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Gun Assault At Tampa Theater Sets Stage For Pocorn Violence

Updated on February 4, 2016

AK 47 and P-Corn Are Both Weapons and Are Equal In The Eyes of the Law

Good work Captain Reeves

Now we all know why it is important for you to have a gun on your person at all times ... just as the NRA has directed. You did your duty Captain as instructed in gun class. Your friends and associates in the Gun and Rifle Association are proud of your heroic action. You carried out your duty as a protector of society by standing your ground and taking that popcorn wielding, text crazed maniac out before Coulson could pepper other innocents with his tossed pop corn missiles. In so doing, you followed the guidelines of the NRA leadership and shot to kill. In fact you shot two who were involved in the texting plot with one shot. However, Mr. Coulson’s wife survived. Your quick take-out averted a full blown gun fight if other trigger happy gun carriers present knew that the popcorn tossing texter was such a serious threat to lives.

Actually, your membership in the NRA has not yet been confirmed, but your behavior seems to indicate that fact.

Backass view of Badass Killer Cop

arraignment of former SWAT organizer in Tampa
arraignment of former SWAT organizer in Tampa | Source

Carry Your Weapons Everywhere. Save The World

Chad Oulson's three year old daughter is now fatherless. You will be relieved to know that her dad will not be able to teach her how to text or toss popcorn. The safety of future movie-going gunmen will be much more secure in the future thanks to your brave response.

Your brave act Captain Curtis Reeves has achieved even more for gun advocates. It has altered the thinking of many wishy-washy citizens, myself included, who were originally against the NRA's push to have members carry weapons at all times, especially to movies, school, churches, ball games, bars and any other place people assemble. We now understand the logic (choke)

I am sure that National Association leadership commends you on your quick response and forceful action that left a three year old an orphan.

Those of us once opposed to widespread gun possesion are now convinced that it is the right thing to do (choke) whenever and wherever cell phones and popcorn are on the scene. One can only imagine the harm that could have been done if Captain Reeves had not taken his brave (choke) action.

Crazed PopCorn Assault Weapon on Full Automatic

More firepower that AK 47
More firepower that AK 47

What do you think?

If Everyone Is Armed, Won't We all be Safer?

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New Membership Push

After his arrest, which which was challenged under Florida’s “stand your ground” laws, the gunman, Reeves showed no remorse for killing Chad Olson, following an example set by NRA leadership and its “never apologize, never regret” guidelines.

The following day, after Reeves was denied bail, his defense attorney announced that he would prepare a defense based on the "stand your ground" because Mr. Oulson started the incident with his violent popcorn barrage.

An anonymous source from the gun group leaked a statement that said in effect, that this occurrence was the perfect opportunity for the organization to attract new members. Texters, movie theater owners and popcorn suppliers will be the newest membership targets. The reasoning behind the membership drive according to the unnamed spokesman and gun advocate, who said, “ every texter should be armed to protect himself from the intrusions of anti- texting gun carriers and NRA members.

The same approach will be used to enroll members and gunmen from that group of moviegoers who are known to use popcorn as a weapon.

Finally, in another related membership drive strategy, a movement will soon be underway to force movie theater owners to sell weapons, including fully automatic assault rifles, such as AK 47s and large capacity clips at their candy counters and popcorn stands. The reasoning behind that move is to enable all moviegoers to even the playing field and buy guns on site to protect themselves from NRA members, people who knowingly send text messages and those who shoot people who toss popcorn with malice. The movement has built a huge war chest to achieve these goals and more people who text than currently belong to the NRA,

The gun spokesman also claimed that this was only the first shot in the war to arm every man, women, boy and girl child in the country to protect themselves from each other. Everyone will be trained to stand their ground.

When everyone is armed, we can all be bad guys.The only ones in danger are those without guns.

Get a Gun and Stand up for #1

It's expected that the next move by the NRA will be to remove the obnoxious signage from the front of schools. (see photo above) There should not be "gun free zone" anywhere in this country.

WE will not be safe until every person, male, female and child is armed to the teeth and well trained in the god sent principals of "stand your ground."

Forget that turn the other cheek crap. Shoot to kill.


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