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Guerrilla Warfare, Guerrilas and the people

Updated on June 2, 2016

Guerrilla Warfare Rebels Soldiers and the People

What is Guerrilla Warfare? It is also spelled as Guerrila Warfare. These words came from the term Guerra or war guerrilla there means small war. It is small because of its numbers that is seven to twenty-one and uses hit and run techniques. While it is true that it is the 21st Century Warfare it had been used since time immemorial. This warfare is recorded in the Bible and later in the Koran. But what makes guerrilla difficult to counter is the fact that there is no way of really knowing guerrillas. They unconventionally in other words they have no uniform so it is hard to identify who is who.

Guerrillas’ existence depends on the support and fear of the masses. They rely on this factor, if the fish is to the water then guerrilla is to the masses or people, without water the fish will die just as without the people the rebels will also die out. Now the problem of the men in arms is how to get intelligence in an area being infested, one is to transfer the population to a safe place and for them to go back to farm only during the day to work and if they are rebels themselves they won’t leave the area and they cannot blame the government if they became victims later. Another would be to assign soldiers to a homestay program, where they should also work with the people, NPA cadre are doing this why can’t the military also, the money used to buy bullets can help buy what the family needs and that of the soldiers as well. In place of the soldiers getting from the people it’s the soldiers that share with the people what he had and by living with they will also understand the reason why they fearfully support the underground government. The guerrillas during WWII did this already and the Japanese and their Korean and Taiwanese conscripts failed to get the support of the people.


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