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Guerrilla Warfare, Tactics, Weapons and Strategy

Updated on June 23, 2011

Guerilla Warfare - The Definition

I created this hub to give awareness about Guerrilla operations and to have an overview regarding these organizations.

In a war of revolutionary character, guerrilla operations are a necessary part. This is particularly true in war waged for the emancipation of a people who inhabit a vast nation. Guerrilla warfare [Spanish = little war] is the unconventional warfare and combat with which a small group of combatants use mobile tactics (ambushes, raids, etc.) to combat a larger and less mobile formal army. The term guerrilla itself was coined during the Peninsular War (1808-14), when Spanish partisans, under such leaders as Francisco Mina, proved unconquerable even by the armies of Napoleon I . From Spain the use of the term spread to Latin America and then to the United States. The guerrilla army uses ambush (stealth and surprise) and mobility (draw enemy forces to terrain unsuited to them) in attacking vulnerable targets in enemy territory.

Fighting a group of irregular troops (guerrillas) within areas used by enemies. When guerrillas obey the laws of conventional warfare they are entitled, if captured, are usually treated as prisoners of war, however, these are often executed by their captors. The tactics of guerrilla warfare stress deception and ambush, as opposed to mass confrontation, and succeed best in an irregular, peevish, land and agreeing to a person, whom guerrillas often seek to win by propaganda , reform, and terrorism. Guerrilla warfare has play a significant role in modern history, especially when waged by Communist liberation movements in Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

A Guerilla commander inspiring his subordinates
A Guerilla commander inspiring his subordinates

Guerrilla warfare has qualities and objectives of the extraordinary in itself. It is a weapon that a country with inferior weapons and military equipment may be used against a more powerful aggressor nation. When the invader pierces deep in the heart of the weaker country and occupies her territory in a cruel and tyrannical manner, no doubt that conditions of terrain, climate, and society in general offer obstacles to his progress and may used to advantage by those who oppose him. In guerrilla warfare we turn these advantages to the purpose of resisting and defeating the enemy.

Being a guerrilla is having a life of danger and always on the run from the authorities and special team created to remove them. but they have this sense of freedom to fight for what they believe.


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      u suk anonymous 8 years ago

      DUde why so rude ur the one made out of crap

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      Anonymous 8 years ago

      stupid post its completely useless i asked for the names of tactics lol and all they give me is this crap oh hell no

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      pacificpirate 8 years ago

      it is also said by same, that there is no art higher, than destroying your enemies resistance, w/o a fight on the battlefield. i believe

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      unamed 8 years ago

      how can i get that book

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      isyan 8 years ago

      they get fundings from other countries who support their cause..

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      Hammerj 8 years ago from Cebu City

      How this guirella get a foundings?