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Guns, The Government and Me

Updated on March 12, 2013


The first school shooting I can recall was the Columbine Massacre. I was actually too young to understand the concept of someone shooting up a school let alone why. My innocence told me that guns were bad and I shouldn't play with them and I definitely knew they didn't belong in a school.. My innocence didn't understand why anyone had a gun. I guess you could say I haven't grown up or I'm just plain naive, but I still don't understand the overwhelming increase of gun ownership after knowing the devastation they cause.

Lack Of Common Sense?

After the recent shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut gun sales have been reportedly going through the roof and ammunition is in shortage. Does this tid-bit of information scare you as much as it did me after I read it running along the bottom of the screen while watching the news? It should! The more guns that are out in people's hands, the more likely it is that someone will get shot and worse, end up dead. Is that not a common sense concept? I know we've all heard the saying, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people" NEWSFLASH: People with guns kill people. Guns are the problem. If we could just take that out of the equation, it wouldn't be a problem. I think that concept is a little to simple for the government to understand because they have found a more complex way to single-handedly continue to bring devastation to this country for sure.


One line I'll always remember from Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings comes from Mrs. Bertha Flowers. "...always be intolerant of ignorance, but understanding of illiteracy". That's a quote I chose to live by. Because of the position our legislators are in, I deem them as literate people, however, ignorance is something that is running rampid. It was only a few months ago that I heard of a law being considered to allow teachers to have guns in classrooms. I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to pass it, but four days ago, the Governor of South Dakota, Dennis Daugaard, made it official. Even though they were the first, it's not likely they will be the last. About a dozen other states are trying to pass this bill also.

Great! More guns in more hands! That's sure the rectify the catastrophe at hand. I'm certain that all school teacher's will be given a psych exam to make sure they are fit to carry these guns around hundreds of students and other employees. It's almost guaranteed that no teacher will come to school with the gun they are permitted to have on school grounds and shoot anyone. It is almost certain! Certainly Stupid! Worst Idea Ever! If I were a parent, I would keep my kids out of school who expect teachers to be the educators and the security system all in one. That is what this is all about, right? Security of our children. Get security guards, cameras, alarms, and or locks. I've never known of a security alarm that killed someone. I thought we were trying to keep guns out of the school, not put them in.

What About Our Rights?

The NRA is against Obama and his bill for stricter gun laws because they feel it will affect their right to own a gun.. No one is taking away your right to own a gun. Obama just wants to make the circumstances to which you own that gun safer for everyone. Honestly, I'm against guns as a whole, but I can respect someone's choice to keep it in your home for protection purposes. I don't however condone anyone keeping a gun in the house while there are children living in that home. There are safer alternate methods of protection. Get a security system, get new locks, or even get a dog! I don't feel like guns and children mix, whether that be in a home environment school environment, or any other kind of setting.

All-in-all our government has to get smarter. I am not into politics and frankly find most of it boring, but I realize if this is the type of brain power running our country, cities, and states, then maybe I need to rethink a career in politics. I'm sure my intelligence masked as common sense would be very refreshing.


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    • profile image

      rabergeronjr 4 years ago from Washington D.C. Metro Area

      Hello, I did enjoy reading your post. I think the fact that we can't trust one another to do the right thing is in my opinion tearing this nation apart. I don't think the gun bill being introduced will do much if anything. I do think that background checks have the best chance at making a difference. But I think that something that will make a bigger difference is our communities coming together and helping each other out.

    • blferebee profile image

      Brittany Ferebee 4 years ago from North Carolina

      I completely agree with you saying "we can't trust one another to do the right thing". However, we know there will always be a struggle between good and bad, right and wrong, virtuous and evil. I think putting guns into school is feeding the dark side of things rather than making it better.

    • profile image

      rabergeronjr 4 years ago from Washington D.C. Metro Area

      I think what could happen is innocent lives being taken when a teacher was trying to defend their students.

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