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Gun Violence And Its Effect On Everything

Updated on June 14, 2016

Sometimes life just feels too heavy. Unexplainably painful and senseless. Over the past two years, extremism, terrorism, and racism have brought about mass shooting after mass shooting. We are all left wondering if we will be next. How long will we have to wait before this new breed of violence comes knocking at our own doors, and will we be ready?

I miss the days when the only thing I was scared of was the dark, or a large zit spawning on my forehead. It seems today that we have any number of threats to our sense of peace. Cancer touches every family. Not even the healthy seem to be immune. We try our best to preserve the life we're borrowing by exercise, only to have it taken by a violent madman. Our children are growing up in a different world. It's a world that as a mother, I'm still unsure of how to explain.

America is a country divided. Races feel tension between them. New laws and social trends change and upend previously established norms. It's a time of turmoil and confusion. Yet, out of such turmoil, great stability and new beginnings can occur. Suffering will indeed produce a harvest of character if we allow it to shape within us that thing that makes us human. Our drive and desire to unite and connect.

I don't know how to stop the spread of extremist violence. All I know is that the time has come to protect my family. To cover them in prayer, yet have a personal weapon safely locked away in case of need. Maybe this is just the way it has to be. I also know that violence and rage are taught. We must pull together as a nation and strive to save the next generation. Our educators, our parents, we must raise our children to be loving. To be concerned citizens and neighbors. To not see race, or nationality, or sexual orientation, or even religion, but to see people, for that is what we all are. One race of human beings on this planet. Trying our best just to make it around the sun one more time. We won't survive alone. We were built for unity in diversity and to cause love to triumph over evil. It's our purpose, it's our calling, it's our mission.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 20 months ago from Florida

      Welcome, interesting first post.

      The first step in solving a problem, is identifying it, or admitting that you have one. Our current administration (Obama) has spent the last 7 years assigning the blame, the root of the problems, to America... while doing everything possible to ignore, minimalize, defer, distort, or just outright lie about the real sources of terror, and the real threats to this nation.

      Obama did not do this out of hate, he did not do this out of fear... he did this simply because he holds beliefs not in line with 75% or more of Americans... he believes we are the cause of many of the world's problems rather than its solution to the problems, going all the way back 100s of years. He is an anti-colonialist (as was his father), he is a anti-Super Power, not necessarily anti-American... he just believes we should hold hands with the rest of the world's nations and sing 'It's a small world' together. Unfortunately, that is a naïve outlook and it just allows the truly evil and/or truly corrupt forces in the world to dominate and spread their control or terror.

      This is why Russian is eating up nations, and China is expanding out and building (or taking over) islands, and terrorism and death are becoming the norm in Europe and America, because Obama's perception of reality and the world is seriously off from how the world really works, and how truly determined and multiple the enemies to decency and liberty are.