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Gun Banning - Is This the Solution to Violent Crime?

Updated on April 26, 2013
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Bob Hunter worked for Ontario Hydro for 22 years. He later became a researcher/writer for the Christian Research Institute in California.


Gun Control

Author Stephen King has recently spoken out in favor of gun control. He has written a 25-page essay titled Guns, which has been published in Amazon's Kindle store. A gun owner himself, he is calling on other gun owners, in light of the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, to support a ban on automatic and semi-automatic weapons. He says that these are the weapons of choice for those who want to declare war on innocent people.

An example of the American love affair with guns.
An example of the American love affair with guns.

America's Love Affair with the Gun

Growing up in a village in northern Ontario I owned a couple of guns, as did, perhaps, most families in the community. However, they were used mainly for hunting purposes in the fall. Many Americans seem to take this a step further, however, and cling tightly to their right to own guns, putting it in the Constitution and putting it on an equal level with free speech, the right to vote, etc. It's one thing to have a weapon for protection. However, the biggest concern is that Americans have a love affair with guns, swarming to gun and knife shows across the country, attracted by the very sight of knives and guns. One gun shop even offers training scenarios where simulated criminal encounters take place so one can be prepared for various situations. Those attracted to such things may tell you they just want to be prepared for every eventuality, but in reality they are attracted by the excitement offered.

This author would agree with King that there need to be some controls on weapons that are available. Very few have a need for a weapon that can mow down dozens of people in mere seconds!

At the same time, however, citizens shouldn't be deprived of their right to protect their families or places of business. Personally, this writer would prefer something that would stop criminals in their tracks without killing them, such as a stun gun. However, he wouldn't hesitate to use a gun to protect himself or his family either.

That being said, controlling gun ownership will not solve the matter of violence in today's society. Neither will putting armed police in schools. That is merely putting a bandage on the problem. The source of the problem lies much deeper.

America's Declining Morality

The problem with the increase in violent crimes like Sandy Hook can be traced to a sharp decline in moral values in America, particularly in the 20th and 21st centuries. Although the problems outlined below can be seen in all generations, they have become the norm today.

Human life has been deemed less and less important over the years. Many hardly bat an eye when confronted with the fact that 55 million babies have been aborted in the United States in the last forty years. One could point to the rise in popularity of Darwinism as one reason. If we came into existence by mere chance, out of the proverbial slime, and we are nothing more than sophisticated animals evolved from primates, then we are of no more value than an animal. In fact, today we often see people expressing more concern for the plight of animals than the plight of mankind.

 Students from the Brunswick Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Course try out a virtual first-person shooter training program.
Students from the Brunswick Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Course try out a virtual first-person shooter training program. | Source

Movies, TV, Books and Video Games

Over the decades, thanks to technology and the "give the public what they want - or think they want" attitude, entertainment has become increasingly violent. Now the emphasis is to make movies, television and video games as realistic as possible. The most reliable studies show that many people, especially kids, who grow up playing violent video games become desensitized to what they are doing, so much so that there is very little difference to them between killing someone in a video game and in real life. As far back as 1972 the Surgeon General issued a warning about the effects of violent television shows. Since then, according to an article in the International Human Press, hundreds of studies have shown a link between violent media exposure and aggressive behavior. (ITHP)

Interestingly, while Stephen King denies that violent books, movies and video games have a negative influence on the youth of today, he ordered his publisher to withdraw a book he wrote in 1977 called Rage after some school boys rampaged at their own schools. One boy shot and killed a teacher and two students in the state of Washington. Why did he withdraw it? He said it had been proven to be dangerous!


The Summer of Love Generation

Although there was certainly a decline in morality previously, it accelerated swiftly with the 1960s generation of so-called "free love." The idea of 'If if feels good, do it," threw caution out the door. The result was the sharing, not only of food and possessions, but partners as well - not just heterosexual but homosexual partners. Sexually transmitted diseases grew. Drug use increased. Teens unwilling to deal with the consequences of their actions, resorted to abortions, and the abortion rate increased during 1967's Summer of Love. Often these were botched abortions. As a result some states relaxed abortion laws until 1973 when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion.

Since the 1960s marriage has been redefined and devalued. Once thought shameful, living together outside of marriage has become socially acceptable, and entire generations of children have been raised thinking that this is normal. The older generations - those who believe in marriage rather than just living together - are considered uneducated, unenlightened, narrow-minded, backwards, for holding such views.

Now a new generation is about to be raised to think that homosexual families are also acceptable. Expect that further redefinitions of marriage will occur and even what still seems abhorant today (and there isn't much) will become acceptable in today's fallen society.

Reversal in Values Needed

If society is to stem the rise in violence like we're seeing in the United States today a reversal in values is needed. Isaiah 5:20 says "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." We are certainly seeing that today.


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