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Guns Civilization: A Danger

Updated on December 10, 2017

Guns civilization: A danger

1. Introduction

2. Gun markets

3. Guns as billion dollar market.

4. Perceptions of Americans about guns.

5. Homicides by firearms around the world

6. Legislature about gun control and ownership.

1. Introduction:

Why we make guns? Why we sale it (on the public scale)? Is the gun ownership is necessary? These are those common questions which often comes to the mind of mostly those peoples who don’t own guns. Definitely, these questions are crucial in a peaceful society. Some people say that we own guns for our protection. But the question is that protection from what? Are our security departments and agencies are not working properly- so that’s why we are not satisfied with our protection. If this is the reason then it raises the question that whether state’s security machinery is in order. The situation will be terrible if it will happen, unfortunately. But most of the people think that this reason is not legitimate. Actually there are two main reasons for this, first one is gun-phobia and another one is a “showoff”. In America, Israel, India, Pakistan and some of the European countries the most of people have gun-phobia. A man with gun-phobia wants to carry a gun, no matter where he is. You can also call it love for guns, like some people like technology like smartphones, some like cars, and some like expensive watches. Similarly, some people like guns and there is no legitimate reason for them.

The second reason has some sense. People want to carry weapons in public because they want to show off that they are more powerful and nobody should dare to mess with them. This is usually the practice of political persons and businessmen in developing Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sirilanka and India.

2. Gun markets:

Gun markets are usually available worldwide, includes both legal and illegal. First, come to the gun markets in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there is only a state-owned ordinance factory named as “Pakistan Ordinance Factory”. There are some other privately owned gun factories, on a smaller scale. Despite this, there were some illegal gun factories in past in tribal areas of KPK. The weapons from these plants were known as “Darr-e ka Aslaha”, weapons from Darra. Most of the terrorist activities were accomplished by these weapons in the past because of its easy accessibility. But after a series of military operations, these factories have been banned along with terrorists’ activities. Most of the big markets in the world are contained in America, Yemen, Russia, India, and Israel.

Alarming thing is that most of them are easily accessible to the public, mostly in Yemen and America. Number of Americans having guns are largest in the world. Approximately half of the world population in the world carry guns are from America. We will discuss thing in the following section with more features.

3. Guns as a billion dollar market:

Did you ever think that it may be the intent of business that there is so much bloodshed happening worldwide? Means only not Asia and Middle East is suffering from it but most of the happenings of mass killing and terrorist activities are being reported in well-developed and modern World. It seems there is some business mindset which prevents the control of guns in this world. This class prevents legislature and control policies by saying that “More guns means equality in society, means more security and protection”. Although it seems so dramatic and “heart touching” but the reality is contrary to it. If all the people have the guns in their hands then nobody will safe. They will shoot each other upon a minute disputes. And after all the people may contain some mentally retarded and ill people which can shoot anyone for no reasons. So the reason furnished by Protectors of Gun Culture is senseless and insane. Actually, it is their “Bread and Butter”. So they can’t afford to ruin this business. After all, America is the largest exporter of guns and other deadly weapons. America sells its “things” to its allies to fight a war initiated by America itself. It is clear that it is not a game of millions or more, actually of trillions.

4. Perceptions of Americans about guns:

It is very laughable that more than 90 mass killing have happened in America since 1982 but the outlook of Americans have been shifted insanely in a reverse manner. Actually today more American support right of gun-ownership as compared to six decades earlier. Actually half of the world population contains gun belongs to America, about 48%. It is 310 million in 645 million, insanely a large population. Means every 1 in 2 un-owner is America. A huge number of gun-ownership in America is due to very easy access to weapons in weapons stores. After America, the number comes for Switzerland and Finland. Both countries have their own armies and every youngster need to serve army for certain period when he becomes 18 years old. After that, there are Cyprus and Yemen. Moreover, the weapons are very cheap. A handgun costs about 200$ and assault rifle about 1500$. Assault rifles are banned in most of developing and developed country but not in a country like America which is the exporter of it. Most of the revenue generated and spent by America is by selling weapons and fighting wars in the Middle East, respectively. So, the very easy access to weapons also increases the number of homicides in America. About 64% of the homicides are by firearms in America, while in Canada it is 30.5%, Australia 13%. The homicides by firearms in America most of them are suicide. So now it the matter of thought that easy access to guns can also cause an increase in a number of suicides. And it is witnessed actually, the states having more carry more corpses. Now question is that if the situation is so terrible in America then who supports the gun culture? Why there is no legislation done till yet? Are they waiting for some big massacre? The answer is that some powers having financial and business interests in guns are not willing to do it. Like NRA, National Rifle Association, which spends millions of dollars to lobby for the support of guns. It is reported they spend 3$ million yearly on official grounds to support guns. Billions of dollars have been spent yet for supporting the political campaigns of those politicians who oppose gun culture. So in these circumstances, the check and balance of guns are not possible.

5. Homicides by firearms around the world:

When we talk about the number of killings by firearms around the world then America comes first again. 90 mass killings have been reported since 1982. This data is provided by FBI and does not include those killings in which police killed someone. The average age of killers is 34 years. Only 3 killers are aged above 60. There was a case reported in which two young boys of 11 and 13 years killed 5 by leaving 10 injured in Westside middle school in Arkansas. There were also incidents reported in which killer killed 20 students and 6 teachers in Sandy hook elementary school and other shooting happened at South Carolina elementary school. It is witnessed that the states having less access to guns have reported fewer cases of homicide. In Australia, by decreasing the gun possession by one-fifth the number of homicides is decreased by 40% and suicides by 50%. In the whole world, 94% suicides are accomplished by guns because it is the easy way to get die- less pain and quick death with no time to change your mind, how fascinating is this. Definitely not.

6. Legislature about gun control:

Gun-control needs serious legislation. Proper think tanks should be managed to figure out the ways to get rid of this problem. The gun policy should account the following aspects:

a) The gun owners should be on the watch list. The activities in which he is involved should be tackled very carefully. For example, Stephen Paddock who is the mastermind and accomplisher of Las Vegas mass shooting 2017, had been planning for this massacre for days. Police found 19 weapons in is a hotel room and 23 more in his home. He has spent about 70000$ collectively on weapons, ammunition, tripods and other accessories.

b) Prevent the provision of weapons to mentally ill people. As we discussed above some mentally retarded shooters were entered in school killing dozens of children and teachers and then gone dead by shooting themselves.

c) Banning the assault rifles, which can cause huge damage in no time. If some catastrophic disaster happened then prevention of assault rifles may lessen the “depth of wound”. Because in that case, the insane killer will be able to fire a single round a single time.

d) Banning high capacity magazines. Because it can cause more causalities than smaller ones.

e) Provision of gun license should be made easy so that there would be no illegal weapons. Because if the weapons were not registered then it will be very difficult to track the persons who are owning them.

f) Banning reveal of guns in public places. It can cause terror and can panic the society.

g) The license should be provided only if needed badly. Only the license should be provided to those who are police or security officials or to some security firms, who own business or who have threats from someone else.

h) Prices of weapons should be set high. So the guns will not be in the range of everyone and gun-phobia can be somehow controlled.

i) Ammunitions should be provided to customers on retailers shop only after registering reasons for use of that ammunition. Whether they want to shoot in shooting range, for protection or for anything else.

These type of steps in legislation in gun-owning policy may help in controlling guns. In Australia, the government started gun buyback program with the result of which the numbers of firearms in the country fell down to one-fifth. Research shows that gun buyback program at the rate of 3500 guns per 100000 persons can reduce firearm homicides by 50% and suicides by 74%.


I concluded that the raising gun culture in the world can be “injurious to health”. Not only on the national as well as international level. The import-export of weapons and the huge profits generated by this trade may seem lucrative to some ill mined persons but it can cause huge crisis and destruction of man civilization, some of the examples we have seen in Syria, Yemen and Iraq in the form of ISIS, Taliban and some other unnamed militant groups flourishing in the name of Islam. The main reason for their long-term survival is the easy and quick provisions of weapons as well as ammunition. They can’t survive a single day without these “accessories” because it is the sake of their survival. So I think the governments should revive their constitutions and laws regarding the weapon policies and gun ownership.

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