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Gun Control/ Code for Prelude to Gun Confiscation

Updated on May 18, 2014

Gun Control or Mind Control?

Is the recent push for "reasonable gun control laws" just newspeak mind control to disable our critical thinking skills, so that we might be manipulated to go along with the elitist agenda of disarming the American people? Come to think of it, we do already have over 2000 laws regarding firearms, many of which are already past reasonable. If those laws were adequately enforced, we wouldn't need more gun restrictions, would we?

Assault Weapons Ban Needed?

First of all, let's clarify, that according to the AP Stylebook definition: an assault rifle is one designed for, and used by military forces, and one capable of being fired in fully automatic and semi-automatic modes, at the user's option.

Whereas, the AP defines an assault weapon as a semi-automatic firearm similar in appearance to this aforementioned military weapon, but not synonymous with this assault rifle. One can see that using the term assault in both these descriptions leads to the conclusion that this is a military grade weapon in the minds of the average person.

A person adept at using critical thinking skills can see how the media is being used to shape our thinking on these issues, as we are being led to believe that we have no reasonable gun laws and that automatic weapons are flooding our streets and being used to kill thousands. When in reality, the number of people killed with "assault weapons" is around 400 each year. According to FBI and CDC statistics, more people are killed each year with fists, knives, or blunt objects rather than with this type of weapons.

We all like to fit in and be a part of the herd, but if we continue to feed on this elitist government mind control propaganda, it won't be long before they lead us to the slaughterhouse.

We all hate the talking points, but really people are killing people with all kinds of objects, guns are just the scapegoat that they use to try to take them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

Then, only criminals and government agents, including their criminals will have guns!

Have you ever tried to carry around a donut eating cop? They are too heavy to be very effective for personal protection.

You really must be into self-defense, or be armed in some manner to protect yourself from criminals in this day and time!

Gun Control?

Government agencies arming to the teeth, even as they call for more gun restrictions on average citizens.
Government agencies arming to the teeth, even as they call for more gun restrictions on average citizens. | Source
Even California's Nuisance Abatement teams show up in armored "swat" vehicles.
Even California's Nuisance Abatement teams show up in armored "swat" vehicles. | Source
Taking away or infringing on our 2nd. Amendment rights to bear arms leaves us at the mercy of criminals and tyrannical government agencies!
Taking away or infringing on our 2nd. Amendment rights to bear arms leaves us at the mercy of criminals and tyrannical government agencies! | Source

If Only Blacks Had Been Armed, Video Depicts the Terrible Police Oppression of Civil Rights Era!

Canadian News anchor warns Americans of confiscation following registration!

Right to bear arms Is a civil rights issue!!!

Without the right to bear arms and the right to self-defense, all other rights are meaningless!

Just as our founding fathers intended, the 2nd Amendment guarantees our right to bear arms comparable to those government agents that would oppress us.

While true assault rifles have been banned since 1934, meaning fully automatic weapons. Now they want to ban anything semi-automatic that cosmetically looks like an assault rifle.

History doesn't show any grace to those who disarmed themselves before tyrants.

Usually, they were slaughtered, if not, they were oppressed with severity, slavery, and other inhumanities.

We should learn the lessons from history, before we give up our arms.

The Real Agenda is Banning Firearms

Mass shootings are a sign of the times!

While all of us would agree that the tragedies at the Sandy Hook School, the Dark Knight Theatre, and the mall in Oregon are horrible incidents of mass murder.

Are these politicians just using the deaths of these people to justify banning guns and violating the 2nd amendment rights of American citizens?

If this knee jerk reaction is about protecting the lives of innocent people,let's examine a few facts first.

According to FBI statistics, since 2005, more people are killed with clubs and hammers each year than with guns. Read the article here. It's not about saving lives, it's about disarming Americans.

According to causes of death statistics for gun related violent deaths have gone down from 12,000 in 2007, yet are still remain unacceptably high at 10,836 for 2012.

This would seem to indicate that our current gun laws are working for most law abiding citizens.

It's more that we have a violent culture of death being taught to our children through television, violent music and video games. Also, we have many criminals that are not going to abide by any laws or gun bans.

More than half of the total gun related deaths most years are suicides, rather than homicides.

Someone who is determined to kill themselves or someone else will find a way to do it, whether or not a gun is available.

There are any number of things which can and are used to kill.

The number of deaths each year from auto accidents is at 42,000, and is almost four times as high as violent homicides with guns at 10,000 a year.

This number of deaths for vehicle accidents remains somewhat constant at that figure in-spite of new safety features on vehicles.

Where are the calls for banning vehicles, Senator Feinstein?

To blame guns and legal gun owners for the homicidal acts of a few deranged or self-medicated criminals would be equivalent to blaming cars and car manufacturers for the deaths due to drunk drivers.

This is an illogical misdirection orchestrated by those working to outright ban private ownership of firearms, by those who would control and oppress the population.

History shows that this is a common practice in socialist and communist regimes prior to oppression and mass slaughter.

Deaths in hospitals from prescribed drugs, interactions, wrongful surgeries and negligence.

The number of deaths resulting from medical errors in the U.S. for 2012 were over 195,000, according to the National Vital Statistics Report, (link above).

The book written by doctors, "Death By Medicine" results show that adverse drug reactions in hospitals for 2003 were 106,000, with another 199,000 deaths from outpatient ADR.

After looking at these statistics if one values life, we should be working to make stricter rules for drugs and hospitals to save innocent people.

Even the deaths for unnecessary procedures and surgerys come in at 37,000 and 32,000.

My God, the number of deaths from bedsores is 115,000, but none is calling for banning beds.

Total deaths from medicine for the year is almost 800,000, and now that everyone gets healthcare to really tax the system, those numbers are sure to rise dramatically.

Where is "Mothers against Drugs & Doctors" when you need them?

When compared to the number of violent gun deaths of 10-12,000 a year, you have to wonder.

Although they can only estimate the number of lives saved each year by responsible owners of firearms, criminologists estimate that number to be anywhere from several hundred thousand to as high as 2.5 million lives saved by legal gun owners.

Consider that many of the mass murderers are also taking psychiatric drugs that cause violent episodes, including 90% of school shootings.

For a serious look at all the violence connected to these prescription drugs, visit this link. Maybe, we are going after the wrong drug dealers, when you consider there is such a thing as pleading a "Prozac or Paxil defense" against charges of violence.

Let's place the blame where it rightly belongs, at the feet of big Pharma for pushing their psychiatric medications to the 27 million Americans (mostly children), who are taking these drugs known to cause violent episodes.

Breaking down the reality of the math involved with the percentages known to have violent episodes on these drugs could be 189,000 individuals.

Read this article at to understand who the real culprits are involved in the rashof mass shootings.

Not guns, but legal prescribed drugs that cause homicidal and suicidal behavior in many people.

Yet they want to push you or your children to take these drugs if you are ever depressed. Combined with playing violent video games could be a lethal combination.

Oh, that's right, this is a new regime that arms the Mexican drug cartels in the "Fast and Furious scandal" and is in bed with Big Pharma.

Yet they promote more stringent gun laws for law abiding citizens even as they arm the Zetas in Mexico and various terrorist groups fighting in Syria.

All the while, forcing more of your children to take these medications to enable teachers to maintain control in their classrooms.

Seems as if a spanking would have been less damaging than state sponsored drugs that are known to cause violent behavior, but that just my opinion.

The same teachers that help to push these state sponsored drugs are reaping the whirlwind from their actions.

It's high time that we reexamine our policies of putting drugs, doctors, and teachers on pedestals, as if they can do no harm.

The facts of the harm they are wreaking on our children and communities is evident in all the statistics and studies.

And yet, they point the finger at the legal gun owners. The facts show that legal gun owners are rarely the culprits, criminals with guns are, especially when they are medicated with drugs that produce violence.

For God's sake, they removed alcohol and tobacco ads from television years ago, yet we are constantly bombarded with drug commercials for drugs that kill millions of people.

Wake up America, and quit supporting this legal drug culture that is destroying lives of people all around you, including your children.

Oh, that's right, those politicians calling for more stringent gun laws or bans, have armed security guards protecting them!

They just don't want regular people to own firearms to be able to protect themselves from criminals or from tyrannical governments, especially if they disagree with current policies.

For those who missed this rather humorous look at Penn and Teller's: "Bullsh*t" Gun Laws video, check them out at this American Thinker link. (Be forewarned of Adult language and content.)

As they point out, the American forefathers put this God-given right into the Constitution because of the tyranny they had experienced by the English King George, and they also understood that some in power want more dictatorial powers.

Those tyrants can only be stopped if the citizens are armed with current modern firearms.

Do you trust your government?

Those that advocate gun bans are for violence against law abiding American citizens for owning guns!

Larken Rose Urges Honesty

As many of us on the conservative side of the gun rights issue would agree, Mr. Larken Rose urges those who advocate for gun bans to just be honest and actually "speak out what they are for."

When you consider the implications of the proposed gun bans, they are advocating violence against law abiding gun owners. In that, they want federal officers to remove legal guns from their owners by force, if necessary, even if they have to kill citizens who previously were not criminals.

So these dishonest gun ban advocates are actually advocating the very violence they supposedly abhor, and for the tyrannical oppression of those who disagree with them on gun rights. While many believe that these rights were God-given rights, not government bestowed rights. Therefore, the government can't take these rights given by God away at any time they see fit. For many, even conservative pastors, this issue is the line drawn in the sand.

Just as Paul Revere and the Colonialists had an alert system set up that warned of the British troops coming to disarm the population, Americans are again sounding the alarm that a tyrant's forces are coming to disarm and further oppress citizens. Our rights are again being trampled on by not one tyrant 3000 miles away, but by 500 tyrants who've managed to become powerful and arrogant enough within our very nation that they believe we can be trodden under their feet.

We ignore these alarms at our own peril, and possibly the cost of our freedoms and our lives.

The Bottom Line on Assault Weapons:(Gun Ban)!


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    • slcockerham profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Larry, Thanks for your comments on this hub.

    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 

      5 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks for putting the issue into perspective. Voted up.


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