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Greed destroys values

Updated on June 3, 2013

There is so much greed going on in today's society, it is astonishing to me.

This world has become a place where money, has become more important than a human life .

Even after we are past on we are still affected by greed.

Some examples are ;

Save Hickory Ground where the ancestors were dug up, and put into a mass grave on the corner of the property .

There were 7 Chiefs that were dug up from under the arbors, and then they were put in the ground in the of the center of where the casino was being built in Wetumpka, Alabama for a tourist attraction .

The $246,000 dollar casino was more important to the Poarch Band Creek officials than there ancestry was .

This type of behavior is not acceptable in the native culture or any culture.

Another example; is the wild mustangs in Oklahoma , that are being slaughtered and exported for money to those that don't know these were the horses ridden by the ancestors of the native people .

The wolves in Montana that are only a few of them left , but there is legislation been passed to have a hunting season to kill the wolves for what money.

The buffalo which are almost extinct , but there is legislation been passed to have them hunted and killed to get rid of the wild buffalo .

To me greed is like a cancer it eats from the inside out and makes the ones consumed by greed , lack a conscience and have no compassion for things that are sacred , or any living thing .

Those that are consumed by greed I pray for you that one day you will see the things you have destroyed by your greed, for money and that you will one day see that there are things more important than money .

Maybe those that desecrate the graves of our ancestors will see that heritage is more important than money or power .

And those that want to hunt the wolves and buffalo, will see these are Gods creations just like we are.

We can only hope and pray that one day that the greed will stop.
And this will allow the spirits of our ancestors to rest in peace.

Greed needs to stop, because it affects everyone not just those consumed by greed.


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