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Great waves of change

Updated on October 18, 2009

What new is old when it comes to energy

Ethanol is an old idea being promoted as a new.idea not that it's a bad idea ,just not embraced by the car manufacterers fully until just recently.It's hard to change when the oil companies use their clout with congress to prevent the use of anything other than oil to power our vehicles.But when push comes to shove the car manufacturers as well as the oil companies are finally seeing the writing on the wall and that a sustainable economy.will be so much better for the world.

We need clean energy that is reasonble in cost and can still be used in internal combustion engines that still exist for the near future while electric cars catch up. What is going to happen in the future always depends on what we do collectively as a people and independently as individuals.Businesses large and small need to come together to change the world.for the better.We will have to do more with less and live with less resources or find a way to increase those resources using technology that we have already but don't use for private or personal financial reasons that is not for the good of all but a few capitalists as it is practiced today.Things have dramatically changed and we have to roll with the punches or dodge them and dodging them is not going to be easy so we need to prepare to roll with them as best we can.

The internal combustion engine is still a economically viable technology.All one need do it look at Brazil and all the exclusively ethanol powered enginesĀ . These engines are smaller thanĀ  conventional gasoline engines because the fuel to air and compression ratios is smaller than it is in a gasoline engine making an engine designed exclusively for ethanol more efficient than a gasoline engine with the same horsepower.because ethanol burns faster and cleaner with less oxygen than gasoline so an engine designed specifially for eythanol is more efficient than running ethanol in a gasoline engine.


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