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Gruesome Murder Mystery Investigation of Black Dahlia

Updated on May 18, 2011

Elizabeth Short (born July 29, 1924 , died ca. January 15, 1947 ) was an American woman who fell victim to a gruesome and much-discussed media murder.

Short was nicknamed the Black Dahlia when she was found mangled with his body split in two on 15 January 1947 in Leimert Park in Los Angeles , California . The murder, which to date has not been resolved, has become the source of much speculation, as fully as the majority of books and movies.

Her early life

Elizabeth Short was the middle of a Christian family of 5 girls.

She was born in Hyde Park in Massachusetts , and her father built mini-golf courses until the stock market crash in 1929 . In 1930, he parked his car on a bridge and disappeared without a trace, which in turn led many to believe he had committed suicide. It was recently discovered that he was still alive.

Elizabeth Short was raised Madford by his mother, Pheobe Mae, who moved the family to a small apartment and started a job as an accountant . Troubled by asthma and ( bronchitis , Elizabeth was sent to Florida for the winter as a 16 year old, she spent the next three years there in the colder months and the rest of the time Medford, where she worked as a waitress.

When she was 19 she went to live with her father in Vallejo, California, who worked at Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

The two moved to Los Angeles in early 1943, but after an argument, she went from him and got a job at the post office at Camp Cooke (now Vandenberg Air Force Base ), near Lompoc . She then moved to Santa Barbara , where she was arrested on 23 September 1943 to drink alcohol without being old enough and was sent back to Medford by child welfare . In the coming years she lived in Florida with a few trips back and forth to Massachusetts, while she earned a living as a waitress.

In July 1946 she moved to Southern California where she lived in various hotels, apartments and private individuals in the last months of her life.


The body of Elizabeth Short was found on 15 January 1947 in a ditch edge in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, very mangled, cut in half and completely emptied of blood.

Her face was cut up from mouth to ear. she was posed with his hands over his head and elbows bent at right angles. She was buried in Mountain Wiew Cemetery in Oakland , California.

Rumors and popular misconceptions

According to newspaper articles in a short time after the murder of Elizabeth Short got the nickname "Black Dahlia" at a pharmacy (a drugstore) in Long Beach in 1946, as a kind of pun on the then-popular film [The Blue Dahlia].

On the other hand, said investigators at the Los Angeles police that it was invented by newspaper reporters in the aftermath of the killing. Short was not in any case called "The Black Dahlia" for most of her life.

Many people, of whom nobody knew Short, contacted the police and newspapers in which they claimed to have seen her  between her disappearance on 9 January and the discovery of her corpse on the 15th January. The police denied all these allegations, some of them were women who were identified as similar to Short.

Many "true crime" books claim that Short lived or visited Los Angeles on several occasions in the mid- 1940s , these claims have never been confirmed, and is rejected by the findings of police officers who investigated the case. When her body was examined by a doctor revealed that Short had not been raped before the murder, but was still a virgin.


Black Dahlia murder investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department ( LAPD ) was the largest since the murder of Marion Parker in 1927, and involved hundreds of police investigators from other police districts.

Due to the complexity of the case considered all the investigators who knew Short as possible suspects who had to be eliminated one by one.

Hundreds of people were considered suspects and thousands were interviewed by police. Sensational and sometimes erroneous press coverage, in addition to the special murder in itself, created extreme public awareness about the murder, mostly it was men who were interested in but also some women.

While the case is still underway today are constantly new people accused of being Shots killer.


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