This little gal, never accepted a rainy day except to make mud pies and splash in puddles and eat popcorn. | Source

You are alive.

At this very moment I can guarantee that you are alive. You are conscious. You are able to read. You have internet connectivity. Great News, Fantastic News and Good news that is.

I would like to leave it at that. However that does not conform to acceptable writing standards.

So I will take a few hundred words to explain. But I imagine you already know where this is going and you probably already know my point as a fact. But you know what. There are folks who do not get it. They do not get that notion of a day at a time. They do not understand that every day is a do over day. That if all they can muster today and tomorrow is to smile at someone they are alive. And they help another and that is worth every smile on every day.

Some of us have been fortunate to die and were just to stupid to stay dead. Some of us should have died but as luck has it we did not. And some of us should be dead but by dumb luck we ain't. This writer is all three. Go figure.

Pain and suffering.

My great Yogi friend always starts of a discussion of suffering like this: Life is full of pain and discomfort, life is full of sadness and sorrow, life is full of loss and heartache. Suffering is optional.

This notion of being in a state of suffering is mental. It is not physical. Any hard pain will dull itself if that is the mindset of the one in pain. Pain works through the neural/nervous system. The brain is in ultimate control of such system. Conscious brain can overrule nervous stimuli including pain.

The outrageous pain that John McCain suffered in the Hanoi Hilton was not just endured but capitalized on by an intellect above the capacity to be directed by the physical. Ghandijji was much the same on his hunger campaigns. American POWs under Japanese WWII. I often wonder at the pain FDR must have endured. And how about the guy Jesus.

We are not there. We are here. Our troubles of finance and health and annoyances are minuscule to our child cancer patients, and PTSD.

Every day I declare a miracle over you. You are alive. I treasure you for that.

Really kind of a cool number here, perhaps weird but it gets the point.

Could it be that simply opening our eyes in the morning is the best news of all?

I generally do not go that overboard. So I suppose I normally need at least a cup of something warm and a stretch out in the open air and some cold water on my face. And about twenty to thirty minutes. Then the world can be a great place but not before that.

So the real key to a good and happy life with great news everyday is attitude. And it is the strangest fact of all that a great and positive and happy attitude is often resented. And so it gets shot down. Also many seem to think that seriousness is connected to working hard, and that happiness is like getting away with something. Do not go down that road. And above all avoid the "your happy I am sad" guilt trip.

If the world were a perfect place there would still be positive and negative people.

Is the news good or bad?
Is the news good or bad? | Source

Try to think that you are only in control of you

In my life whether news was good or bad really just depended on me. But sometimes I bent my ways to fit in.

For instance. I believe in the soul and love that is in it is eternal. I do not think that kind of energy dies, it just changes. So my mother suffered mightily in her last year of life. When she finally let go. I was happy. Sorry but I was happy. She was free at last. That was the news I heard. My siblings most being atheist, were very upset and very upset with me for being happy. That is brutal.

I was diagnosed with cancer, terminal. After getting knocked down I got up and was happy to face the greatest challenge of my life. That was my choice but made some angry. Go figure.

Choose for your self. You are reading this and that is great news for you are alive.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Right on! Easy to see, hard to keep your eye on it. For some reason our vision heads toward the dark.

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 4 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      Being alive is such a miracle---it's hard to see it when we are grieving or in pain, but joy & gratitude are powerful healers. Thanks for this positive message!