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Change the Gun Laws

Updated on May 14, 2011
George Sodini: A lonely man with a gun
George Sodini: A lonely man with a gun

3 killed nine wounded

Ok, did you hear the one about the guy who had not had a girlfriend since 1984 and had not had sex since 1990? Well, he got a bag of loaded guns, walked into a gym and killed three women, wounded nine others and then killed himself. George Sodini of Bridgeville, PA, said that his reason for his rampage was, “A man needs a woman for confidence. He gets a boost on the job, career, with other men, and everywhere else when he knows inside he has someone to spend the night with and who is also a friend.” He could not understand why women did not want him

“I actually look good. I dress good, am clean-shaven, bathe, touch of cologne — yet 30 million women rejected me — over an 18 or 25-year period. That is how I see it. Thirty million is my rough guesstimate of how many desirable single women there are.”

Now, this is a problem that many men have in society.  They cannot get a date, they cannot get sex. They do not write online journals detailing their plans of murder. They do not go out and buy guns and ammunition, charge into a gym, and then shoot innocent women. So what is the point of my tale, without his guns and ammo, George Sodini, would have been just another lonely soul.  He may have been frustrated, angry, and even dangerous, but three women would have been alive.

“I took off today, Monday, and tomorrow to practice my routine and make sure it is well polished,” he wrote in an entry dated Monday. “I need to work out every detail, there is only one shot. Also I need to be completely immersed into something before I can be successful. I haven’t had a drink since Friday at about 2:30. Total effort needed. Tomorrow is the big day.” Sodini had a meticulous plan and he followed it to the letter. Witnesses said that he walked into a women’s aerobic class, turned out the lights, and opened fire.

This is the problem with current gun laws.  Anyone can get a gun.  It does not matter how mentally unstable they may be.  It does not matter about their agenda.  All that matters is they fill out an application, wait for a few days, and then they can buy a gun. Yet, the NRA says that all Americans have a right to own guns.  Their rhetoric is so inane and dangerous.  Their followers spout the same crazy ideas without thinking about the consequences.  The consequences are that thousands of Americans die each year because of gun violence and many of those deaths can be prevented by creating powerful laws that limit who can get a firearm.

Again, I am not one to say that all guns should be eliminated. My father still hunts for part of his food.  However, he has no handguns that I know of and he uses them specifically for hunting to subsidize his food. Many Americans hunt and use their guns in a proper manner, but there is that fringe that kills because of strange ideas and backwards politics.

Sodini fired 50 rounds and killed Heidi Overmier, 46, of Carnegie; Elizabeth Gannon, 49, of Pittsburgh; and Jody Billingsly, 38, of Mount Lebanon. His delusions of grandeur were evident: “Any of the ‘Practice Papers’ left on my coffee table I used or the notes in my gym bag can be published freely. I will not be embarrassed, because, well, I will be dead. Some people like to study that stuff. Maybe all this will shed insight on why some people just cannot make things happen in their life, which can potentially benefit others.”

What would have benefited those three ladies was if someone had taken Sodini’s two handguns. Wake up America.



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