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Greed At The Gas Pump

Updated on September 22, 2016

High Gas Prices, Who Will Pay In the End?

Are we about to return to this scenario? Remember a few years ago we were asking: Why are gas prices so high? The average gas price increased daily. In some cases more than ten cents in one day. Some people on news programs explained that #gas prices jumped while they were pumping. Daily, we would pass #gas stations and the price might be three dollars and eighty nine cents for regular gas in the morning and by that afternoon, the price increased to three dollars and ninety nine cents. Four to five dollars or more, loom over us like death in a cemetery. This was truly a pure sign of greed, nothing more or less. Are we about to approach a similar scenario with the increase of gas prices?

Are Big Oil Companies Duping the Public?

Chris Van Cleave on CBS This Morning, revealed the acts of manipulation by big oil companies. In his report it was mentioned, "If you are just devoted to premium it will not hurt your car but regular is fine. Drivers waste billions on unnecessary #premium gas. Two point one billion has been wasted in gas." The information also mentioned, "2.1 billion dollars of extra spending, about 23% more than regular. All premium does is cause less money to be in your wallet." These revelations about big oil company scams and greed based on lies that premium gas is somehow better than #regular although proof has been presented that there is no difference between regular or premium gas usage for our vehicles.

On the evening news politicians argued over the fact that these same big oil companies are receiving taxpayer subsidies. On ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, a reporter revealed that these oil companies obtain, "unwarranted tax breaks of 4 billion dollars a year." When this was discovered by President Obama, "he sent a letter demanding immediate action." The news report also mentioned that there were congressmen that were, "prepared for battle," because they were supporters of these oil companies. Some possibly elected, due to the financial backing of big oil. How sad to see that #politicians have not changed but continue to look out for their own interest. People were financially hurting due to high gas prices. Does anyone really care that were almost paid, double the amount we had paid last the previous year in order to fill our gas tanks? As #taxpayers, we subsidize big oil companies and then they turn around and charge outrageous prices, that will cause them to make record profits. Will the prices continue to increase because big oil can use this for political leverage? When we consider our options, there seems to be little hope but is that really the case?

There has not been one single reason that is realistic, why the prices of gas increased at that time. Some blame it on the war in Lybia or the anticipation of a shortage. Regardless of the reason, someone more powerful than any politician or big oil company, does know if this is #greed and the participants will answer. It is amazing that the decisions we make and why we make them, is viewed and known by Almighty God. The Grand Creator know our hearts, which he can read. Whether these high gas prices are based on greed or for political purposes, Jehovah knows. Someone will have to answer for their decisions because it effect the innocent. Families who are taxpayers, will be unable to buy food and other necessities; if #gas prices are increased in the future. People who depend on their vehicles to get to work at great distances, will be tremendously effected. Family vacations will be eliminated during the summer months due to high gas prices. The chaos just goes on and on as the solution to this problem remains hopeless. But, is it really hopeless?

What Are the Solutions To Greed At the Pump?

Prayers to our powerful Heavenly Father for a #kingdom that Jesus taught us to pray for at Matthew chapter six, such as the model prayer will bring solutions. This kingdom will rid the world of greed and corrupt political officials. My vote continues to be cast for this kingdom. It is the only #government where sickness, death, pain or sorrow will not exist based on Revelation 21:3,4 which states, "And I heard a loud Voice out of the THRONE, saying, Behold! the TABERNACLE of GOD is with MEN, and he will tabernacle with them, and they shall be his People, and GOD himself will be with them-their GOD. And he will wipe away every Tear from their EYES; and DEATH will be no more, not Mourning, nor Crying; neither will there be any more Pain; Because the former things passed away." (The Emphatic Diaglott) Yes, we may have to pay high prices for gas in the near future, due to greed and #politics but please remember, someone more powerful than all mankind is watching and will resolve these problems we are experiencing today. What a tremendous hope we truly have for the future.


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