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Greek Financial Crisis - The Solution

Updated on May 19, 2012

How to solve the Greek financial crisis within 18 months

The basic intent of the following idea is to create growth for Greece and I think that I shall prove that the idea will:

  • ·create productive, export oriented and highly profitable ventures
  • ·which create JOBS,
  • ·which will create WEALTH,
  • ·which will create PURCHASING POWER,
  • ·which in turn will create INDIVIDUAL TAXES,
  • ·which will reduce the cost of living,
  • ·which will supplement the COMPANY TAXES generated by the business itself, which creates GROWTH,
  • ·which in turn will encourage wealthy private investors to emulate the project, for their own self-interest.

Before proceeding with the description of the idea itself, it is imperative that the reader be aware of the following facts:

Fact 1

a) During the 2011 E-Coli panic in Germany, it was repeatedly and extensively reported by the news media that Spanish producers of cucumbers were losing over €200 MILLION PER WEEK, which is equivalent to €10 BILLION per year. In fact, Spanish producers were threatening to sue the German government for compensation for this amount.

b) Dutch and Belgians are also producers and exporters of cucumbers and tomatoes (and in fact export to Greece).

c) It should be noted that the Dutch and the Belgians are competing with the Spaniards in the international markets, despite the fact that they have no serious sun to speak of and are forced to bear the serious cost of heating their hothouses.

Fact 2

a) There are literally dozens of popular pharmaceuticals (such as ‘Simvastatin’ and Acetylsalicylic Acid, aka ‘Aspirin’) whose patents have expired and anyone may manufacture them without paying any fees to the original inventor.

b) Such pharmaceuticals are known as ‘Generic’

c) There are many pharmaceuticals factories around the world which exist exclusively on the manufacture of such generic products.

d) Israel exports $1.5 billion of generic pharmaceuticals annually.

e) India exports about $12 billions’ worth of generic pharmaceuticals per year. The majority of Indian pharmaceutical factories are not licenced to sell to Europe and the USA because they cannot afford the high investment required to meet the health and safety requirements of those two regions.

f) The National Health Service of the United Kingdom uses ONLY generic medication whenever possible.

Fact 3

France is one of the world’s main exporters of chickens, despite its high wages and high cost of living.


The following is a simple and effective way for Greece to at least double its exports over the short term, create jobs, create long term wealth for its citizens and reduce its cost of living at the same time.

Very simply put, the foundation of the idea is how the State – without any actual financial outlay - can play an active role, not only in encouraging, but in actively taking a leading role in creating the productive, export oriented ventures which will create wealth and growth for its economy. More specifically, for the State to actively ascertain the necessary ventures suitable for Greece and to instigate such ventures by providing the necessary bank guarantees to make them a reality. Ventures which will subsequently be placed on the stock exchange and/or sold back to the tax payers at considerable profit, as it will be explained below.

Possible areas of Government support to business in Greece

1. Horticulture: The production of cucumbers and tomatoes for export to Europe, Russia and elsewhere, a market potential valued at over €100 billion. This will provide jobs for the unemployed manual workers (taking advantage of Greece’s favourable weather conditions). Unbelievably, Greece is currently a net importer of fruit and vegetables.

2. Poultry Farms: The large scale breeding and slaughtering of chickens for export, with a potential market of over €10 billion. Again, this will provide jobs for the unemployed manual workers. (NOTE: China and India have an annual growth of about 8%. The resulting wealth for the countries’ citizens means that more people are eating meat. In consequence, Australian and N. Zealand meat exports to these countries are increasing substantially each year, with the result that meat prices are also increasing and will continue to increase). Unbelievably, meat prices in Greece are currently higher than in the UK, which has a much higher per capita income.

3. Manufacturing: Pharmaceuticals to provide work for the more educated section of the unemployed. Unlimited market potential. The reason for this industry being chosen is that it is high tech but does not require research facilities and also because the raw materials required are of low shipping volume and of high profitability.

Ordinary Greece-size private investors either cannot afford or have not considered the large investments necessary to make such ventures possible on the scale necessary to achieve the required results. But the State can.

PART I of the idea

Because the EU will probably not permit the direct involvement of the government in making the large financial investment necessary to create the huge-size ventures needed to compete with other existing similar ventures in Europe, the government can provide only the guarantees required to obtain the necessary bank financing which will make the ventures a success. There is a precedent for this and an EU acceptance of it.

In other words, this idea does not have to cost the government a single euro, other than a guarantee for the value of each investment/project. If EU rules prevent the government from directly creating such companies, the government could offer the necessary guarantees to respected organisations such as labour unions, old age pensioners’ unions, specialized producers’ unions or, indeed, to any Greek bank, which will act as a front for the projects. The unions et al will implement the project/venture PROVISIONALLY on behalf of their members, but subsequently also offer a large part of the shares for sale to all tax payers.

The chosen Unions could be the actual owners of one of the projects, with their commitment that they will sell the shares to their members (and other tax payers) at the point where the company becomes profitable. Alternatively, any bank could be the front, or any other suitable entity.

  • ·A very large manufacturing plant for pharmaceuticals, approved and licenced to sell to Europe and the USA, will cost about €20 million. (The claim by a representative of the Greek pharmaceutical industry that they have invested €500 million in Greece should be carefully investigated, bearing in mind the investment related subsidies provided by the Greek State and the proven corruption in the relevant sector of the Greek State Machine).
  • ·Such a factory would have such low manufacturing costs that it could successfully compete for every single UK NHS tender it decides to take part in. For example, in Greece, it will be able to sell aspirin at about 40 times less than its current retail price.
  • ·Let us now suppose that, after a suitable feasibility study, any labour union, say the public servants’ union (at the instigation of the government) decides to invest €20 million in such a factory. (In place of public servants’ union, you can read the name of any union, the names of which I am not aware).
  • ·In return for a commitment from the union to to accept salary reductions and not to have salary increases for the period of the crisis (for example – or for any other reason), the Government provides the Union with the necessary €20 million guarantee to make the project a reality.
  • ·No Union member will be required to buy a single share, until after the construction, operation and proven profitability of the venture, unless they want to do so voluntarily.
  • ·Note that up to this point no one has spent any money.
  • ·18 months after the operation of the factory – and prior to registering the company with the stock exchange - the company’s shares are offered to all union members at their nominal value AT THE TIME.
  • ·With the expected profitability of the venture, the shares will then be worth about ten times their face value, meaning that they will now be worth €200 million.
  • ·Any shares not sold to union members will be sold to other tax payers (at market value) and the profit will go towards the union members’ pension fund, or possibly to the State’s pension reserves, .
  • ·The immediate export potential for EACH such a venture will be at least €1 billion, with a potential profit of at least €100 million per annum.

Such a venture will not only provide wealth for the union members, but will also provide employment for their children, taxes for the government, lower pharmaceutical costs for the Greeks (thereby reducing the cost of living) and many other obvious benefits.

PART II of the idea



How to compete with Spain, Belgium and Holland for the production and export of cucumbers and tomatoes:

  • ·The Greek Department of Agriculture already has on its payroll the professionals needed to plan a large, Spanish style production size investment, in producing competitively priced cucumbers and tomatoes (and not only) to flood the north European markets. Possibly near one of the large dams or rivers. The Dutch and Belgians are doing it, and they are doing it without any sunshine to speak of. With very little effort but a lot of foresight and love of its citizens, the Greek state can suddenly create an agricultural business to pass on to its tax payers with the potential of increasing its exports through a share in the €100 BILLION per year business.
  • ·The retail cost of these products in Greece will be next to nothing, thereby reducing the cost of living.
  • ·Farmers already involved in this business will be given priority to obtain shares in the venture and to work in it.

Poultry Farms:

  • ·France is a major exporter of chickens, despite its high salary cost. Greece can easily compete with France in this department, increase its exports to Europe, Russia and the Arab countries and at the same time reduce its own cost of living by providing a very low priced essential meat product to its citizens.·
  • Australia and New Zealand provide the world with lamb meat, because of their green, open, luscious grazing spaces. Greece generally does not have this luxury to excess, but it can provide the world with chicken meat through suitable installations.·
  • I estimate that in this area another €20 million investment will be required.
  • ·All current meat producers can be co-ordinated to play the role of one of the unions, thereby creating jobs, wealth and secure pensions for all interested parties.
  • ·The cost of meat in Greece will drop dramatically, thereby reducing the cost of living.


I have covered pharmaceuticals in the example above. This industry can provide work for the more educated section of the unemployed. The reason for this industry being chosen is that it is high tech but does not require research facilities and also because the raw materials required are of low shipping volume and of high profitability. Greece can easily become synonymous with pharmaceuticals, just like Switzerland is synonymous with banking.

And the Greek Government can do this for anything else you can think of, ad infinitum. A government which will use its power to guarantee in order to put up productive business units which will employ large numbers of people and then immediately afterwards get rid of those units by selling them to local households and employees.


If the government itself can invest directly in the construction of such businesses, the benefits will be even greater.

  • • Imagine the Greek government borrowing another €100 million from any friendly source and investing the lot in building (amongst others) our theoretical chicken production farm, our theoretical pharmaceuticals company and our theoretical cucumber and tomatoes growing export project, but ALWAYS with the clear intention of immediately afterwards selling it back to the taxpayer.
  • • After the start up and the successful flooding of the European markets with cheap, but well-made Greek products (say within 18 months), the ventures are placed on the stock exchange with a value which is ten times the original cost of the investment (which is the norm – sometimes a lot more), meaning that the companies now have a value of €1 BILLION!
  • • Note that the Greek government has automatically made a profit of €900 million, or ten times the investment of the taxpayer, which can go towards supporting its pensioners.
  • • Up to 25% of the shares will be allocated for purchase by the employees of the company should they wish to exercise this right. This will ensure that the employees will have the opportunity to increase their future pensions through investment in the company in which they are employed.
  • • No single investor shall be allowed more than 0.01% of the value of the company.
  • The company can operate on a ‘cost plus 10%’ profit margin, in order to assist in the control of inflation.
  • • The high profit possibility of such an idea might encourage private investors to imitate the State, thereby encouraging unexpected investment in Greece.


Since the direct involvement of the government is likely to face serious EU obstacles, the option of using the Unions (or other entities) is also an excellent alternative and still maintains most of the benefits. It gives the government the opportunity to correct the mistakes of past governments, by exchanging this benefit with employee benefits and unreasonable annual salary increases which Greece cannot afford and which are killing the economy.


Communism and capitalism have failed. I have named this solution PRACTICALISM, and I truly believe that the political party which will introduce Practicalism to Greece will ensure its rule for the next 100 years.

So, the Greek State should repeat such productive ventures in all districts across the country with taxpayers’ guarantees and immediately afterwards sells them back to its taxpayers, creating wealth for its citizens.

With this system, eventually every family in Greece will end up being part owners of productive units of the economy, with a direct personal interest in the success of their investment and an additional means to seriously enhance its pension potential.

This proposal is offered in the hope that some political party will understand the concept and implement it. It is the only means for Greece to achieve growth, despite the growth-suffocating measures currently in place

Any potential EU obstacles may be overcome with judicious acts within the law and I will gladly discuss such with any interested party.

Think about it.


Greek Unemployment - The Solution

USA & the New Great Depression


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    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      What I WOULD like is for someone in Greece who loves his country to make the effort to promote this solution, which is the ONLY one feasible for the country. Regrettacbly, no one cares...

    • profile image

      Vicky 5 years ago

      Excellent ideas on growth, would like to be the PM??

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      GL, one well known economist called the idea 'original' and 'innovative' which gave me a lot of satisfaction.

      BUT not a single politician or newsman responded when i emailed this to them ;-))

      Many thanks for taking the touble to read (by now) Old Friend ;-)))

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Just brilliant DG. I say, "never say never" never know who may lurking around HP. Perhaps some spirit who will direct your very sane and well composed plan to the right mind. If that mind does not exist within political (or military) circles, which I'm sure it does not, perhaps there's a rational faction we don't know we don't know about. One can only hope.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Splendid! I shall look forward to hearing from you :-)

    • Marigeo profile image

      Marigeo 5 years ago

      Again I thank you for taking the time to help people like us who desperately need another outside opinion. Yes, I will write to you and yes, I will translate all this and post in on my facebook page and yes, my son in law owns a local newspaper and believe it or not you have already given me hope just by answering and caring. I, too, own an English language school and perhaps if we all get together we can achieve wonders! Talk to you soon!!!

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Nellieanna my sweet girl, just for you, I am now writing that article about the forthcoming New Great Depression. I hope that you will read it and that you will act to protect yourself. ;-)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Marigeo, I thank you for visiting and for taking the trouble to comment. Though I am Greek (Cypriot), I cannot write in Greek, hence my writing here.

      You say that, where you live, people know each other and depend on each other, but there are no jobs and no one will help you. I can show you a way on how YOU and your friends can help create 100,000 jobs this summer and at the same time to lay the foundations for training and employment of young people. YOU can also be instrumental in putting the ideas expressed here into practice and seeing those shops you referred to opening up again and becoming prosperous, within a short period of time.

      Though it will sound boisterous, as an ex businessman I have a history of turning disasters into profitable ventures. If you are interested in contributing to the well-being of your community, please send me an email through Hubpages with your own email and I shall show you how to succeed in this case.

      In the meantime, if you will take the trouble to translate the above article and pass it on to just FIVE of your friends, asking them to pass it on to five of THEIR friends, 7 times down the road the whole of Greece will have it in hand. The politicians are not interested in losing their client base, so they will not do anything that removes power from their hands. But you and your friends can make your voices heard and demand that proper action be taken.

      At the same time, if you will post this on your Facebook page and ask your friends to pass it along, it will be a step in the right direction. If you know a reporter in your local newspaper, that will also be a step in the right direction.

      Don’t be discouraged. There ARE ways out of this crisis. I hope that you care enough to want to help your community.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Lisa my looooooooove, I get so much pleasure in seeing you here, but of course you are prejudiced because you know how much I love you ;-)))

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 5 years ago from TEXAS

      AW - I like your comebacks. Hehe. Well, you know you're loved too! Hugs and kisses.

      Yes, I watched that horrible fiasco with horror & disgust - and listened to the propaganda about how it was the only recourse and would turn thing whom the already drained taxpayers had just salvaged from disaster pay themselves humongous bonuses and go on luxury vacations). No one in a right mind could see any of that as anything but idiotic, much less as sensible or reasonable. You're exactly right that it set off international crisis and that nothing was learned from it. It depleted the resources of our country, obligated us to lenders, and weakened the spines of our people. I am stunned by the idiocy of it all. But then - just look at the swill the population literally swallows on TV ads and absurd promotion of pills for everything from a little mood swing to results of bad choices of their own. Gullible is an understatement.

      I am aware of how close we are to collapse. It's like drug addiction, maybe - the addict must hit total bottom before there's a chance of reversal. So it may come, so it may come.

    • Marigeo profile image

      Marigeo 5 years ago

      So well put, but like someone else already said you would have to learn to spell the word bribery! You're plan seems so good and well thought out, but it's different when you're on the other side. I live here in Greece and I experience all this each and every day. Do you know what a ghost town is? It's when everyone has moved out and few are left behind, you know like the old westerns on tv where the cowboy returns and no one is there anymore! Do you know what it's like to see all the shops and stores closing down day after day, hotels just standing there but the doors are all locked. Here in Crete we all know each other and each day we see companies that had a history of good working years with many customers closing down day after day. We all depend on each other and when one person's out of work it affects the rest of us. Many of my friends and relatives have lost their jobs and there are just NO JOBS AVAILABLE! On the other hand, our bills keep piling up, most of us have lost our homes to the banks, they've come up with a way of making us pay an EXTRA TAX ON HOUSING by putting it on our electrical bill and if we don't pay it (the amount is according to the size and position of your home)they CUT OFF OUR ELECTRICITY!!! So how can we do anything if they don't want to help us? Where can we find jobs to pay and make new working positions for others if we don't have enough to get by on now? Believe me, it's so much harder here on my side and the worst is that we can not do anything to help ourselves! I enjoyed your hub, bravo sou!

    • lisadpreston profile image

      lisadpreston 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      I trust your ideas and think you are one of the smartest men in the world. Voted up and awesome! Love you.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Hi there LeanMan, thanks for taking the trouble to read and to comment. The UK is living proof that politicians are, unfortunately, the same the world over. Until the discovery and extraction of oil and gas in the North Sea, the UK lived on US loans for decades and in fact paid off the last loan just 6 years ago, in 2006. Had it not been for oil wealth, the potential does not bear thinking about.

      Also, the UK politicians have quietly devalued the sterling by about 22% without anyone realising it. In other words, they took away one fifth of our net assets and there is nothing we can do about it! Let us be grateful for the North Sea – for as long as it lasts…

    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 5 years ago from At the Gemba

      De Greek, a great read, I guess any well thought out plan to help the people of Greece out of this hole that politicians and bankers the world over have created will help. This is where most countries fail, they have no well thought out plan and vision of where they want to be.

      A government should be run like a business, they should have their plans and visions and be responsible and accountable for profit and loss.

      The UK has a loan guarantee scheme administered through banks for small businesses, however the uptake is minimal as the banks are not that co-operative and the small businesses find the process has too much red tape.

      Great plan, maybe someone will read it and do something with it.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Friend Christopher, things like promoting tourism, fighting corruption and tax evasion are self-evident necessities to which even the politicians pay lip service. Innovative and practical ideas that can create growth in a country which lives on borrowed money and reduce the cost of living in a country where food costs more than in the UK, are what’s missing and these ideas are just too much for the political brain to digest ;-)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Sister Shalini, your words are truly sweet to me, thank you. Unfortunately there is no hope that anyone will make an effort to consider this option ;-)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Minilady, I am truly flattered that you are impressed. I have sent this to all politicians with an email and no one has responded. That should tell you something about the true interest of politicians ;-)

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      That is a really well thought proposal that should be seriously looked at by the Greek politicians. The only difficulty is affording the bribes to get them to read it.

      Should they not also exploit their tourism potential better? There are many people who would pay good money to see what Greece has.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      FP, the more I try to write, the more I realize how mediocre I truly am ;-)) I am hoping to complete my magnum opus and have it printed at my own expense (no one else is likely to publish it) and subsequently place it on the shelf to admire it and my self-perceived brilliance. ;-)))

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Raye, I am not back. I am just parking this idea here as proof of my self percived brilliance and ownership of the idea, for the glory of the De Greeks! ;-)))

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Sweet Nellieanna, for me you are not valued, you are loved :-) How’s that for a come back? ;-)

      As for the US crisis, it is now a world crisis because the US government has not learned from the housing bubble and it has allowed the bankers, whom the US tax payer saved from annihilation, to continue doing what they were doing before. Just think for a moment: With inflation at about 3%, how is it possible for banks to make huge annual profits by lending to Germany (for example) at 1.8%? Or even to Spain at 6%?

      When you realise what they really doing, you will also realise how close we are to a total collapse and how useful your old self-sufficiency might prove to be.

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 5 years ago from India

      Practicalism, it what you will, it's just what the doctor ordered to inject health into a flailing economy. Sometimes, solutions are so do-able - and yet, greed and power derail them for their own ends. Absolutely spot on, DG!

    • Minilady profile image

      Minilady 5 years ago

      I am impressed! Can't you just forward your hub to the influential people in Greece and hope that they see sense!

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 5 years ago

      DG, you are supposed to be writing your magnum opus...and here you are instead, looking for solutions to world problems! :)

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 5 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      PS Lovely to see you back!

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 5 years ago from TEXAS

      My valued Dimitris - Your article dealing with the US crisis would be enlightening, as is this one dealing with the Greek crisis - and the inherent connections between them.

      I was reared with the basic idea of being able to raise our own food and fend for ourselves. -But then, I came along during that Great Depression and following the independent efforts and struggles of parents from the 1890s who looked only to their own selves for help.

      I've personally been on both sides, I suppose; but my nature is to be ever-prepared. This current situation - worldwide and national here - should behoove anyone to think "be prepared". One hopes - (though it's a long-shot) - that leaders will/can get real.

      Thank you for your clarity and for sharing it.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      My sweet friend JamaGenee, I just might write an article on the pending collapse of the US and World economy, which is now hanging by a thread and no banker responsible for the problem really cares.

      Why do you think the President of the US got personally involved SEVERAL TIMES in the search for a solution to the Greek crisis, which is just 2% of the EU economy? Why has Tim Geithner taken such an active role in discussions that do not appear to have anything to do with the US economy?

      The Greek debt itself is nothing! It is what is hidden behind this debt, the mismanagement and the corruption of The Big Banking Institutions, that is the problem. And should there be a hiccup, the collapse of the US and the world economy will be far worse than in 1929.

      Start thinking of raising your own food and please pass this on if possible. Kiss you ;-)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      darknezz111, I have made (and lost) millions in my lifetime and every time with simple ideas which did not cost the earth. But now all I want to do is raise chickens and vegetables in preparation for the coming disaster ;-)))

      If possible, please pass this on for people who might want to take some precautions in case the worst does come.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      CHRIS57, when an economist who liked this idea told me that the unions and politicians would never go for it because it goes against their client-based relationship with people, I was shocked!

      I have seen real and extensive corruption in the UK and other countries, but in Greece they seem to have made it into a national sport. I could never get into mire like that. Life is just too short. ;-)

      If possible, please pass this on for people who might want to take some precautions in case the worst does come.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Lee, when you see how Goldman Sachs and their brothers make their money, you will be terrified for the economy of the US. If possible, please pass this on, for the sake of people ;-)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Raye, the situation will become very serious. Be prepared! And please pass this on if possible ;-)

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      DG, let me be the third to urge you to stand for PM. Your plan is brilliant, but as previously pointed out, makes too much sense for any Greek elected official to consider it.

      Much of what you said also applies to the U.S. Rather than worrying about the deficit, the U.S. Congress should be funding jobs programs such as Roosevelt did in the 1930s to put paychecks in the pockets of the unemployed...which in turn jump starts whatever local economy those workers live in...which in turn puts tax dollars into states' coffers and eventually back into the U.S. Treasury. Contrary to what the "experts" believe, any country's economy improves from the bottom UP, not DOWN from the super-rich at the top.

      Considering you and I and the other commenters here don't (far as I know) hold PhDs in Economics, such a "ground up" plan is obviously NOT rocket science, but only the reverse of how it's been done for decades (and is still being done), which we now know all too well does NOT work.

      Voted up and awesome! ;D

    • darknezz111 profile image

      Daniel Durand 5 years ago from Southern Idaho

      I really liked the plan. The only flaw I could find in it was how you were to compete with countries like France on their own turf- but then you addressed that.

      Honestly, it all seems very well thought out. I believe that with the proper investments, you could most likely set up any one of the business ventures you outlined and make a profit.

      Why don't you? If not in Greece, then anywhere else in the world. You should really condense this and write up a business plan, start looking for backers, and move. In this economy, it's not people with good ideas that will save us- it's the people who act on those good ideas.

    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 5 years ago from Northern Germany

      This is an impressive hub by an impressive writer. As a fellow commenter wrote: Apply for PM!

      But then you would have to learn how bribery is spelled, wouldn´t you?

      In 2008/2009 Siemens was in trouble on worldwide corruption and bribery charges. One of the issues was with Greek telephone OTE. Siemens management was procecuted by Athens authorities, but for corruption it takes two and in the Greek example three, because two major political parties were payed.

      Now, in 2012, Siemens is back in business. Siemens made a 270 Million Euro contribution. No penalties were payed, one due payment of Greece was wiped out. Siemens now may be called "reliable and responsible enterprise" again.

      May be you take the 270 Siemens Million and start your business ideas. As much as i respect your creativity, in Greece creativity probably is understood differently. Sorry to say so.

    • Lee B profile image

      Lee Barton 5 years ago from New Mexico

      Common sense seems to be in short supply everywhere among politicians! I fear you are right: the US is next.

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 5 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      I hear you ! In England I raised not only my own chickens but a goat, sheep and ducks with horses for transport. The situation is more dire than most people realise,a suitable weapon and a water supply would be useful too.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Raye, if you can raise your own chickens, start now! ;-)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      CMHypno, ever since I found out how the big lending institutions, like Goldman Sachs, operate, I have began preparing for a life of raising my own food. It is too complicated to go into now, but if Greece (or any other country) defaults, the result will be a collapse of the US economy on a scale far greater than that of 1929. This in turn will result in the collapse of the Chinese economy and immediately after the world economy. We shall end up eating each other.

      This is not a joke.

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 5 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Perhaps you should return to Greece and stand for PM. Your well thought out plans should save them! Good luck to you and Greece.

    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 5 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      Wow De Greek, you have really thought this one out. Unfortunately, it all sounds too much like common sense for any politicians to take on board and implement.

      I really think that Greece needs to pull out of the Euro, return to the drachma and devalue to help rev up exports. They probably need to pull out of the whole EU, as with the new regulations coming in for 'happy chickens' etc, intensive poultry farming for one will probably be very difficult (France will just ignore any new directives, just as they always do when it suits them and the poultry farming industry in the UK will probably be decimated).

      Also as they are planning to ban the import of eggs into the EU from countries that they deem to be using battery farming, eggs are set to become a very expensive luxury in Europe. So much for go to work on an egg!

      Greece is a very beautiful country, and I have always found the Greek people to be very warm, welcoming and kind whenever I have visited, so I hope that productive and sustainable ways forward are implemented very soon