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Corporate Greed Will Be The Downfall Of Our Society

Updated on March 21, 2017

Understanding Corporate Greed In Our Society

Is Corporate Greed going to be the downfall of our Society? Greed separates all of us into our own little corner of life, with our likes and dislikes. According to Wikipedia, Greed is an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods with the intention to keep it for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with desiring things, the problem begins when the things we desire become an obsession. To obtain our obsession we deceive others to get what we want. In this case, it is the American Public.

Businesses and corporations often begin by serving a need of society but as time goes on, capital and profits create the desire to increase their wealth. The primary reason people buy a stock is to make money or for their own greed. Investments are also made because a belief in a product or a service is beneficial for society.

Greed occurs in our own obsessive desire for the betterment of ourselves. Humble investment occurs when the investment looks beyond ourselves to the righteous impact of the investment on others for a righteous cause.

A righteous cause is easily turned into Greed, whether it be an individual cause, corporate cause or an organizational cause. When the automotive industry began, a transportation need was filled, as time went on, the focus of management shifted to provide profit for management and shareholders.

The workers Greed organized unions, to ensure they were getting their fair share in wages and working conditions. The consumer had to pay the price to ensure the management received a profit and the union demands were met.

The original business was created for a good cause but ended up having to operate based on the greed of the corporate management as well as its workers. Eventually, the greed of the unions forced the executives to move to a competitive location to provide the stockholders with a profit. They moved to areas where the cost of wages are less and demands of new employees were none existent. This allowed them to be competitive in selling their products.

By leaving their workers unemployed, the workers had to find other jobs paying far less than they were making while employed by the primary industry. All of this lost income means less money being paid to the government through fewer sales taxes, less income t, x and less Social Security.

Meanwhile, corporations buy other corporations, downsizing the companies they buy, placing more people out of work and fewer taxes being paid. Everybody loses and wonders what is it going to take to fix the problem.

These large corporations now have huge assets and capital, making it easy for them to borrow money from the financial institutions. The financial institutions borrow money from the Fed for hardly anything and loan it out to large corporations with huge assets to make more money. Financial institutions make easy profits on the loans helping corporations in their greed. This money also is invested into the stock market. Possibly responsible for the increase in stock prices.

Corporations invest profits with borrowed money throughout the world, building factories, and hiring people in other countries to produce their products. It is no wonder that they have so much money and the management of these corporations are making huge salaries. At the same time laying off workers, of the corporations they have recently purchased. All of this is driven by greed for profit.

While, the financial institutions and corporations are in the glory of their greed, others are losing their houses, jobs and everything else they may own. Corporations are treated as individuals but yet have no morality only a bottom line to maintain.

Real estate values have increased turning tax deflation into and continue to tax inflation. Workers no longer make the same amount of money as they once did reduce the amount of tax they pay. Many small businesses are struggling to exist from over regulations. Entitlements and new government spending cause federal debt that is totally acceptable to the Federal Reserve.

Our government is now contracting with offshore corporations to build infrastructure within our country. This action displaces work from within our own country, losing more tax dollars. It would seem to me they would provide an opportunity for businesses in this country to match a bid from a business outside of this country.

Greed has caused our corporations to move outside of our country and the greed of government unions has caused our government to hire corporations outside of our country.

It looks to me, the people making the money and the corporations will eventually only have themselves to market their product to. Their profits will not be sufficient to support monetization of their economy. They will have the ultimate reward of greed, separation from the people having a need for their product or service.

Is it probable, the greed of the people having the resources, will be unwilling to share with the people that do not have? Forcing the people that do not have, to create their own capital exchange, creating their own community. What is evil about Greed?

To watch the video version visit Corporate Greed.


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    • profile image

      Jimmy Hoffa 6 years ago

      "The workers Greed organized unions, to ensure they were getting their fair share in wages and working conditions."

      Come on. Working conditions cannot be reduced to a 'fair share.' Certainly most unions have outlived their usefulness, but miners who wanted a fighting chance to see retirement surely were not greedy.

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      As,Thomas Jefferson said - If,control over our money supply is given over to the banks,and the corporations that grow up around them ,the people will find themselves thrown out of their homes on the continent that their fathers fought for in order to prevent that from ever happening.