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Ground breaking audio interview with Cyrellys Geibhendach of Compass Morainn

Updated on January 11, 2013
"Exopolitical behavior matters!  FiOs!"  Cyrellys
"Exopolitical behavior matters! FiOs!" Cyrellys

Transitions toward a new reality

Exopolitics' quiet think tank Compass Morainn held a ground breaking audio on Thursday January 10th 2013 with the first ever audio interview of Cyrellys Geibhendach the founder and current Executive. This interview gave a window into the behind the scenes world of exopolitical mediation exceeding the collection of articles published on the subject and resources gathered for the use by active mediators and facilitators.

Cyrellys, a communications facilitator, was interviewed by TJ Morris of the blogtalkradio show TJMorrisETRadio. A variety of subjects on the situational landscape of exopolitical mediation and facilitation was covered, including: mediators working under confidentiality agreements, the definition of communication vs the definition of disclosure, the two paths of globalism, current status, individualism vs skepticism, what constitutes public bureacracies and how they are problematic, insider versus public imperatives, communication rift being at the core of the current crisis, the human condition and the choice of collective Nature, and many other points.

The interview ran over two hours and resulted in a scheduling of a following interview on Thursday February 7th 2013.

Listen to the Interview at Blog Talk Radio


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