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Great world civilizations fall from the inside: no exceptions

Updated on January 2, 2017

2016 was a wakeup call for all the worlds nations

Overconfidence is a terrible liability for a leader. Especially if the leader is a leader of a power nation. Overconfidence gives one a sense of infallibility. This is especially true when it involves a person who believes that he or she can never fail or never loose, regardless of the circumstances that exist in the greater world around him or her. An overconfident person believes that it will always be the next person who will lose the battle. He or she, the overconfident one, never loses, he or she thinks. This is faulty thinking. Especially in a situation where nuclear weapons are involved in the battle. Nobody wins in a nuclear war. Everybody loses!

If a person is overconfident, he or she possesses a confidence that gives him or her total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant. Confident is a good thing, surely, but over-confidence is obviously a bad thing. Over confidence can cause a leader to set, or strive for the achievement of unrealistic goals. Overconfident people are more alp to try to fight battles that cannot be won. Such as nuclear wars.

I do not expect my readers to go back and study the histories of the great world civilizations to see how bad decisions made by those leaders, leaders in charge of the affairs of people, failed by exercising excessively confident or presumptuous approaches to leadership. We are facing the same grave situations that civilizations in the past faced, with the exception of the possibilities of nuclear war, that may not be all that far away into the future.

Common sense tells us that as we move into the future the circumstances that may lead to a nuclear war are becoming more common place globally. For example, in the year 2016, if I remember correctly, North Korea launched a satellite into outta space. What kind of rocket power did it take to launch a heavy satellite into space? Could this same rocket powered vehicle design, the one used to launch a heavy satellite into space, be used as a vehicle to carry nuclear payloads to remote places, a good distance from North Korea? The United States of America is not all that far away from North Korea. I am not implying that our military forces do not have the capacity to "take out" any nuclear missile that North Korea fires at us, but what if they are able to "lob" one at us during a critical time when our "power grid," or something even more critical to our survival, is being "Monkeyed around" with by foreign nationals? If a critical part of our power grid is taken out of operation by hackers from foreign nations, our national defense system could be affected. This is why politicians, both Democrats and Republicans are worried, to a point, over our problems with hackers. Hackers can shut our country down. Hackers could be our downfall or the beginning of a slide toward a lost of Power to defend our nation.

Trump has been elected. This is all a done deal. But our survival as a nation is a bigger problem than Trump. No one man like Trump can secure the future of our great nation. Our problem is a problem that begins and ends with our people. Our country is, pretty much, split down the middle. This is battle, a Cold War actually, that we have been fighting since 1865, after the "shooting battle" ended the Cold War continued. Even until this very moment, the Cold War goes on. Lets face reality, my people! Lets face it, the country will never exist as a single people. Never! It never has been a single people. We will always be at each others throats. We will never agree and get along as a people, ever. But this is okay. Reality will never allow us to get along as a single people.

However, suppose that there was a comet, out there, somewhere in Deep Space, headed toward us (headed on a course toward Planet Earth) and we only had so much time to prepare ourselves to face a sudden death or meet this challenge? What would we do?

Well, for a moment, we would have to stop fighting each other, stop hating each other, and try to come together to work out a plan for destroying this comet. It Abraham Maslow theory is correct (We all need to be familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (which is often represented as a pyramid with five levels of needs) to help us understand why Nature causes us to set our goals the way we do. Our need for Safety and Security is toward the bottom of Maslow's pyramid and it is critical and a foundational human need. Rather that die a violent death from a comet (or from a nuclear war, for that matter, if we could come to our senses), we should be able to work together long enough to overcome the problem.

What bothers me, however, is that we are not taking the probability of Nuclear War seriously. Leaders exist in our world today in critical positions who are playing games with our lives. They do not sense the threat of nuclear warfare as being an urgent problem. Follow my writings, as I go, writing towards the future. You will see that I could be correct on some of these things. Rickover, one of my greatest mentors (he was my mentor without trying to be because he talked to me and I listened). I am a far better listener that I am a talker, or a writer, for that matter.

This is a New Year. I will write more concerning this matter later. Happy New Year!


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