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Greed or Need

Updated on June 6, 2011

Am I selfish???

The beauty of knowing how to balance between greed, and need is so simple, and based on pure unconditional love....Take a step towards what's is priority, and how important it is to you than to others.. Then compare between yours, and his/hers.You should always know when to draw the line, and what is the impact of putting yourself first before the others...Only then, you'd know if what you have whether it is is greed or need...Taking care of yourself isn't a selfish task, as the matter of fact taking care yourself is for you as much for the others around you.. For example, being healthy, and in shape is always required by any mother to take care of her children well. Taking care of the others, and their demands whether they're young or old is something you do out of love, care and willingly. So, sometimes you'd have to put yourself first to make others number 1 in your life.


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