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Guide to electing the right candidate for America

Updated on July 16, 2015
May the banner yet wave
May the banner yet wave | Source

"You're the Boss"

A wise man once said that the Government is from the people to the leaders, not the leaders to the people. I think you, my readers will agree that there was never a truer word spoken. So why then do we have so many unqualified people in Washington today? It's simple we the people have failed to do our part in the selection process, when choosing a candidate.

Whether a candidate is running for constable or congressman, he or she is in essence applying for a job. The difference is, that we citizens of the United States are the board of directors handling  the hiring process. That is why the right to vote should be cherished above any other right, because it gives us, the common person, the right choose who runs our country.

First and foremost, the background check:

That having been said, let's look at where we the hiring team has dropped the ball in the past when trying to choose leaders for our nation.

Imagine walking into any of the fortune 500 companies for a job interview without the proper documentation. If you went to Goldman Sacs or Trump enterprises without your birth certificate, drivers license or proof of U.S. citizenship you would get tossed out on your ear. Yet we the voting public, elect a man to the top leadership position of this nation without requiring any of that.

Companies spend millions of dollars each year doing background checks on prospective employees, some even hire private detectives to research their backgrounds. Things that are called into question are,
1. Criminal record- Most all of the major companies require a criminal background check, candidates can often be thrown out of the running simply for having a misdemeanor charge on his or her record. The reason for such scrutiny is that the company leaders feel that this person's past could cast a bad light on the company or it's customers.
2. Past work history- This category goes without saying,before a business is going to pay someone they want be assured at least somewhat, that he or she can do the job. Anyone who has ever conducted job interview will tell you that there is always a talker in the group. That one individual who knows the company's stats, origin, and jargon. They talk in the companies own language about Roi's profit margins, productivity and share ideas about how to better the business. They are likable and have a winning personality, someone that you, the toughest critic, would have a hard time saying "no" to. Sadly however, they just don't have the work history to back up what they are saying.
3. Character References- Lastly there is that verification that every good hiring manager wants and needs to feel assured that they have truly chosen the best candidate; they must have those positive character references. The good book says that evil communication corrupts good manners. This was never more true than in the business world, one good example of that would be a recently graduated law student, who has just past the bar exam. He graduated validictorian but has a history of consorting with known felons. No credible law firm in their right mind is going to touch this guy.

Savoir-faire of the spin doctors

Having brought to mind those good practices of tried and true methods above, it boggles the mind that educated men and woman can allow themselves to be blinded to them when voting. For some strange unknown reason however, these smooth tongued devils can beguile the most diligent of souls.

With all the subtlety of a snake oil salesman, the new candidate will come out smiling, while badgering the incumbent for all his or her short comings and promising that they have the solution to the problem. The truly sad part of that is, that a large part of the populous believes them. This as we have well seen in recent years can have very far reaching effects. We the working poor were horns waggled into believing in "Hope and change" and now America's unemployed are searching under the couch cushions "Hoping for some change!"

It probably wouldn't be so bad if it ended there, but once these ne'er-do-wells get their foot in the door they feel they can throw out all policy and protocol and run things they way they choose. Try Going into Trump industries and pushing a new employee health care benefit through by pushing Donald Trump aside and you would find yourself out on the street. You would be real lucky if you made it out of the endeavor without being sued and financially ruined.

Yet in the greatest nation on earth we the people cower to the subtle sound of saber rattling and allow the memory of our fallen heroes to fade into oblivion, while their murderous attackers build a monument to proclaim their victory to the world. Mainly because the commander in Chief that we the people chose to lead us, hides behind a down trodden race to do his dirty work. A race of people whom he was able pipe the tune of unquantifiable equality to, when all the while he like Judas sold them out for thirty pieces of silver. Then in the end making it so no one of that race would have an opportunity to set foot in the White house for many years to come, all because he sold out their trust with his fiendish actions.

Taking back the business

Now that I have scolded us for what we've done wrong in the past, it's time to bring forth the solution for the future.

Demand Documentation- Mr and Mrs America, it's time to grow some intestinal fortitude and demand documentation. We have a right to know who he or she is and where they came from before we hand them the keys to the White house. As I said before, no company and / or corporate business is going to hire a person to work for them until they can produce the proper documents. Running the Greatest nation on earth should require the same rules and even more so.

Stop Listening to the rhetoric and get to the facts- Don't cast your vote for the best speaker, learn the candidates and get the facts. Learn who they are and find out what kind of experience he or she has in line with the office they are running for. Investigate their background, what have they done in the past? Do a credit report so to speak, does your candidate pay his or her taxes, have they filed bankruptcy recently, are they in trouble financially? I can't stress this one enough, if a person goes to Washington hurting for money they are an easy mark for a bribe. Realistically speaking no matter how moral a person is, if their family is suffering financially and the offer is made he or she will be hard pressed to turn it down.

Take a good look at the company they keep- Lastly don't vote for anybody regardless of Race, Color, Creed, Religion or Party affiliation without first looking at the company they keep and have kept. If the laid down with radical extremist in their college days, then you can bet they will take the oath of office with the fleas of anarchy clinging to them. Take a good long look at their personal lives, don't cast one vote for any person who has a lifestyle that would undermine or defame the ideals of America, whether they inhaled or not.

Ladies and Gentleman of the United States of America- Running this country is a job, not a role in a movie or a play. The characters are real and the stakes are high, we must be diligent in our hiring practices for Government from now on if we want America to remain strong and prosperous.

"Return the power to the people and let's make it a November to remember!"


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      8 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      To my readers, I need your feedback: good, bad, or indifferent, leave those comments!


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