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Greece, Israel & the Arab countries

Updated on April 11, 2014

Greece is one of the most pro-Arab countries of the EC. That might sound strange, since Greece shares a lot more with Israel and the Jews than it shares with the Arab countries and the Muslims. Both Greece and Israel are secular and democratic states, and they are much more tolerant than the Arab countries. However as we all know, this is not the way international relations work. And Greece was always heavily dependent on the Arab countries. There was a large population of Greeks living in Egypt, Greece was exporting many agricultural products to the Arab countries, but most important of all, Greece was importing most of its petroleum from the Arab countries and Iran. The following link provides more information on the subject.

For the above reasons, Greece voted against the resolution for the partition of Palestine and the creation of a Jewish state in 1947. Given Greece’s dependency on the Arab states, one can easily explain why Greece adopted a very strong pro-Arab and anti-Israel stance. It does not seem that Greece had any other choice. But this is not what this document is about. The reason I write this document is to explain how our corrupted politico-economic elite, have used the Jews as scapegoats, in order to make Greek people believe that Greece’s incapable politicians, were controlled by the Jews. They have done so in such a persistent way, and for so many decades, that the result was to have a Greek public that has been governed by extremely pro-Arab politicians, but which was at the same time believing that these extremely pro-Arab politicians were controlled by the Jews.

This was very convenient for the Greek political system. First of all the Arabs would surely appreciate more a country that was cultivating strong anti-Israel sentiments. Second, it made it a lot easier for the Greek political system to follow pro-Arab policies, since such policies were always welcomed by a Greek electorate that was trained to hate Israel. And finally, it gave the Greek people the impression that all the malfunctions of Greece, were due to outside factors, and not to the country’s rotten political system. Therefore a normal reaction was for the Greeks to ask for “independence” from such fantastic forces as the Zionists, than to ask for big changes and reforms in the country’s political system. You would be amazed if you knew how many Greeks today believe that the cure for Greece’s problems is to escape from the Zionist control. And you cannot really blame them, since it is not their fault.

This is something that has been intensified after the Greek bankruptcy, since the Greek political system needed badly someone to blame for the financial catastrophe. Because they do not want to say to the Greeks that what is happening in Greece is the collapse of the corrupted Greek socialist system. How would they say so, when it is still the socialists controlling the country’s political and media system? A scapegoat had to be found. Two such scapegoats have been mainly used. The mainstream media that have to be more politically correct, blame it on the Germans. They kept telling the Greek people how bad and unfair the Germans are. But the way our political system is using the Germans to avoid assuming its responsibilities for the current financial mess is not the issue of my document, and therefore I will not elaborate.

The Jews were the second scapegoat. Various channels are used for this purpose. One obvious channel is the neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn”, but there are many other channels too. You can find hundreds of internet sites that “explain” to the Greek people how the Jews destroyed their country. Very often they claim that the Jews destroyed the country because they wanted to steal the country’s oil and wealth, or other equally silly explanations. And the problem is that Greeks have been subjected to extensive brainwash during the past decades, that they eagerly accept such conspiracy theories. And I am not talking about poor, uneducated or stupid people. There are many intelligent people with university degrees that are either certain that the Jews control the country, or they believe they play a significant role in the way the country was run during the previous decades. Because brain washing does not only work for the poor and uneducated, but also for the rich and educated, and I would urge you to take my word on that.

I believe that foreigners do not realize to what extent, our corrupted political system has persuaded the Greeks that the Jews played a major role not only to the Greek crisis, but also to the world economic crisis. If a reliable company was to perform a public opinion poll, it would reveal that a huge proportion of the Greek people believe that Jews played a significant role in the Greek collapse. But when I say huge, I mean huge. If you add the people that think that Jews totally control the Greek political system to the people that believe there is a significant possibility that they do so, you are talking about the great majority of the Greeks.

And as I said it is really not the fault of the Greek people. They have been brain washed by an incompetent and corrupted political system. And I realize that to a certain degree this happens to all countries. But you have to remember that in the case of Greece, we are talking about a socialist and extremely pro-Arab country that at the same time has a corrupted political and media system. Therefore I believe you would be truly impressed if you were aware of how “successfully” they did so. That is if you live in one of the western countries of course, because I would expect brain washing to be much more intense in some Asian and African countries.

Given that Greece is dependent on the Arabs and Iran for oil, and that the Greek politico-economic elite has been very closely cooperating with the Arab world, the pockets of most important Greek politicians and businessmen are full of petrodollars. And therefore what I describe above concerns the whole political spectrum of Greece. What changes, is the way that this propaganda is put into effect. Greek parties of the left enhance the anti-Israel sentiments, and the Greek parties of the right enhance the anti-Jewish sentiments. More central and moderate political parties do not promote this propaganda. They simply do not confront it, and therefore endorse it by their silence. And let me give you some examples of what I mean.

There are many people in Greece that believe that the Communist Party (KKE) is controlled by the Jews. I have heard many times that there are Mossad agents at the basements of the big building of the Greek communist party in Athens. Of course such theories are not promoted by the mainstream media but rather through other minor channels, but in a consistent manner. But if our political and media system wanted to confront such ridiculous theories, they could do so in a very simple way. They could explain to the Greek people, that it is always the parties of the extreme left (KKE, ANTARSYA, SYRIZA) that violently protest outside the Israeli embassy when there are tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians. And it is impossible for parties controlled by the Jews to be so “forcefully” pro-Arab. But they do not explain that, and it is not as easy as it seems for the average person to make the connection.

Another example is the neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” party, and other extreme groups of the right. A significant part of their rhetoric is based on conspiracy theories about the Jews controlling Greece. A very famous example is a story widely circulating in Greece, that the Papandreou family, with three of its members serving as prime ministers of Greece (Georgios Papandreou, Andreas Papandreou and George Papandreou), were agents of the Jews. Again you would be amazed about how many Greeks believe that. Significant amounts of petrodollars have been consistently invested during the past decades in promoting such theories.

And you have a Greek political left that is always crying about the extreme right, and which does not move a finger to confront such theories. And it is a piece of cake to confront them. For instance Andreas Papandreou, a socialist who in my opinion destroyed Greece with his policies, was extremely pro-Arab, and it would be very easy to explain to the Greek people that it is ridiculous to blame the Jews for his policies. He was the first prime minister of the EC, to officially recognize Arafat and the PLO as soon as he became prime minister in 1981.

On the other hand Greece did not recognize Israel de jure until the 90s, when Konstantinos Mitsotakis, a conservative politician did so. Until then, Greece had only recognised Israel de facto, and did not have an ambassador in Israel but only a consul instead (for difference between ambassador and consul see ).

In other words, Andreas Papandreou formally recognized the PLO, at a time that Greece was refusing to send an ambassador to Israel, ignoring Israel’s pressures. And this is more than 30 years after the creation of the Jewish state. And the extreme right claims that this man was an agent of the Jews, without the mainstream media informing the public about what Andreas Papandreou did for the Arabs, and what his policies meant for the Greek-Israeli realions. For instance see the wikipedia link

In section “Non diplomatic recognition”, approximately in the middle of the page, you can read:

“President Karolos Papoulias has stated that Greece ultimately supports the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.[249] Under previous governments, Greece garnered a reputation as a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause.[250] Within the wider Arab–Israeli conflict, Andreas Papandreou maintained a stronger stand against Israel than any other government in the European Community. Diplomatic relations were founded with the PLO in 1981, while relations with Israel were maintained only at the consular level until Greece's formal recognition of Israel in 1990 under Mitsotakis”.

Moreover, Andreas Papandreou was a very close friend and ally of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator, whose dream was to unite the Arab people in order to exterminate Israel. For the foreign policy of Muammar Gaddafi see

In section “Timeline” you can read

“Beginning in 1969, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi determined Libya's foreign policy. His principal foreign policy goals were Arab unity, elimination of Israel, advancement of Islam, support for Palestinians, elimination of outside—particularly Western—influence in the Middle East and Africa, and support for a range of "revolutionary" causes.”

You can read more about the great friendship between Papandreou, Arafat, and Gaddafi at the following link

Greece was so extremely pro-Arab, that it took almost 60 years from the creation of Israel, for an Israeli prime minister to visit the country (Benjamin Netanyahou in 2010). And at the same time the Greeks were pushed to believe, that the colonels of the 1967 Junta, Andreas Papandreou, George Papandreou, Alexis Tsipras (the current opposition leader), and many other Greek politicians were, or are, controlled by the Jews. And it would be very easy for the Greek left to confront such nonsense. But they don’t, and prefer to allow the extreme right in Greece to promote their propaganda.

And the reason is that as I already said, Greece is heavily dependent on the Arabs and Iran, and because large amounts of petrodollars flow into our politico-economic system. And I so often see left journalists or politicians crying to international media about the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, and no foreign journalist ever asks them why they do not explain to the Greek people that Greece is extremely pro-Arab, in order to combat a very significant part of such extremists’ rhetoric. Maybe foreign journalists do not know how many Greeks believe that Greece is controlled by the Jews, or maybe they do not know how important such rhetoric is for the extreme right. Or maybe they do not want to ask tough questions. Or maybe they do not like Israel either. Or maybe they are paid in petrodollars too. After the recent arrests of some of the Golden Dawn party’s MPs, such conspiracy theories are on the rise. Many Greek people believe that it is the Jews that ordered the arrests, which is of course nonsense. The improvement of the Greek Israeli relations in the last 3-4 years, due to the possibility of the two countries jointly extracting natural gas from the Mediterranean Sea, made such claims easier to believe.

And there are plenty of easy ways to combat such conspiracy theories. But most of the time such theories are left unanswered, because they cannot be confronted by the same political and media system that circulates them. Another example is the son of Andreas Papandreou, George Papandreou, who was prime minister until very recently. As I already mentioned, many Greeks are told that like his father he is an agent of the Jews. There is still plenty of evidence to confront this nonsense. For instance his mother, Margarita Papandreou, was one of the founding members of the activist group “Stop War on Iran”. As we all know, Iran is the number one enemy of Israel. The objective of this group is to put pressure on USA and Israel, in order to prevent them from imposing sanctions on Iran, due to Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons. You can verify the fact about Margarita Papandreou at the last paragraph of the following link

or at the last paragraph of the following link

or at numerous other sites, if you simply google “Margarita Papandreou Iran”.

But the best way to combat conspiracy theories about the Jews would be to explain to the Greek people how dependant Greece is on the Arabs and Iran for oil. If Greeks realized that most of the crude oil that we use comes from the Arabs and Iran, and if they realized how interconnected our political and economic elite is, and has always been with these countries, it would be very difficult for such theories to flourish. The following link describes the activities of Hellenic Petroleum

Hellenic Petroleum is the largest oil refining company in Greece. As you can read, 36% of the company is controlled by the GreekState, and another 36% is controlled by the Latsis Group, a very well established Greek banking family. It can be seen in the above link that most of the oil that is used by Hellenic Petroleum comes from Libya, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Russia. It would be very difficult to decide which one of these countries is the biggest enemy of Israel, but if one had to choose, it would have to be Iran. And this company accounts for 75% of the country’s refining capacity, with Motor Oil, a company controlled by the Vardinogiannis family, accounting for the other 25% of refining capacity.

The following Financial Times article (I think you might have to register to see it, otherwise the site might redirect you to the site’s home page), explains how dependent Greece is on Iranian oil, and the favourite terms under which Iran was selling oil to Greece at a time when everybody else was reluctant to sell to Greece on credit.

Similarly, the following Reuters link explains how dependent Greece is on Iranian oil, and states that when the EC boycotted Iran, Greece had very big problems to buy oil, and it was saved by two countries that supplied Russian oil on credit (Vitol and Glencore).

Another article by Washington Post, explaining that when no one was willing to sell oil to Greece, Iran did so in very favourable terms, and in return Greece was pressurizing the EC in order not to impose sanctions against Iran.

Another argument that can be used to explain to the Greek people that Greece is not controlled by the Jews is to bring to their attention the change in the attitude of the Greek media towards USA under the Obama administration. Obama is the most anti-Israel American president since the creation of Israel (for Obama and Israel see the following link ). The Greek media were always very aggressive towards U.S.A.

During the administration of George Bush, who was a lot more pro-Israel than Obama, the Greek media would daily degrade the American president. However during the Obama administration and after his tough stance towards Israel, the Greek media and the Greek left, both change their rhetoric towards U.S.A. For the first time you can even hear Greek socialists saying that the U.S.A. is a democratic country, something unthinkable for the Greek left with the petrodollars in the pockets. They like him for being a socialist too of course. However it is the Obama policies in the Middle East that matter most to them.

Another lie that widely circulates in Greece, and not only Greece, is that the Federal Reserve is a Jewish bank. This is also facilitated by the many Jewish chairmen of the Fed. It is true that Jews have a tradition in banking. Many Greeks believe that the Jews killed President Kennedy, because he wanted to take the Fed from the Jews. The truth is that president Kennedy was one of the most pro-Israel American presidents ever. At the following wikipedia link about Kennedy’s foreign policy

you can read at section “Israel and the ArabStates”

“..Kennedy initiated the creation of security ties with Israel, and he is credited as the founder of the US-Israeli military alliance (which would be continued under subsequent presidents). Kennedy ended the arms embargo that the Eisenhower and Truman administrations had enforced on Israel……….Beginning in 1963, Kennedy allowed the sale to Israel of advanced US weaponry…”

The following link, is another wikipedia source on the Greek Israeli relations

What I wanted to say with this document is that it is very reasonable for Greece to be pro-Arab. Each country has to look after its own interests. But it is very unfair to blame the Jews for the corrupted politicians produced by the Greek political system. I hope that soon, the Greek people will realize that the Jews have nothing to do with the Greek collapse, and what is required are serious reforms that will prevent our corrupted politicians, businessmen and journalists, from destroying this blessed country ever again.

Andreas Papandreou Yasser Arafat

George Papandreou Muammar Gaddafi


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    • Iakovos Alhadeff profile imageAUTHOR

      Iakovos Alhadeff 

      5 years ago

      Thanks a lot Froggy!

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      Greg Boudonck 

      5 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Very interesting. Great hub. Voting up.


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