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Updated on October 20, 2009

a runoff election or unity government

A legitimate government is desirable in Afghanistan to pave the way for a definite decision to be made by the Obama government to send more troops to the war front there; and so, it is somewhat good news for Hamid Karzai to agree to either a runoff election or a unity government, with Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah engaging in some kind of power sharing arrangement, politically.

These are the only two ideas applicable to the situation in their country. However, the rumor is still tentative in regard to Karzai's agreement.

Nevertheless, both options are risky, as the fraud in the previous election may return in the runoff election, or a unity government will not be strong enough to support United States military plan of "holding and building"; a strategy that will bring about putting together of all the factions in Afghanistan to form a viable entity that can be construed as one single nationality. That is what the ultimate aim is or must be; of a nation that will be acceptable to all sides, under the legitimacy of a true Afghan government.

It will be a hard pill for Karzai to swallow; to share responsibility with his opponent. However, that will be one of the two sensible actions that can be taken, and that will cause a way to open for any troops to be dispatched to that war torn country by the U.S. government.

At the moment, President Obama can only wait, but he cannot hesitate in his decision to get the military in preparedness; to be ready for their mission in Afghanistan is a must. Karzai can only be a stumbling block and a menace, if he continues to resist any of the two suggestions, as he himself will be making it difficult for the U.S. government to follow up on the demands of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who is requiring more combat troops to face the onslaught of the Taliban and Al Qaeda forces.

It is clear that it will be impossible for an incorruptible government to exist in Afghanistan, as history has shown, mainly due to the drug trafficking there. It has been a country that has never known anything else, but for its people to grow opium poppies, which culminate into both legal as well as illegal industries; producing revenue for government and citizenry alike.

It will therefore remain problematic; yet, its position is vital to U.S. national security interest, almost as Pakistan is. To allow it to fall in the hands of Islamist extremists will be a big blow to America; and not forgetting its allies, as well; and a complete failure for Obama's presidency.

Karzai and Abdullah must join forces; or for one of them to come out as a clear winner of a runoff election to enable the U.S. president to send more troops, of American men and women, to their country, to fight and eliminate the insurgency there.


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