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Gun control debate rages on while lives are lost

Updated on April 11, 2013

Gun Control Debate rages on

While we watch multiple news articles providing details on the latest shootings and massacres occurring nationwide; people continue to debate gun control laws.

Supporters of the restriction on assault rifles and supporters of increased background checks are acknowledging the ills of our society. It is all too clear that something in our society has changed. There has been a breakdown of our society that requires the nation to speak, breaking the bond of silence. It is time for action to occur. For all of our technology, medical advances, ability to chat internationally, and web based interaction; there is a break-down occurring in our society that has resulted in violent actions towards others by the mentally challenged and those desiring to harm others carrying out mass executions. No longer can society not respond to the crisis and simply watch in horror making no efforts to make a change.

If the object is the right to protect yourself and your family from harm; why do you need a clip with dozens of bullets?

The argument of the black market for guns does not abdicate our responsibility as a society to prevent the average person from being able to carry out massacres.

Wouldn’t it make sense for restriction on gun purchases for the paranoid schizophrenic?

Wouldn’t it make sense not to have a gun unlocked in a home with those with violent tendencies and mental health issues?

Who need to protect their family by shooting guns equivalent to machine guns used in world wars?

This is a society where everyone cries civil rights violations, removal of God/Religion in society, and government has no right to govern me! Meanwhile we have unprecedented “break-down” events that occur regarding harm to others.

Why aren’t people required to attend anger management and conflict resolution courses when they purchase a gun as part of the requirements for gun ownership? While we address the huge massacres that have occurred in our society, we have yet to address the problems and human interaction and how to deal with conflict. There is nothing more dangerous than people creating permanent solutions to temporary issues of conflict. How many stories do we hear ending with someone shot in traffic because someone cut them off? How many stories do we hear about a fight at a club or bar that ends in loss of life?

Aw; the children: How many stories do we hear about a little boy or girl who shot their brother or friend by accident? How many stores do we hear about children playing and then someone ends up dead from gun fire? Obviously none are parenting explaining more than “don’t touch” to the children but making them understand that firing a gun is not like the cartoons where someone will laugh and get back up after being shot. Why aren’t parents electing in schools to have someone explain, per appropriate levels, the seriousness of guns and a “tell an adult” campaign. This will encourage students NOT to touch the gun but when they discover any guns in or around them; tell an adult that you need to feel safe and they need to be aware that a gun is present.

And yet I visited a gun store and found my mind deeply troubled by a three-four year old next to his father looking at all the guns. This little boy observed the many guns within the display case, fogging up the glass and asked his dad if he could have one too. His father chuckled a little bit and replied: “No you can’t have one.” Something about witnessing such a display utterly made me sick to my stomach. It reiterated my belief of bad parenting choices, even having such a young child at a gun shop with you, but more frighteningly it spoke to no comprehension of the severity of gun use/ownership.

We must remember we are one and doing something is better than ignoring a horrific trend in our society. Something must be done and we have to come to some conclusion that we must work together as a society to make things better. No excuses.


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