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Gun Control Protecting Our Second Amendments Rights or Not

Updated on June 11, 2014

The role guns play in our society has long been debated. There are those who believe that guns have no role in the hands of private citizens. Whereas there are those who believe that guns are the very foundation that protects our rights and liberties expressed in the Constitution. The following is a summary of the reasoning of the two positions.
We need more restrictions on guns!
Main Reference:

  • Guns are not safe. There are too many accidents involving children playing with guns or accidental discharges due to careless or inexperienced adults.
  • Too many criminals purchase guns legally and use them to commit crimes. background checks and mandatory waiting periods help to deter criminals while negligibly inhibiting us.
  • Current gun registration laws are not adequate for law enforcement. To help prevent and to help solve crimes, guns should be registered and characterized before they are use to commit a crime. The only ones that would be threatened by this policy would be criminals.
  • Semi-automatic weapons are intended for military use and have no business in the hands of civilians for either self-protection or sport.
  • Where guns are readily accessible, they can more easily fall into the hands of children.
  • The key to protecting our democracy is not in having armed citizens, but informed ones. Privately held guns would not be a match to our military's advanced weapons.
  • There are significant loopholes in our current gun regulations. These need to be plugged.
  • Unfortunately there are many misguided individuals in our society. We as a society would be better off if they had less access to guns.

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Restricting guns is not the answer.
Main Reference:

  • The Second Amendment was added to our Constitution because the founders believed in private ownership of guns was necessary for protection of our liberties.
  • Gun laws punish honest citizens. If guns were outlawed, criminals would still find ways to arm themselves.
  • Restrictions to gun ownership put citizens at the mercy of gun-toting criminals.
  • Guns protect the rights and freedoms of the individual. It was privately held guns that helped the colonists rise up against the British.
  • In the past, evil governments have used gun registries as way of locating and seizing privately owned weapons.
  • Citizens have the right to self protection. Local police forces are not able to protect it's citizens, they primarily investigate and try to solve the crimes after the fact.
  • If people obeyed current laws, there would not be a need for more laws.
  • Current laws are often poorly executed. Criminals are often able to buy guns even when the law says they should be prohibited. We need to enforce existing laws first.
  • Guns don't kill people, people do. We need to concentrate on the values and morals of our citizens and at the role the media plays in glorifying violence and the lack of respect for law
  • The Gun!

    During the past three months, ever since the State of Illinois passed the Concealed Carry law, I’ve torn between concealing and carry or not. However I have chosen to take advantage of my second amendment right and carry a concealed weapon to protect my family and myself, from the evil in the streets of Chicago. During this correspondence I will explain why I have chosen to take advantage of my second amendment.

    The new law says that Illinois state police “shall issue” a permit to carry concealed guns to any applicant who passes a background check, takes 16 hours of required firearms training and meets other conditions. The bill would ban guns in some places such as bars, schools and hospitals.

    The bill has been 20 years in the making, “said Richard Pearson, Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association. “There are 1.6 million gun owners in this state. Those people have been deprived of their rights for years.”

    I feel this act, exercised by responsible individuals, will dramatically reduce the violent crime that currently affects residents. Criminals should quickly realize that they’re no longer dealing with citizens unable to defend themselves. “This has taken far too long.”

    One of the reasons this bill has taken so long to pass, is because of the influence of Former Mayor Richard J. Daley. He stated, “If it was up to me, no one except law enforcement officers would own a handgun.” Daley was a member of the Mayors against Illegal Guns Coalition.

    However if anyone expected things were going to change when Daley retired and Mayor Rahm Emanuel took over we had another thought coming. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s approach is little more than an echo of Daley’s “Blame the guns” stand. The Mayor has been trying to set up a new gun free zone throughout Chicago. The gun free zone is to help protect the students who are walking and riding to school.

    These zones would consist of certain streets that school buses travel to get to schools and certain streets the children use to walk to school. The mayor wants them to become new areas which are off-limits for firearm and ammunition possession-even if the firearm in question is possessed by a law-abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit.

    This means a parent with a concealed-carry permit who wants to walk their child home to keep him or her safe will be out of luck.

    What about the criminals who are using firearms to wreak havoc throughout the city? They will still carry their guns on these “gun free” streets: as they do so, they will know the law-abiding citizens, they would-be victims are defenseless. And in time, as violence rises in these areas, gun control proponents will be able to claim that concealed carry failed in Chicago.

    However this gun free zone hasn’t been a deterrent for citizens applying for their concealed and carry licenses, because according to Dahleen Glanton, a Tribune writer on February 28, 2014, Illinois State Police mailed it’s first 5,000 concealed carry licenses.

    Now that the law has been passed I guess the only thing left for me and others like me to decide is what kind of gun we should carry: Revolver vs. Semi-automatic. Revolvers are very reliable. They rarely have issues with failing and if they do you can simply pull the trigger again and the next round will fire. In a semi-automatic, if the firearm fails to fire when you pull the trigger, it takes a series of actions to clear the round that didn’t fire in order to fire the next round.

    While this can be practiced and mastered, it definitely takes training and still takes more time than a revolver. However, revolvers typically can only hold 5-7 rounds at a time where semi-autos can hold anywhere from 7-18 rounds. Another advantage with semi-autos is the ability to carry extra magazines. It is quicker and easier to change magazines in a semi-auto than to change rounds in a revolver.

    The only fears I have about the concealed and carry law are the people who are anxious to have the right to bear arms and the ones who have used violent actions in the past and never have been caught. What about the person who wasn’t prosecuted for their crime because of some formal technicality by the justice system.

    Some people will slip through the cracks of the background check and will be awarded the right to bear arms. These people will not understand the responsibility of carrying a gun.

    States that have stand your ground laws; enable people with poor or biased judgment to shoot before thinking with deadly results.

    People like George Zimmerman who killed 17 year old Travon Martin for walking down the street while looking suspicious. Michael Davis Dunn, who shot Jordan Davis while the 17 year old sat in the SUV playing loud music, my concerns are the individuals who psychologically will allow the gun to control them, instead of them controlling the gun. A gun gives a person a false sense of security and bravery.

    With ever more guns in circulation, it becomes even more “reasonable” to suspect {or fear} that someone else has one-and to shoot first. Yet I will apply for my concealed and carry permit.

    “I don’t love guns; I just love what my gun will protect.”

    I will begin to carry a gun when I complete the class to conceal and carry. It’s one of the most effective tools that I’m aware of for self-defense.

    My wife and I had just left the grocery store and we arrived home. We were taking groceries in the house. I had taken several bags in the house first. As I was walking back towards the car to help with the remaining bags of grocery, that’s when I noticed two strangers lurking behind my wife’s van. They were looking at her from the back of the vans window. As they came from behind the van they noticed me walking towards my wife and they had to abort their plan. They walked past us with face towards the ground so we couldn’t recognize them. I explained to my wife what had almost happened, how she was almost victimized. She didn’t have a clue what almost occurred.

    So here are three reasons why I’ll be one of the people of Illinois to take advantage of the new law.

    {1}. I will carry a gun because I’ve made the personal decision that the person who is 100 percent responsible for the safety of my loved ones is me. I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I was ever in a situation where I couldn’t protect my wife and kids. I will carry a gun because, I want my wife and kids to know, and “I will always protect them.”

    {2}. I will carry a gun because, I love life and I am a responsible citizen.

    {3}. I will carry a gun because while I expect and hope for good and perfect outcomes, I understand that evil will always exist in our world.

    Unless we stand up for our rights under The Second Amendment, as goes Chicago, so will go the nation. Chicago stands as proof that when guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.


    Armed citizens are less likely to be injured by an attacker, and the number defensive gun uses may be as high as 2.1 million to 2.5 million times per year.

    While gun ownership doubled in the late 20th century, Americans are safer today from violent crime, including gun homicide, than they have been at any time since the mid-1960s.

    In localities where right-to-carry laws have been enacted, communities have seen a decline in murder rates and instances of other violent crimes.

    Gun buybacks/turn-in programs are ineffective at reducing crime, and there is no evidence that so-called assault weapons bans or gun-free zones reduce gun-related violence.


    Instant background checks should be conducted only to prevent individuals who are currently prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, such as convicted felons and individuals who have been adjudicated to be mentally ill, from purchasing firearms from commercial dealers.

    States should not allow citizens to obtain concealed-carry permits with no requirements of demonstrating to government and state official "good cause" some training may be expensive but training is necessary and needed.


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