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Green Party Sway

Updated on June 10, 2016

The press belongs to those who own one

Back in 1999, I was working for one of the first social media/question and answer sites which was owned by the New York Times. One of my jobs was to find out why people and organizations used our site. I found a political activism group, asked them why and they told me that the mainstream press ignored them and they needed to find their own communication channels. In other words, the press belonged to those who owned one.

Political Sway

The internet and social media have made it possible for anyone, group, or organization to publish and disseminate their message. I came across Microsoft Sway while working on a previous project. Sway is a free program that allows you to create stories by easily mixing text, images, video, tweets, and other types of media.

We have an interesting and very different presidential campaign than previous years. While politicians are not role models, this year there is strong animosity and faithfulness towards both major political parties. I thought it would be interesting to use Sway to tell the story of a third political party, the Green Party.


Creating a Sway

A sway begins with a title.

Title box
Title box

You add elements to your sway by dragging specific cards into your Sway. Cards include:

  • text
  • heading
  • image
  • tweet
  • embed
  • chart

A sway consists of two areas, Storyline and Preview. Use the Storyline area to create your story. Use the Preview area to see what your story and its cards look like.

Stroyline and Preview area
Stroyline and Preview area

Publish your sway by sharing it.

Share your sway
Share your sway

Green Party

Click here to view the Green Party Sway.

Presidential thoughts

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