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Black-on-Black Crime: Drug prohibition drives gang violence

Updated on December 7, 2014

Prohibition does not work

Editors Notes: Recently, the Mike Brown case has caused the usual crescendo among conservatives that blacks don't care about black-on-black crime. It has been said to me many times that black commit most of the crime in America and that is simply not true. Blacks commit slightly more of the murders and robberies in America. Whites commit three times the crimes in every other category and overall.

So, what drives black men to kill black men? It is the drug war. This article explores the myths about drug prohibition. The truth is, white people are more likely to be murdered, raped and robbed by whites. It is time for America to stop racist fear of black men.

Many people do not realize that drugs for personal use are legal in Mexico. That's right, you can buy small amounts of drugs for use in your home and not be arrested. Most of us realize that every border town in the US fights a constant battle with drug mules who ferry drugs into the United States for large Mexican drug cartels.

When you talk to most gun advocates, they rightly point out that inner-city gangs are the cause of most homicides by guns in the US. One only has to look at the recent violence in Chicago to see the devastating affects of gun violence. However, they do not seem to see the correlation between those deaths and prohibition of drugs. Prohibition does not work and it never has.

In 1919, the government tried to make the manufacture and sell of alcohol illegal through the Volstead Act. What they did was drive the industry underground and create a pathway for gangsters like Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, and The New York Crime Syndicate to get rich. It is estimated that at the height of prohibition that Al Capone was making $60 million a year.

There are many studies that show that there is a direct connection between the prohibition of drugs and alcohol and the rise of the murder rate and street crime. I wrote about how Black LA gangs were created in the early 70s and how they became rich during the drug trade of the 90s. I also wrote about how the CIA and Oliver North were complicit in the crack epidemic of that time.

The prohibition of 1920 lasted for almost twelve years and sparked the government's war on gangs throughout the country. It is estimated that 1000 Americans a year died because of prohibition of alcohol. Our current drug war has been going on since the 70s and there is no end in sight although it has been a colossal failure. The estimates say that almost 10,000 people a year die because of gun violence due to gangs.

So, if gun advocates want to stop street crime and stem the violence we need to stop the prohibition of drugs. One amazing statistic is that 60% of the Mexican drug cartels revenue is from marijuana. Think about that. If we just legalized pot, we would cut their revenue by more than half. However, the other 40% is from cocaine and methamphetamine. We could increase our own tax base and drive the sell of illegal narcotics somewhere else besides our borders.

It is my suspicion, however, that many who want to keep pointing to gangs do not want to confront the obvious and that is that the drug trade drives violence on inner-city streets, is the cause for many break-ins and robberies, and has filled our prisons with non-violent offenders who come out worse than they were when they went in.

If Americans are serious about stopping violence on city streets, then we need to take a look at drug prohibition and its affects. The fact is that most gun advocates cite gangs and violence as a way to justify their paranoia and not out of genuine concern for those who are dying or the safety of their fellow Americans.


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    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 3 years ago

      They need more black cops to address black on black crime. Oreo cops to address black on white crime.

    • profile image

      brian 3 years ago

      Black people are much less likely to step to a black person than a white person. I keep trying to tell white people a black person can protect you better. No one listens.

    • profile image

      AntonOfTheNorth 5 years ago

      Death is not the enemy here. We all die.

      The enemy is violence. Violence occurs when an individual or group values what they want over the life or well-being of another.

      If it is not drugs, it is weapons, or food, or real estate, or oil, or gold.

      It is all pointing towards money, which is an attempt to garner control in order to ease our lives.

      In short, when my ease is more important than your life, I will likely care less whether you are injured or killed by my action or inaction.

      The problem is deeper than prohibition. It goes to the current norm that violence is a moral way to solve problems. We all need to address that, whether we agree on solutions or not. As long as violence is considered to be a valid option, it will continue.

      The solution is to create a society where violence is not a moral option, where it is at best a deplorable necessity in self defence.

      Much harder than simply removing prohibition on drugs, or engaging stricter gun laws.

      The solution requires that we listen, even to the opposing view. And really listen. Listen for the possibilities in the opposing view, not just for the validation in the supporting view.

      I've made that mistake. I like validation. I learn more from reasoned opposition.


    • taburkett profile image

      taburkett 5 years ago

      come to think of it, breathing leads to death.

      maybe we should stop doing it so that we can eliminate that as a cause of death too.

      it is not making drugs illegal that is the problem, but the greed behind the scenes where the illegal drug dealers fight for territory.

      the mafia started the use and it then quickly sprang into a pandemic disaster.

      besides, if there were not illegal drugs to panhandle, where would all those gang members work?

      anyway, if there were no criminals, then there would be no reason to have all those police. and then there would be more unemployment.

      all that unemployment would then lead to the same gang-style violence, so it would not be any better.

      the evil that mankind creates lives on daily through the acceptance of evil by gullible individuals.