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A retrospective on the Ground Zero Mosque

Updated on July 7, 2015

copyright 2010 AwBuchen

An Arizona sunset. Copyright 2010 AwBuchen
An Arizona sunset. Copyright 2010 AwBuchen


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A retrospective on the Ground Zero Mosque

We all remember the horror of 9/11/2001. Although I was hundreds of miles away and not yet an American citizen, I remember the sadness. My wife, Susie (American) and I were in Canada still just preparing to move to Phoenix, AZ. I had accepted a position with Honeywell as a Senior Technical Illustrator for a one year contract and Suz and I were packing our stuff in boxes that day in preparation. I had just made her a tea and I a coffee and we sat down in the living room to catch the day’s news on TV.


When I turned on the TV our day would seem surrealistic, there was the camera image of the first tower of the WorldTradeCenter burning. Suz and I were both shocked and speechless and were wondering what happened until the next horror followed, I said to Suz “Hun look, there’s a jet he’s flying close to the building. Trying to get a look at what happened?” Just as I finished the sentence the jet disappeared into the 2nd building at almost the same height as the first jets crash. My mouth hung open; Susie’s eye’s welled up with tears. What the fu** was going on, were our thoughts as the newsman finally broke in with his commentary. We heard him scream something like “A second plane has hit the 2nd tower of the WorldsTradeCenter, at this time we have no details as to what is going on but it seems to be a terrorist attack”.


And we all know the tragic events of the rest of that terrible day in history. Al Qaeda and the Taliban two fanatical Muslim factions, had killed almost three thousand innocent people in the attacks. A monster by the name of Bin Laden was responsible, and claimed what he did was in the name of his god and a holy war on the infidels (USA). We also know what resulted, nine years of war in the Middle East trying to find this elusive desert cockroach where he hides. Unfortunately, to no avail.


Nine years after the terrorists murdered those 3000 American civilians, ground zero as it has been named, is cleared of the concrete, steel, plaster, glass and remains of American people. It is a site of great suffering and loss for the thousands of friends and families of the victims. It holds special reverence as we all pray the souls of the dead find rest and peace.


There has been a sort of shrine built there to the victims of the attacks, and so it should be, where family and friends can go to pray and to remember the good things in life that their lost ones brought to them. That’s why what is being considered there by the Muslim community is in my opinion in bad taste.


Muslims propose to build a Mosque close to the ground zero site. I have to shake my head in disbelief. Any people with a sense of compassion or understanding would understand how this proposal may cause rip tides of resentment? Think once again, 3000 mostly Christian Americans were killed on that site, would it not be prudent to perhaps respect that memory, and not shove Muslim customs down the throats of the families of the victims?


Common sense is something most of us are born with. I’m seeing that his not the case in some countries, especially one’s that seems to disrespect the traditions of the countries they move into and become citizens of. TO ME sitting on the sidelines looking into this hornets nest as the Muslims begin to stir it. There is absolutely no logical reason or possible positive action that could come out of constructing a Muslim place of worship in that particular area. Why do Muslims wish to build there? Why are they so motivated to have a place of worship in that area? Is there a huge Muslim population living around ground zero? NO.  Then why not move the desired Mosque to a less symbolic and less Christian site?


It saddens me that people must do things like this for attention or to signify some hidden accomplishment. I could see if there were thousands of Muslims killed in the TradeCenter but there was not. There were mostly Christians of various faiths and a handful of terrorists from the Muslim Al Qaeda and Taliban factions, is it a shrine to them and their martyrdom?


Please use your common sense people of Islam and move your shrine somewhere else out of respect for the dead and out of respect for the country you call home and out of respect for the Christian faith which is a part of your new home.

Ground Zero Mosque

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    • ezpikins profile image

      Andrew Buchen 2 years ago from Texas

      Since writing this I notice I have made an error in my comment above. It's now known through reading various versions of Koran, that their is not a religion at all. It is a government structure and cult, their governing legislation is known as Sharia. The entire system is based on lies to the infidel (the non-Muslim) in order to achieve victory over the infidel.

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 7 years ago from Texas

      Found this comment on another site:

      The Koran (018:021) states: 'Build a building over them, their Lord knows best about them;' and those who prevailed in their affair said, 'We will surely make a mosque over them.'

      This is not a direct commandment to build on a place of victory, but there is a tradition of building mosques to celebrate or symbolize victory.

      "The al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is built on top of one of the holiest sites in Judaism, the Temple Mount. The former St. Sophia's Basilica, once the world's largest cathedral and orthodox patriarchal basilica, was torn down and replaced with the principal mosque of Istanbul. The Cordoba mosque in Spain was a former Christian cathedral. Muslims have engaged in this practice for centuries, symbolizing their victories over the infidels."


      This is not about religious tolerance. It is about the insensitivity of a group of religious people to the feelings of most Americans, and in particular the people who live in New Yok.