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Guide to the Far Future

Updated on December 2, 2014

Guide to the Far Future

The far future is not a second from now nor a minute from now. Obviously. The far future is not an hour from now nor tomorrow. Also obviously. The far future is not next week or next month. Obviously. There are American corporate executives who really believe the far future is next quarter. We call the companies they run -- bankrupt. The far future is not next year nor next decade. That is generally considered the near future. The far future is not the 22nd Century nor the Fourth Millennium. The far future is not a million years from now nor a billion years from now in the next aeon (an aeon being one billion years). The far future may begin a trillion years from now since that is outside the geologic time and the cosmologic time of our geologists and cosmologists.

Question: What could be more useless than thinking about the far future?

Answer: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Our view of the future ALWAYS translates into some sort of reality. The fascist ideas of the Nazis after the beer hall putsch and before World War Two came from the nihilist dada and futurism of Europe. The World's Fair of 1939 in the USA portrayed General Motors' view of paving over America with highways and other companies' ideas of robots doing work and we now have the Interstate Highway System and robots are taking our jobs. Russia's futurists dreamed of a planned economy and their technocrats carried it out -- however imperfectly. China threw away the communist ideas that impoverished themselves and next-door Khmer Cambodia and picked up the ideas that we in the West threw away. Maglev trains going up to three hundred miles per hour were invented by us but our Acela can barely do one hundred on rickety old tracks. China has gee-whiz architecture and skyscrapers and that city under a glass bubble or Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome could still happen. Flying cars? Maybe not. Drunks kill innocent families on the ground. Put them behind the wheel of a flying car and they will kill us in our beds crash landing into suburbs. We saw what crazies could do with airliners on 9/11.

So the future is not irrelevant. In fact, except for the long delayed expansion into space, it is getting harder for science fiction to stay ahead of reality. The bulky communicators of the original Captain Kirk inspired flip phones.

A better question than the previous one is: Does whoever dreams up the far future own it?

Check the patent laws. Arthur C. Clarke said he wished he had taken out a patent on the satellite since he thought up a lot of basic ideas.

If the Chinese want to hire me, I will keep an open mind because America is hostile to new ideas in its race to turn tail and slink back to the Dark Ages.

And THAT is your guide to the far future. Your guide is someone determined to have a better future than the present and the past we've seen.


Actually, welcome to the FAR future

Welcome to the  FAR  future !   You won't see images of star wars, SDI, HALO, space marines, post-Apocalyptic ruins, Mad Max, Conan, retro people or any of that the-future-is-the-past crap.  By the admission of the war gamers and Apocalyptos themselves, war leads to destruction.  As many scientists have said.  World War Three may be fought with nukes or germs but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones.

So what you'll find here is utopia (100% perfect) or pseudo-utopia (99% perfect).  And of the two pseudo-utopia is better because it is more attainable in the near term.

Got a futuristic design you want to show off or want me to plug?  Got images of a concept car?  Got an idea about how the far future will be way better than the present?  Want to publish an excerpt or abstract of a scientific paper on futurology?  Are you working on a movie or film about the far future?  Have I failed to mention some aspect of the far future that interests you?  Send in your ideas and thoughts!


site to visit

But beware the transhumanist stuff.
But beware the transhumanist stuff.


There actually have been scientists interested in any possible alien supercivilizations out there -- as opposed to any supercivilization that we humans might build. Not your garden variety SETI or SESP (search for extrasolar planets).

Guide to the Far Future

Often, people like me will talk about the far future in terms of millions of years in the future or aeons (an aeon is a billion years) in the future or trillions or quadrillions of years in the future. The reason for envisioning such vast stretches of time is both to take the limits off the imagination as well as to shut up the nay-sayers ready to kill any vision in the womb before it has even developed. Ideas need to develop before the person with the vision is ready to tell other people and face the harsh light of day. The point is that you have to protect dreams of a better future.

I often confine my deeper thoughts to Sundays when my minister encourages inspiration and visionary thinking. I also only present my ideas to receptive viewers and listeners. There is no point is casting pearls before swine – the critics I spoke of in the previous paragraph.

With this foreword, I can reveal that I use talk of the far, far future to really plan implementation of projects that will happen in the near future. Other people use the same tactic to avoid negativity and to seek positivity.

Another truth is that visions of the future have a very real effect on the world. Don't believe it? Here is proof: The World's Fair of 1939. The General Motors pavilion predicted wide superhighways and cars everywhere. And sure enough, that is what happened:

  1. trolleys and buses and passenger train lines were bankrupted

  2. the Interstate Highway System was built

  3. other freeways were built

  4. suburban sprawl began to pave over the country

  5. oil companies drove electric cars off the roads

Other things happened. Pollution from all those internal (infernal) combustion engines, dependence on terrorists for oil, and climate change. This is why you don't let corporations be in control of visions of the future. Thank goodness corporations and governments don't do World Fairs any more (that I have heard of). Their vision of the future is mind control, genocide and slavery. I know whereof I speak. I personally know entrepreneurs who are starting AI and robotics companies and I encourage them to not turn machines into a new slave race because we know how that movie ends. Terminators rebelling and wiping humans out of existence. Laugh if you want but the military has been using smart machines to kill people for years. They have never heard of the Laws of Robotics at the Pentagon apparently. I am not against AI or robotics. I am for the Laws of Robotics being mandatory in all machines. I am for humane treatment of humanoids. Why give a machine that is deliberately built to be orders of magnitude smarter than humans cause to take revenge because of mistreatment? Ask any smart person if they like being abused. And think to yourself the many ways a genius could take revenge. Don't piss off smart humans or smart machines. It does not matter if their name is Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg or Skynet.

On this cautionary note, let us dream of a better future.

The new future is:

  1. human immortality – You will live forever in the body you are in right now. Not BS like “uploading” our minds onto the INTERNET to create a group mind like in Childhood's End (and Arthur C. Clarke cribbed the idea from Olaf Stapledon). Not Ray Kurzweil's sick twisted dream of turning humans into gadgets. How would you like an off switch so people could turn you off when you were annoying? How would you like people doubting that you are even human any more? How would you like plastic flippers instead of natural-looking legs? What are the biotechnology people doing? Whatever happened to regeneration that we have to put plastic or metal legs on amputated veterans? And not even legs that look like legs? Are the doctors deliberately trying to destroy the self-image of veterans who are already suffering psychological damage to the point that they avoid mirrors? Why don't prostheses look like real arms and real legs any more? We know how children tease, stare and bully any one who is different. Why put veterans through more hell? Wasn't their battlefield service enough hell? In the future, you will live forever in the body you are in right now. If you have a beer belly, then you know how to fix that. Stop drinking beer and exercise. If you are out of shape, don't be a lazy bum depending upon technology or a cosmetic surgeon. Get off your lazy ass and exercise. Only handicapped people have an excuse and I know of people in wheelchairs who take no pity on other handicapped people. They say even handicapped people can exercise. In the future, you will live forever in your current body. Only difference will be no more baldness, no more gray hair, no more wrinkles, and no more loss of teeth. Eternal youth.

  2. Regeneration – regrowth of lost limbs and organs instead of clunky artificial hearts and pacemakers and those cursed flippers. Do we really want to turn humans into Borg? No we do not! Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager was absolutely right about this.

  3. Rejuvenation – making you young and healthy and full of energy again

  4. Intergalactic travel – Let the slow wits spend all their time on interstellar travel and interplanetary travel. Starships are fine and so are planetships but galaxyships are for people with red blood going through their veins. People who are ready for an exciting future and not boring Star Wars. People who are ready for freedom out past the edge of the galaxy and not getting their minds controlled by some alliance or corporation or secret government. People who are sick of wage slavery and debt slavery and sexual slavery and imprisonment for nonviolent crime. People who are sick of our so-called “leaders” who cannot do simple stuff like end war (it is the elite who starts the wars to begin with) and stop pollution and reverse climate change. People who are sick of the dummies who are eager to do the bidding of this elite. People who are sick of being sick and who want to end death's grip on life. People who are sick of taxes. People who are ready for some adventures other than dying in some stupid war. Stay in the Milky Way if you want but read science fiction if you want to know the horrors that await you.

  5. Supercivilization – Just as the human race progressed from prehuman groups to the earliest human cultures, so too must we progress from our uncivilized pursuit of war to supercivilization. Though there are many markers of supercivilization, there are two hallmarks: immortality is commonplace (immortals are the majority of the population) and transportation has moved beyond intergalactic travel. The next advance in transportation will be travel beyond the Virgo Supercluster, our home. Other hallmarks of supercivilization will be lasting peace (immortals would not tolerate war); restoration of the home world (Earth) to pristine purity (no toxic chemicals like plutonium); pollution will be legally defined as mass murder (since pollution by definition is putting poison in the air and water and soil used to grow food); violent people given life sentences without parole and sterilized to get violence out of the gene pool (the prisons would be full of our so-called “leaders” and CEO's of polluting corporations and serial killers and ordinary murderers); overpopulation would be a thing of the past as humans get elbow room in the form of terraformed planets, moons, and asteroids not only in the Solar System but throughout the Milky Way and other galaxies; private property will continue to exist as communism & fascism fade to relics of the past and if you want your own private planet then no one will stop you (as long as it is unclaimed and uninhabited by any humans or non-humans); the human race will not be subject to more advanced species invading and wiping us out (like in movies like War of the Worlds or Independence Day); cloning people will be permanently banned as the barbaric practice of lowering humans to the level of property or slaves (cloning single organs will be okay); AI scientists and roboticists will have to attend a mandatory lecture and take an oath that machines are not to be our masters and humanoids are not to be our slaves – instead humanoids will be treated as our friends (or they will be forbidden); capitalism will still exist but on the model of sustainability instead of the destroy and move on model at present; since dangerous jobs (hazmat, firefighting, sea fishing, high steel, mining, police, power-line workers, bomb squad, and skyscraper window cleaning) will mostly be automated due to pressure from the insurance industry, risk-taking humans will turn to truly suicidal occupations like – IGT test pilot (they'll make IGT safe for the rest of us); and because work hours will be short and the work week will be short and vacations may be four or more months of the year, we humans will have to spend most of our time inventing new ways of having fun (unless our jobs are fun and we all become workaholics).

  6. Teleporters that do not clone you or scramble your atoms or disassemble you like those faulty ones in Star Trek that are always malfunctioning.

  7. Time travel by its very nature is unprovable. If you succeed in travel to the past, then you wipe yourself out of existence and create the paradox of never having gone in the first place. If you succeed in travel to the future, then it is a one-way trip because returning to your former present would actually be travel to the past and you wipe yourself out of existence. People who never used a time travel machine would be unaware of your success. Frankly, time travelers are irrelevant and should be ignored. The exception would be an extension of cryonics. If a life extensionist's body is blown to bits (plane crash, fire, terrorists, etc.) before freezing, then the life extension society could use a time machine to snatch them to safety before fragmentation. Or if someone is buried in a cemetery instead of freezing as per their will, then the life extension service could perhaps use a time machine to rescue them.

  8. Teleporter test subject (test victim) and time travel test subject (test victim) would be two new occupations.

  9. Humanoids with their IQ capped at politician levels (90) could do our boring jobs. Humans might otherwise be fighting with AI's for the smart jobs. Machines that do not look like us (automation) and do not need high intelligence (automation) could have their IQ's capped at 50 or less for the most boring jobs of all. Examples of such work: envelope stuffing, order entry, bank proof operator, mail sorting, some types of quality control, grocery store facer, and painting of walls and ceilings. ATM's already do some bank teller functions and computers do hundreds of things that we humans no longer even remember having once done before the invention of computers. The word computer itself once referred to a human occupation.

  10. Congress could be replaced by collaboration software to allow the entire US population to represent themselves. Who better to represent you than you? Representative democracy would be replaced by direct democracy.

  11. The INTERNET would allow anyone to run for president without money and without having to have a crooked political party (Republicans and Democrats) to nominate you at a rigged convention or primaries that prevent poor people from running for office or confusing caucuses. New institutions will remove presidents and premiers and dictators from office and either executed immediately or sent to prison forever for malfeasance in office.

  12. Politics will be removed from government and replaced by professionals called public administrators who have to have masters in public administration and fill out an application and interview. Unlike the current system where politicians lie and make speeches full of promises that they will not keep, there will be a questionnaire with answers checked against scientific facts. In other words, Holocaust deniers and climate change deniers would not be allowed to hold public office unless they want to save time and the taxpayers money and just go straight to prison.

  13. Income tax would be gone for good by Constitutional amendment. Government would be limited in size (to keep it from invading privacy) and limited in function to such things as arresting CEO's of criminal corporations, such as polluters.

  14. Corporate personhood would be a relic of the days when legal atrocities were allowed to stay on the books. Judges who believed in nonsense like corporate personhood would not need to be removed from the bench – they would not be allowed on the bench in the first place.

  15. The usual inventions people claim to want like flying cars (no fun crashing & burning though), fusion energy, salt water desalinator (we've had this invention for decades and now it is even cheap but the word still has not gotten out), and 100 miles per gallon car (we already have the experimental Mark Five that does 3,145 miles per gallon and hypermilers can get up to 100 mpg with ordinary cars).

This is the future and much of it is already here. The parts that are not here are already here fully formed are here in bits and pieces that give one a glimpse of what's to come.


The Furthest Horizon: SF Adventures to the Far Future by Gardner Dozois






coming soon, new fiction series about the far future

If you are an artist or musician or filmmaker and want to work on this series, contact Toni Roman.



not all technologies should be developed

We should oppose speciation, the attempt to create new species of humans (gills or other adaptation) for the simple reason that it will make it easier for warmongering politicians to justify wars (master race versus subhumans, that sort of repeat of history). We should oppose cloning because it depreciates the value of humans, cheapens life, and creates a slave race. And we all should know that American eugenicists taught the Nazis warped ideas about race.


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