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Gun Control a British perspective

Updated on January 6, 2016

Elephant in the Room

You can actually buy this drawing from the link (nothing to do with me)
You can actually buy this drawing from the link (nothing to do with me) | Source

Gun Control

Okay, so I am a British person, talking about an American law, and I suppose culture. This could get interesting.

So lets get that question out of the way: Do I think the law should be abolished? No, I don't.


I suppose it could be assumed that because I am British and that here in England, barely anyone has a gun, or is license-d to own a gun (I don't think many people know you can actually have a gun licence in the UK... mainly for farming purposes), but the general census would predict that British people or the majority of us are against weaponry. Well I'm not... Got that out of the way.

However, after seeing a lot of the news surrounding school shootings, mall shootings, e.t.c. in America, it does put into question, how strict are the laws regarding people owning a gun. And yes there is the whole 2nd amendments "right to bear arms" thing, but just because you can own a gun doesn't necessarily mean that everyone should, own a gun.

I personally think from a outsiders POV that tighter restrictions should be put into place for those applying for a gun licence. Why? Because there are literal crazy people out there who want a gun so they can shoot other people.

I completely get that some families have a gun, in a safe, for protection and albeit, self defense, and I get that in these times we are all in, safety is paramount to us and our families and we want to protect ourselves as best as our abilities.

But when the news report comes in about an 18 year old shooting his fellow classmates and teachers, or another teenager opening fire in a mall and killing people at random, does it not make you wonder. How in the world did these people get a gun?

The chances are, that a lot of these shootings (especially from teenagers), the guns where found in their family home, free and able to use at will and not locked up. I may be wrong. I've actually heard of one case of a young boy accidentally shooting one of his family members because a gun was left around to find, loaded, with no safety, luckily that family member was only injured and not killed, but it shows the importance of why guns shouldn't just be left to find.

Whilst I don't agree with the total abolition of guns, I do think that higher security checks need to be made, safety protocols need to be put in place in peoples homes, and I think training programmes or safety programmes need to be attended by owners periodically in order to keep their licences.

But there's also an elephant in the room, and that elephant is mental health. I know first hand what some of the effects mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression can bring.. I've been through both, and I think more money needs to be put into mental health services (both in the UK and US... and well, everywhere else too), and I certainly don't think anyone with a mental health condition should be in possession of a gun, or any lethal weapon for that matter. The two cases mentioned before in the school and the mall, these teenagers were found to have mental health conditions, I don't know the specifics, but all the same, a gun should not have been made available to them, whether they stole it from their parents or not.

So all in all.

I'm not anti-gun, nor am I pro-gun. I more of, if you really think you need a gun, even if you think you'll never use it or not, then as long as there is no or minimal risk, higher checks are applied and you don't have a mental health condition, and the gun is going to be locked in a safe that only you can get into, then by all means, apply for a gun.

I don't know what other people's thoughts are on this subject, and I hope I have explained myself well enough, but let me know in the comments, it would be good to hear other views on the subject.

Speak soon,

Jamie-Leigh x x x


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